World of Warships- Wargaming Responds To The Pan-American Cruiser Controversy

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Hello guys, we go over WG’s response to the Pan-American Cruiser Line’s rather, unwelcomed reception, enjoy!

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Ross Rowley:

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  1. WG went hard with their historical inaccuracy. They are just being lazy at this point with the copy and paste of pan-american cruiser.

    • They were going hard on inaccuracy for quite some time now, years, actually… With designs of completely mixed periods going against each other, tons of paper designs, some absolutely bizarre design choices.

  2. So basically what they are saying is “we are saving the ones we know you want the most for premiums that we can charge you for”

  3. They did not add designs suggested by their own CC. Asking to add community design is a standard too high for WG.

  4. I am scared about what total nonsense we’ll get in the commonwealth line. I won’t be surprised if German and Japanese ships end up in it. “The Australians and Canadians could have possibly maybe captured these Axis ships”…

  5. Some of the ships in the line do have some interesting history and look fun, but it would’ve been nice to get more unique ships for the new Pan American line that we dont have in game yet..

  6. I would love to hear what the developers of that design of supposed ships WAY WAY before the line was even thought of to be produced think of this line Wargaming threw up out of nowhere.

  7. Because Hitler only had 1 nipple and didn’t die after maintenance on his cybernetic lower body implants until 1952, it’s quite possible that he and Napoleon could have included Yamato in the tier-4 cruiser slot after defecting to New Zealand.

  8. I don’t see Belgrano as being particularly controversial, if being sunk by the British makes a ship too hot to handle, then half the ships in the game can go 🙂 But I think that’s got premium all over it.

    • It isn’t that much, here in Argentina every now and then you get someone who blames the British for the sinking, and thus remember the ship as something controversial. But the majority of the people I have spoken with remember the ship as a 15 barreled badass that carried the name of one of our biggest “founding fathers” per say. I personally would be very tempted to buy it, even if I don’t have that much money

    • Here in Argentina, the Belgrano still is our flag ship. we remmeber the crew and the ship, it is part of our history and soul

    • @TheJumboBoi22 For those who blame the British for the sinking explain to them the words of the captain of the Belgrano its self “It was absolutely not a war crime. It was an act of war, lamentably legal”

  9. Between the camo changes, the economy rework, subs, CVs, lower tier games being 1/3 bots, WG wanting me to buy both premium time AND a battle pass and these ridiculous bonuses that took the place of decent rewards, I’m just bored and uninspired to play this game. It sucks, because of the sheer number of matches and hours I have invested

  10. Is it possible they have looked at accounts and seen that there are a lot of players who either have all the ships or that they don’t have all the ships but it’s clear they will never grind them so, they are attempting to release as many new lines as possible and this is a stop-gap until they get real unique ships developed?

  11. I appreciate your opinion on this situation and your neutral view on every situation and controversy happening now and then. As someone who wishes these kinds of issues addressed neutrally, you genuinely are someone I always refer to first.
    I find the head and the biggest problem about this Pan-American line is, Frankly everyone got fed up with the “Shoving in new lines with copy-paste ships and WG’s own adaptation of History” That at this point, feels like they are even trying to convince themselves it’s true. For the past lines they added, we always had issues with Historically not existing and what not, but this time, they stepped too far on what they have done.
    The pan-American line has some flaws.
    WG’s faults are, as well are well-known:
    Lazy with their implementation of a line that represents countries;
    Flipping assets and line characteristics for their own ease;
    Making up history, now not only claim they were drawn, It’s just straight up saying, “Hey! Maybe in a far universe, it could have and possibly would have?”
    I wish, We boycott this new Pan-american line and let them address the real problem in this games. A quality of life update for the god’s sake we need. We need to let them know, we do not need new ships and lines for the game to be interesting, we need fixes on existing bugs and errors, glitches and server issues, a better balancing on lines that is is beyond the point of useable. But for that to be applicable, we also must tell WG that no, we dont need an update every 1 month, that they dont need to make every update a groundbreaking one. A company’s decision can be greedy, selfish and far fetched from what we want, but a company’s decision arent very far off from what the customers are willing to take and do. We allowed this from happening, by our will or not, the majority of the players are willing to open up their wallets on anything WG throws about. And it isn’t even the new ships they add, those are merely there to make the game more alive. Most of you wont spend a dime on new Line events, claiming its scammy nature of gathering as much money on a short period. But no, WG aint focusing on this new lines, this are just side business. They just need to keep the new players interested, and veteran players hooked just enough by making the game look alive, and then throw in their Black Friday and Christmas events. This events are where they make the most profit. An event where no one say its a scam and people endorsing that it is a money well spent on ships they want. As long as they print enough premium ships and see what the player base likes, they can just make that into another B series and make money.

  12. The Invincible Iowa

    Sad to see, especially as a Latin player that our line would be one of the lowest effort copy paste cash grabs.

    “See, the ships in spanish, come on, give us money!” -WG

    That’s all I see.

  13. can’t wait for the polish line with Superbattleships from start because they COULD have allied with the Axis xd

  14. “… the goal of creating a cohesive play experience.” Same spreadsheets that saw subs come in as are and the admission by WG that the CV line was deliberately imbalanced to induce use and they would not revert back due to the man-hours that went into them.

  15. After the announcement of the USN hybrid line, WG could just say “drinking alcohol has been historically observed, if a bunch of engineers and designers went out drinking, they could have possibly gotten drunk, being drunk it is quite probably that they would have scribbled something on a napkin, we believe this is what such a napkin scribble could have looked like”

  16. dinately makes sense for the British ships to be used as During WWII the British constructed more ships than they could actually crew and so were giving them away right left and center

  17. *Perfectly on-point video, Mountbatten.*
    You hit the nail on the head, about Wargaming’s classic non-answer/deflection/the spreadsheets say this (I’m not surprised Ahskance wrote this, this is par for the course), and of course Wargaming thinking the problem the community has with these ships is X when the REAL problem is Y.

    Gotta love it when we literally show them what’s wrong, how to fix whatever, and then Wargaming just ignores all of that and proceeds with things their way, damn the torpedoes. Then Wargaming deflects when things go wrong (like for these crazy fantasyland tech trees)and says “we understand that the playerbase does not like the playstyle of these ships”. NO, it’s not that, it’s the literal ship selection for these tech trees making ZERO SENSE.

    It’s like AA all over again, AA sucks, we tell Wargaming, then Ahskance comes in with the “group up and AA is perfectly fine”. That doesn’t solve AA’s issues XD And don’t get me started on ship balance issues (California and Oklahoma say hello).

    Meanwhile, we’ve got WAY bigger problems with desync, server stability, and aiming bugs that directly affect the core gameplay. But sure, let’s just add in more tech tree lines and ship types instead to break the game with new mechanics lol!

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