World of Warships- Wargaming’s Broken Promises

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Hey guys, today we take a look at three of the most circulated “Broken Promises” that are commonly trotted out every time some type of change happens in game. Today we dive in and see just how broken these promises are. Enjoy!

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  1. The Hannover appears to by the planned/designed H-44 design which looked like many other designs of the time, a bigger bismarck (its why the GK and FDG look like a bigger Bis), and it was a real design but it was actually impossible to build.

    • @Almighty Deity Ahh yes! I forgot the H-42! The Teir 9 is the H-39 right?

    • @Manik Samaraweera Unless they used measurements on that stream, with the current picture of them side-by-side, comparing the super Shiki to Yama, Super is between ~270m and 280m and Hanover is between 300 and ~330m. Both H-42 and 43 had 19-inch guns so either is possible. She’s definitely not 355 unless the scale is off one the 1 I had seen.

    • @Steven Cross yup

    • Wrong
      Hannover is based on the H-42
      I say based coz the AA, secs are completely fake, no torps, and she is 355m long instead of 305m
      The only things matching with H-42 is the gun calibre and flag.

    • Hannover according to WeeGee is “a variant of the H-42” with 483mm guns as planned
      Even tho the ship is literally longer than even H-44 and has fake secs and AA

  2. Mountbatten: “I feel very very good about Submarines”

    Submarines: “I’ll see you and your GK on the Ocean floor”

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten wonder if they’ll allow a ram from below if one decides to surface from beneath an enemy ship…..specially since only DDs and some Cruisers will have depth charges…bye bye BB

    • @Barden Jusik Subs have fairly low health pool, so even if they ram they won’t deal too significant damage as the max damage a ship can receive from a ram is its HP pool

    • @Zhuohang Liu I’m aware. But thats still one big torpedo and if hit from directly below it IS technically bypassing that troublesome torpedo blister…..

    • @Barden Jusik The difference between a sub and a torpedo is that a torpedo has a warhead, and a sub doesn’t. Sub ramming can only utilize its kinetic energy.
      But subs are also known to be fairly light, and when you ram during surfacing, you can’t use your weight since you’re moving upward.
      In addition, sub armor is generally nonexistent, and this doesn’t help ramming. A surfacing sub is also very slow in terms of its vertical velocity. So a light-weighted, slow and soft object ramming into a well-armored target like a BB would probably not produce much constructive result.

    • @Zhuohang Liu *sighs and facepalms* Im aware of the real world implications just take the joke and move along god damn.

  3. Off topic of wows but Mountbatten I think your Subscription just expired bro lol to me this is funny, at first glance I thought it was me then I realized it the video that made my day, anyway good vid like always.

  4. yesss, we need more 400m soupbattleships 😀

  5. MysticDragonWolf

    I bought the X Yamato – as means to unlock the Research ships without sacrificing the Yamato each time

    For me it was practical

    People call me a whale and other things
    While they are also in premium ships giving me broadsides and then they rage when I sink them

  6. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    well let’s just put it this way, it does not matter what’s been said or what will be said ; WG had basically no credit left regarding game , game play balance and so. The only thing we can trust WG to do to the game is that they will screw it further

  7. basically online communities are so toxic and hypersensitive. I think maybe because it is not face to face interaction people’s filters and aversion to conflict is not functioning properly.

    • Sure, it has nothing to do with spending a years worth of steel or coal only to have the purchase nerfed to useless. I can remain civil when they do it once but they have done it many times now and offer a new OP ship right after. Bait and switch is evil.

    • Most people’s limitation is their own abilities not the ships. Anyone who forgets all the premium and special ships can have fun and success with tech line ships.

  8. One of the Lesta Studios devs, Danny Volkov, said there would be no submarines during the ‘Sail to TwitchCon’ Q&A stream in 2015. “During the first design session we asked about submarines and [Wargaming] said ‘The game will have no submarines, because submarines killed Navyfield.'”

  9. “And the most serious is that we still haven’t got Republique’s rotating funnel”

  10. I saw the title of this video and thought, “Hell, I don’t have two hours to watch a YouTube video.”

  11. WG does not understand what it is to be ‘customer centric’ i.e. ‘player base oriented’. They do not understand how they could combine making money with a loyal playerbase.

  12. The question is not whether playing submarines is fun, the question is whether playing the other ship classes with submarines is fun or miserable.

    • Agreed. The counterplay is most important. I am also concerned with all the testing with tier 6s, what about tier 5 ships? I assume they’ll get the same equipment?

    • Yep. I stopped playing the sub mode after Nuernberg had no counter play to them, and I ended a game in my Graf Spee reversing over one so it couldn’t torp me. At least against a DD, you can try to rush it or corner it, but subs just submerge and you can’t touch them. Hopefully the coming changes will prevent that, but 11min is still half the battle (5min directly under you) which is plenty of time for just staring at it not being able to do anything

    • Well if submarine is being added there is no reason to not give entire line of high tier BB a sonar consumable since BB cannot kill a sub they can only dodge and mitigate damage.

  13. Norton popping up is a notification from those meddling russian hackers to keep your mouth shut and say nothing bad about Wargaming

  14. They should put HMS Habakkuk as the support carrier that would make this an epic mode

  15. Azur Lane player be: 👁️👄👁️

  16. I just want my secondaries back!

  17. *Me* looks at the video title.
    *Also me* looks at the video lenght.
    *Yup, still me* That can’t be right, shouldn’t this video be an hour long?

  18. Irony is: SLM says “Truthfulluy, WG is addressing the problems in the game” as he focuses on the FDR. Now THAT’s irony!

  19. The Hannover looks like if GK and One Punch Man had a warship baby

  20. Thanks for setting the record straight about what was actually said when.

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