World of Warships- Wargaming Manager Added To Terrorist List

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Hello guys, today we go over some rather surprising news regarding a WG employee getting put on Belarus’s naughty list, enjoy!


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Music: Stranger Think- C418


    • I only found it online on game specialized news. Nothing so far on Reuters. Is there a way to fact check it?

    • @dmathiass You can ask the same about pretty much every “news” that comes out about countries like Belarus, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia or North Korea – no evidence, or even remotely believable source or vitness is needed in the “free world” to post “news” about these countries. Like how papa Kim allegedly shoots his goverment officials every week, or russian people devouring ukrainian children like Chronos 😀

    • Nacho Man Randy Sandwich

      If only people didn’t blindly believe what they hear from the main stream media. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Do some research

    • I think everyone is missing the point of my question. I truly believe that Belarus would do such a thing. I just want to be sure that this isn’t a made up story to somehow, in a very strange way, attract attention to Wargaming interests or to be a source of clicks for the news site.

    • ​@dmathiass probably the reason why there is no articles about that anywhere else is that adding people to terrorist list is such a routine thing now that the list like that in Russia called foreign agents list updates literally every week at friday
      And also let’s not forget that news today are sponsored by the political parties
      If they can’t make a juicy article about this, they wouldn’t write about it

  1. Spicy news, not something I was expecting on a Wednesday morning

  2. Which is irony because WG has been terrorize the players base for a long time now 🤣

  3. Honestly it’s the whole head of the company which should be considered as a terrorist organization after they added subs T11s and such other bullshit ships, they are destroying their own game

    • As much as I dislike subs and would prefer them off the game, it’s tme you accept neither T11 or subs are gonna go away. British submarines are scheduled for release after the hybrids. and secondly, you are off-topic.

  4. Getting on the terror list of Belarus, one of the most authoritarian dictatorships on earth, should come with at least a medal the size of a frying pan.

  5. In other news, Sea Lord has also been added to the same list for calling Belarus a puppet state.

  6. Still waiting for a blue-yellow perma camo for my Kiev. Maybe WG could sell that and give any earnings to NGOs supporting war victims.

  7. As much as I complain about the game, when lives are at stake, it’s a different story. I hope for the safety of all at Wargaming and their families.

  8. Ngl if i was him id definitely add “#993 on the KGB watchlist” to my twitter bio, thats kinda badass

  9. so Luchenko is another person that dosn’t like submarines?

  10. Considering Lukashenko’s regime, this might help for the guy to get asylum in the EU because it can be seen as unfair political prosecution… provided that the guy managed to get out of Belarus…
    Also, AFAIK belarusian regime put a bunch of people on that list for hampering rail systems, a thing that fucked up Russian Army supply chain in the north of Ukraine and helped to stop the invasion…
    That WG manager might actually be a resistance fighter, a hero…

    • You don’t need a genuine reason for asylum in the eu. Turn up on a dingy and you get what you want

    • @Duirun You need to if you want to do anything other than to be stuck in a shitty asylum camp…

      Or you can belive those “based” russian psy-op assets (which include, believe me or not, some pretty high up EU member government officials… hello, mr. Orbán…)that are running since 2014, 2015 instead.
      In that case you end up found in a smuggler’s truck and then returned or detained in that shitty camp… which in case of belarusian citizen would lead back to belarus and right to a prison cell, KGB torture/interrogation room, or shallow grave somewhere in vast belarusian forest…

  11. I guess someone in KGB got a few games with 2 cvs and 2 subs in a row.

  12. We all know the real reson is that they nerfed the glorious indestructible zoooviet ships recently

  13. Ah, yes, I can clearly see why the WG CEO is considered a terrorist by Russia and Belarus: Too little „Russian bias“ in the game.

  14. I find it interesting that this guy annoyed the local leadership in April, and the KGB didn’t yoke him up that month. Like the (bad) old days. Instead, he got put on a list at the end of the calendar year. Well, I guess they’re busy, what with a war on and all.

  15. I stopped playing WoWs the day the Russians invaded and sent WG emails telling them I won’t come back until they move out of a puppet state. I’d like to think that the few of us who did this made an impact.

  16. Someone give Nicolai P a medal!

  17. Hey, they gave that guy a medal. Don’t worry 😂

  18. If you get on Belarus naughty,s list, you have done something right

  19. You know, I realize that WG has done some crappy stuff over the years but them pulling out of Belarus and Russia buys a lot of forgiveness from me. And Belarus doing this just drives home that WG pulling out actually hurt them a bit (either politically or financially with taxes).

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