World of Warships- Wargaming Responds

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Hey guys, today in what is probably the conclusion of the CC Mass Exodus drama, we have WG’s response. Let me know what you think below.


Ross Rowley:

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  1. Wargaming will never change 🙁

  2. It’s the worst response I’ve ever seen and does not fix the situation in the slightest. Classic WG

  3. Ok, my expectations were low and all, but HOLY HELL

  4. Oh no! They might not spend money on the Mizzou…..let’s fix that and not apologize directly to LWM. They’re so outta touch that they don’t realize how gamers unite against dumb crap like this.

  5. As someone in the forums said: “This is bad, even for WG”

    • It’s like they are winning the race to bottom against Gaijin. Wonder what War Thunder Navy looks like now. Can I get low tier boat matches now?

  6. Allow me to translate from the Management speak “CC people, don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out, don’t worry we’ve already forgotten your names. For us its business as usual, now everyone else open your wallets you peasants!”

  7. That’s LWM’s discord name, so they aren’t technically wrong, but I think the trick they applied is that the “apology” post won’t come up with LittleWhiteMouse search key.

  8. Does anyone ever seen the first Mr. Bean movie? Do you remember that there was a spot on the painting and while he was trying to fix it, it got worse and worse, because he didn’t know a thing of what he was doing?
    I don’t know, but I just remembered..

  9. Translation: you don’t matter, we don’t care, you’ve served your purpose. There will be more CCs, there is a queue of young silly people willing to work for nothing for us, promoting our scam, er game.

    Play the game if you like, just don’t spend any money on it.

  10. “We are awfully sorry.”

    …true, this is indeed the most awful apology I have read to this date. They worded every sentence for five days and did not get anything right – not even LWMs name. They have not even touched on any of the problems…

    EDIT1: Also, Shonai claimed this is the “first step” in a subsequent answer.

    EDIT2: Also, not giving the camo in and not providing them with the royalties for 16 MONTHS of work in it leaves a terrible taste.

    • Bebe and John: Not so Nomadic Life

      Hell I still don’t have the camo that was to come with the Colorado last update. I’ve have the ship forever and was to get competed. Like everyone else that had it but no camo or comp…..

  11. Missouri – so basically grind to then pay (with apparently) no reduction of cost compared against equivalent ships_ – bollix – anyway would have never bought it myself as WG don’t deserve any more money IMHO

  12. The response… was literally a non-response. Man, I felt burnt out during the destroyer shipyard and quit the game, never thought to see it sink even further.

  13. “Much better than a 10 point commander they normally hand out” Honestly, 12 points today feels worse than 10 points back in 2020. 10 points got you a basic BB tank build for example, minus FP. Now you even have to pick between nerfed Superindentant and Concealment Expert. You need to reach 18 points to get where you before needed 14 and getting from 10 to 14 is way easier than from 12 to 18.

  14. „This post is a damage con“ I totaly agree with that, except they are set on perma fire now.

  15. I have Missouri and Musashi, WG has nerfed the hell outta big MO whereas Musashi has stayed the same since she was released. Missouri is a gib Us MoNeY grab plain and simple, my recommendation BUYER BEWARE!! She’s not worth it!

  16. So instead of gambling for her, they are allowing us to grind through a time gated event for the privilege to buy her at full price.
    WG sure have an interesting way of fixing problems.

  17. The Cc “we’re here to help make game better”
    WG” the unpaid PR interns think there devs”

  18. I’ve had a sneaking suspicion for over a year now that WG was silently trying to phase out the CCs entirely. They served their purpose at the beginning, when the game really needed a strong community. I think the company figures they can now get by without them. At this point, I think WG will just be happy to get rid of the folks who shine spotlights on their shadiest practices.

    I think the biggest lie in this statement was “they will be missed.“

  19. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Yeah yeah yeah I’ve seen the Missouri mission thing. It’s stupid. I’ll be taking about it tomorrow

    • I earned the Missouri for free xp back it when it was first released. I was out of the game for a year. Since they nerfed how much she earns, even with the increase in the percentage, it is nowhere near the original level of her true earning potential. I’ve been playing WoWs on console where this hasn’t happened yet. I may jump ship and stay there permanently.

    • @Steeljaw XXI Excuse me, it’s WAR GAMBLING.

    • Oga booga

    • The people who are down voting these videos are no doubt paid WG employees.

    • It’s gaslighting at it’s finest! 😂 They do not apologize their own choices. They apologize THAT CCs FEEL THE WAY THEY DO. Therefore, the blame is kinda being transfered over to the CCs, but between the lines.

  20. Jack der Hauptsturmführer

    WG: “I want your money”
    Me a whale: “Alright here’s 1/5 of my monthly salary ready for you guys, just gimme the boats”
    WG: “no no no we can’t accept your money until you grind for the right to give us money”

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