World of Warships-Wargaming Somehow Managed To Powercreep This Thing

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Tier X Freemium Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I could have never imagine this thing will be powercrept.

    • Rudraksh Mishra

      she never was, there is nothing that “powercrept” her. Any and all super cruisers at same tier are just not upto her level.

  2. Stalingrad’s still a monster, it’s just that its one weakness HE spam and fires is exactly the weakness that’s become a bigger part of the game – HE spam and fires, with changes of the mitigation etc. in the commander skills it makes that weakness more significant. If you can still avoid burning then you should be fine.

    • They need to make the large cruiser burn time to 45 sec

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Large cruiser burn time is the exact same as BBs

    • @Andrea entire game has a compressed 3d space. You really think you can travel 30+ km in 20 minutes at 30 knts max speed? Gun velocity and armour penetrative is taken from historic values and penetration simulation, but is completely independent of the map space.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Yes, I wish it was reduced to 45 seconds base

    • 名誉Emp名誉

      @SuperRodge Yeah or something like Graf Spee, she also got like 35-40 sec and she is the only ship with that timer atm.

  3. Enjoy your Time Out,Mate ☺️
    Thx for all the good advice,that helps improove my skills,over the Time 😉

  4. She’s technically not powercrept, she was just scaled down from OP to a very good super cruiser, she’s more balanced.

  5. She was OP and still is powerful in the right hands. But she’s not the only super cruiser out there anymore and 457s (and 460 plus) are everywhere now….so

    • Waverley Journalise

      Prevalence of 457s and 460s means nothing for Stalingrad: her 50mm sides and deck armour are immune to being damaged when angled, and her upper bow is already weak to 381s and above. It’s fires that kill well-played Stalingrads, not overmatch.

    • @Waverley Journalise so plunging 457 and 460s and above don’t smack? Fires destroy everything so that’s a mute point 😐

  6. I’m conflicted. Although a Beta player, I’ve never played ranked or clan, so have had to do without much Steel income (also split between RU, EU and NA accounts). In fact I’ve only recently acquired enough for my first steel ship. When Stalingrad appeared, I was quite aggrieved, as it seemed to be a typical case of WG introducing super-OP ships for a privileged few (just like the reward tanks in WoT). In fact, it really killed my interest in the competitive PvP side of the game (just as in WoT). I felt I wouldn’t take the game seriously again until I had a Stalingrad myself. Now I have the opportunity to get a Stalingrad, but – its a WG game, and the powercreep goal posts have been steadily moving on. So, Stalingrad or…….. Incomparable….. hmmm.

  7. WG has managed to reduce the value of every steel ship I’ve bought.

  8. That ship made me quit clan battles. When it came out when a Yammy could bounce off it’s belt armor at point blank to a broadside to it.

  9. I wouldnt call this Powercrept. I would call this more “balanced”.

    • 名誉Emp名誉

      Well, it is still the definition of powercreep. Regardles where you start the scale, when a ship gets worse over time without direct nerfes (that mean adding new stuff) that will always be called powercreep. Even if an OP ship may be more balanced then, still the same.

    • @名誉Emp名誉 Correct me if I’m
      Wrong, but the Stalingrad also suffers from full BB duration fires right? And it doesn’t get FP anymore either which leads me to be on the fence whether to pull for this ship or the Bourg.

  10. Agree with pretty much everything you say, her guns are still second to none.

  11. If you’ve been playing long enough the Khaba was the OG Russian bias ship.

  12. A lot of clans aren’t even running Stalingrad this season of clan battles. Conde has made it obsolete.

    • 名誉Emp名誉

      Conde makes everything obsolete. This thing is just a god at everything. Hell its braking every stat record that got achieved already…

    • @名誉Emp名誉 Well not Napoli anyways. If you have 2 Condes facing against 2 Napolis without a DD providing stable spotting, I can guarantee you those 2 Condes are gonna have a rough time.

  13. So when you gonna show the line ships some love? There are a few that just smash prems. Premiums are not all that anymore “With a couple exceptions of course”

  14. Since I don’t do the things that earn steel, I’ll most likely never have a steel ship. After 6 years of play I don’t even have 10k steel. I almost had enough to buy Flint when they took her down and made her a coal ship. The only steel ship that even remotely interests me is Austin because I am a cruiser main, and love my US CLs. Also being a cruiser guy it’s why I go back and forth about getting Ohio or Gibraltar, and being USN guy I go back and forth between getting Tulsa and Napoli, though that choice is a bit easier since Napoli is T10 and a better ship.

    • Not a problem there mate. Just play Napoli, put a Stars & Stripes and US Cruisers flag on her, and assume you’ve seized her with MRF team and are operating under a ‘prize flag’. I mean, after all, you’re USN and there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of the assets, right, even if they are USMC? ;( 😉

    • Yeah definitely go Napoli. My buddy got the Tulsa (a big USN guy) and I got the Napoli. He hates the thing and wishes he got the Napoli as well.

  15. Oliver Swanljung

    Does not powercreap mean that someother ship is doing the same job as the original ship but better? So what ship does the same thing as Stalingrad?

  16. After years of playing this game, I’m almost ready to get my 1st steel ship. The stalingrad is what I always wanted back in the day. However, I have Petro and Alaska and lost most desire for the Stalingrad with its somewhat stale gameplay. Now it’s really between the Ragnar or Incomparable. With how much I hate battleship RNG inconsistency, I’m leaning towards Ragnar. Plus, I have the Thunderer, Republique, and Jean Bart for when I want quick reloading, good guns on a bb. Yes, they’re not 508mm, but I’m not sure if that one gimmick is worth all my very hard-earned steel.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      Don’t have Ragnar but I do have Groningen and she’s a hell of a lot of fun…

    • Mecklenburg looks pretty good for quick reloading and accurate guns. Also helps that there’s 16 of them.

    • I would go Bourgogne. She’s so powerful with her speed boost, fearsome secondaries and AA, and reload booster. She’s so good in so many situations.

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      @Ozymandias she is my next steel ship. I lack about a thousand steel of being able to pick her up.

  17. A few American bbs look like they may be getting 45 sec dcp. I think the Stali, Pr and Gk should be considered as well.

  18. ToughAncientSpark

    It’s all part of the plan to get you to buy the latest and greatest ship until that new ship gets power crept and the cycle continues.

  19. Incomparable was first announced in July 2021. I got so excited for it and followed and googled news for it every single day. It kept getting pushed back and pushed back and no news was released about it for a very long time. German BBs got released, but despite them being announced at the same time as Incomparable, Incomparable was still not coming that patch. So at that point I kind of lost hope and used my January coupon for Kearsarge, just so Incomparable can get released less than a month later. So after waiting for nearly 6 months, I think I’m getting Incomparable as my first steel ship just because of the dedication I had for it.

  20. I’ve struggled with this fact myself. I’m nearing enough steel for it but everyone says the Bourgogne is the best ship for heavy cruisers/BB players. I have the Moskva and Petro but those 305s seem vital for ranked and the like.

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