World of Warships: Wargaming staff team battle plus some news on upcoming events

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If you want to get to know some of the team who is working hard on keeping us all entertained with WoWs there is no better way than to hear them win and fail, conquer and blunder in a team battle with yours truly voulezvousTV 🙂

The free cam function I used in the game can be activated by pressing the ctrl+shift+backspace together (right side of the keyboard). Then use arrows to navigate and the keys 7 & 9 on your keyboard’s numpad to move up or down.


  1. Just so people know, numpad 7 & 9 does camera elevation for me in freecam
    mode. It must have changed at some point.

  2. nie ma to jak polak wstydzi się swojego języka

  3. That was a great Match. Well done. Great teamwork for a thrown together

  4. I loved this! Great Video and great to hear the devs play.

  5. Great video, liked as always.

    Hope we find some time and team up eventually. :)


    Gg wp have you heard about the soviet cruisers incoming what do you think
    about them ?

  7. How do you use the free cam ?

  8. Nice match. Pretty clutch. I bet the CV captain was feeling the pressure at
    the end, lol.

  9. I thought freecam was Ctrl – R – Shift – Backspace

  10. Nice video!
    Quick question, what mods do you use?

  11. Hope this will be a great team and hope to face OMNI clans in team
    battle… they are rolling the whole EU server!

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