World of Warships- Wargaming, This Just Isn’t Working

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Hey guys! Today we discuss my opinion on Arms Race, let me know what your thoughts are on the mode down below! Enjoy!

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  1. Maybe they could consider making the buffs a capture zone that needs maybe 15-30 second to receive instead of touch (to allow some counterplay for teams that lost their destroyer early) and go or make it so that buffs can only be taken by specific ships like battleships or cruisers to incentivise more pushes.

    • Make them take ~15 seconds… and you’re spotted while capping (like the star shells in Cherry Blossom).

      And make the first round of buffs spawn 30s-1m later into the fight so that your DDs aren’t pressured to yolo into them before anyone else can even get into position.

    • @Nelson Brown I agree, maybe the spotted one depends, because radar cruisers are a thing, like brisbane now especially etc.

      The issue is not the idea of Arms Race, but the execution, currently as it stands it just a destroyer fiesta. Whichever team frags the other destroyers first instantly wins the game.

      Buffs should definitely be changed to CAP base and not just touch based to make the mode more fun for all classes.

  2. The mode is not great, however I must say it has been entertaining to get a 6 second reload on a Bourgogne during its reload booster period. But yeah, bring airship mode back!

  3. I think the mode is fine. It does need some tweeking though. There are just way too many buffs active on the field at once. It needs to force engagement. I would like to see it changed to where a buff would only spawn if a ship is destroyed and placed in a random spot on the map.

  4. I think they should keep it and epi centre, but make them more rare to show up like the Ocean map.

    • Exactly my though. I like it for some variety, I think they should keep it but make it less frequent. Also bring back epicenter but make it less frequent.
      Sometimes I feel I get this game mode too often

  5. Its not the worst mode.
    Best case teams push up to support DDs and Subs taking buffs. (CVs and and He spam has made meta more passive)
    Worst case DDs and Subs avoid the buffs like the plague, and game becomes a blowout, but you don’t have to chase a CV and sub to the end of the map, when central cap shows up. The pain of at bad game is shorter-
    All modes have blowout games now. Here you have a fighting chance if you get some buffs.

  6. My only complaint with Arms Race is that picking up buffs should be added to combat mission tasks which key on getting captured, assisted in captured, or defended ribbons.

  7. I really like the concept of Arms Race, I think since it’s new people are still overall trying to figure out the meta. I mainly play DDs so the pain of having my team just abandon me because the map border is just so appealing to them for some reason is definitely a pain I resonate with, but it happens just as often if not more so in other gamemodes. In Arms Race I think it’s the opposite problem where players try too hard to get buffs and end up dying early on. I like another comment’s suggestion of requiring 15 seconds to pick up the buffs to make it a bit more strategic rather than a mad dash.

  8. I personally like this gamemode, I understand that it is bad for stats but I find it fun a lot if the time and it mixes up the basic take the cap gamemodes.

  9. I think arms race is the least of the issues. Nine games last night, one of the nine was close. The other eight games was complete blowout for one side. Two of the games ended with one team completely destroyed and not a single ship sank on the other team. I understand that this type of blowouts will happen once in a while, but last night it happened so much, I stopped playing. I figured I could go do something less frustrating. Even when I was on the winning team, it wasn’t fun because the matches were over so quickly you didn’t get to really play the game.

    • I played a random game this afternoon. I’d done 15,000 damage and we won. Every enemy ship was sunk.
      Equally I had a game where I’d done 115,000 this afternoon and we’d lost within 8 minutes.
      It’s not a great feeling with either outcome.

    • Same thing has been going on in Legends for weeks or more. I get the impression a lot of veteran players are getting bored with the game and/or fed up with WG’s bs and are finding other things to do leaving lobbies filled with noobs so it usually ends up in a one-sided slaughter one way or the other. That’s another consequence for no skill/experience based matchmaking system like practically every other pvp game has.

  10. I actually came to like epicenter after hating it for years. Greatly improved my DD play. Yeah, frustrating with certain potatoes but very dynamic play.

  11. To add to the “problems” that are envisionned ..

    What about all the new damage world records that were set due to the buffs in that mode ?

  12. Personally I enjoy arms race, I think the idea of buffing your ship stats mid game is just cool…
    However I must admit it does have a huge blowout problem.
    Personally the best change I can think of would be to change where the buffs spawn.
    If team A is winning and has more buffs, then the remaining buffs should spawn farther back towards team B.
    This should force team A to extend farther out and push in to get more buffs, and it should make it easier for team B to get them also.
    Which would roughly level the playing field.
    A very common problem is that the winning team takes control of the center of the map, and then they just farm buffs.
    It’s already hard enough for a losing team to push back into caps and retake them.
    the buffs buffing the enemy team makes it impossible.

  13. I like it. Last game I had was a close match with both teams having about the same amount of buffs. But I do see games where the better team gets buffed only to become even better.

    Maybe they should add a mechanic. every time a team loses a ship, the rest of the ships get a small buff to help with big lopsided games.

  14. They need a Classic Mode with DD”s, Cruisers and BB”s.

    • They would never do that, a majority of players would select; sub/cv players would be in queue for hours, and those are the “new hotness”

    • @Robert Owens Maybe they could also come out with a mode with nothing but subs and cvs, let those guys have at each other and leave the surface ships to actually have fun duking it out.

  15. A game mode of the week would be fun, and I’ll gladly like to see.

  16. Arm’s Race is tons of fun IF you can bring a ships SUITED for the mode. That was the case when Arm’s race was a separate mode. Now with its inclusion into the modes pool, you can select a random ship and end up in Arm’s Race… And you’ll do squat.
    WG should have kept this as a separate mode, but they NEVER listen.

  17. In general, I have seen a reasonable matching of buffs between the two teams, though as you get to near the end of the match it gets lopsided but the match is over anyways. It’s not the best mode but I find it fun at times.

  18. I agree with you on this. The problem with Arms Race and possibly Airship Escort if it goes to Random is that both modes are most successful and enjoyable if you get to select the ship you want to play. You lost that ability in Arms Race and enjoyed it in Airship Escort. I feel Arms Race should be pulled from randoms and both go into an every other day or every other week mode where you know the game that will be available and select the ship you wish to play before you load up.

    BTW, when did you play Axis vs Allies, as its introduction was both announced, then postponed prior to 10.3 in 2021?

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