World of Warships- Wargaming’s Fatal Flaw With The Game

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Hey guys! Today we talk about WG’s current direction for the game, and their current business scheme, enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Signal Flags. Yeah, I noticed that after the Economic Rework. I have found that getting free signal flags is now very rare. I absolutely refuse to buy signal flags. These days, regularly run out of flags.

    • I on the other hhand noticed problem with free xp, with blue boosters 5-10k is a norm, while before the rework it was 20-30k. Red boosters are hard to get so blue is the only consistant option

    • I am always out of signal flags, and usually out of economic bonuses as well. It’s a different game now.

    • I just stopped using them, sold them all… made like 20 million credits.

  2. 9:00-11:00 mins, That right their hits the nail on the head. The slow “make the game less free to play” was one thing, but Wargaming just keeps pulling Gimmick after Gimmick out of their hat to try to attract players, but ends up unbalancing the game and making it less fun with each addition. The CV Rework, Addition of Super Ships and Submarines, Hybrid ships, and those Pan American CLs with that booster Gimmick. All of those are “Chasing the new shiny toy”, Stuff NO ONE ASKED FOR and stuff people HATE!

    Not to mention the Powercreep as a result: BBs play at max range to avoid Torpedos and HE Spammers, Cruiser hide behind island to avoid getting overmatched by BBs with BIGGER and BIGGER GUNS, DDs tend to die in the first 3-5 mins for some reason, Carriers feat on the salty tears of Surface ships cus AA feels mostly useless since no one ever groups up in _RANDOM BATTLES_ (very few ships can repel an air attack on their own let alone stop one anymore. And even if they group up some CVs just DO NOT CARE.), and Submarine are just a Royal Pain in the poopdeck to deal with or play (from a surface ships point of view, the constant Pinging, almost Zero way to Detect them. From the Subs point of view, DC planes are almost unavoidable and people will just SPAM you, and its alot harder to torpedo someone then one might think.).

    And of course their is all the BUGS and GLITCHS WoWS may or may not still have. The Replay system of all things is currently BORKED to all hell which is Bad because thats how WoWS became popular in the first place.

    • I’ve started to play it less and less since subs were added, then stoped playing completely after these BB/CV monstrosities were added. Now im waiting for this game to collapse so someone can buy it and bring back to former glory or just fix shitty WG ideas

    • Agreed I’d hoped Hybrids for instance would stop with Ise, Kearsage & Tonne the 1st 2 I named I love would love tonne if they buffed its planes don’t want more though as far as subs lately my rage towards subs has got me comms banned twice all I’ll say.

    • @Steven Wiederholt Hell im pretty sure they have run out of SHIPS, with all the “copy pasta” they have to do with some lines. Look at you PAN Asia and PAN America.

      Meanwhile everyone be like “where USS Johnston at?”

    • @Hybrid Reno II not to mention Ise and Tonne are “historical” ships which those are fine. But KEARSARGE and the US Hybrid line…..WTF NO ONE ASKED FOR THIS SHIT!

  3. I haven’t played for a couple of weeks now. Got fed up of “competing” for kills with other players on my team (yes it is a team based game where most play for themselves) turns out my picks for cruisers is bad, tried playing random battles & I’m outclassed in pretty much every way. I don’t have 10pt commanders, I don’t have premium ships, I don’t have years of playing the game to know how to position my ship correctly.
    I usually only played co-op because it was more chilled but gimicky ships filter into there too, I used to have fun but it only took 1 bad day of playing for me to walk away from the game.
    Another bad thing about WOWS is the way it’s designed to keep us playing day in day out to get the “rewards” this causes burnout where we force ourselves to play & it stops being fun to do it turns into a chore or a job, Eve Online is similar in the way it turns into a job instead of being something to enjoy.

    I hope to return to WOWS at some point and enjoy it again, I did get some great ships but there’s something about the whole experience that just keeps me away from it.

  4. I was a Beta tester and this is the only naval game I play. I grind the “Daily Trial” every day. The rewards for that combined with my Premium Membership give me all the bonus’s I need. So the way I play is not completely free but it’s not very expensive either. I agree they can slow the introduction of new “nations” and ship types down. I simply cannot remember what all these ship do anymore. I had the CV’s atthetopof my hate list, freak’in subs have replaced them.

  5. My 2 changes would be to let lower tier ships count towards dailys and spreading the tiers out, the leap from t7 to t8 and t9 to t10 are monumental

  6. for me as im also a brawler at heart the carrier rework was the beggining of the end and its only gone downhill i no longer find the game fun i play it just to kill time and dont care anymore if i win or lose

    • @Mer4ydin Oh come on, so a Super CV dropping you over and over till you are dead and for the whole game you don’t even see his ship, is that “fair”, i was never talking about fair, this whole game is fucked, i was talking about the feeling of getting somewhere, sure overmatch is not fun, but when i am in a Colbert behind an island burning down the overmatch ship without him being able to overmatch me because he can’t even see me, can i do that against a CV, nope! is shooting down his planes like burning the bb down going to save me, no, can i hide, no. At least back in the day a DM was a no fly zone, now AA means nothing, like flak is just fireworks, go left and right and left and it does nothing.

    • @Bernie White inj these past days cvs had a plane pool of over 100 planes and their entire squad was dropping like the russians cvs. Today you have to widdle down a cvs attack squads. Are some ships to strong yes and wg should nerv them but nitpicking on specific ships if you want to say one class is op is not a good option. Yout colbert example shows that there is a COUNTERPLAYSTYLE to island camping.

    • @Mer4ydin So you don’t want to talk about how the RU CVs when they start their attack run my AA stops shooting till the have finished the attack run, all CVs by design are op, if you want to think they are not i don’t care, any sane person can see what WG are doing, anyway, i am done with this, have a good day.

    • @Bernie White yeah every class which counters you is op that said everything ……

    • @Mer4ydin
      Maybe if we could chose a “no cv” or “no can” mode, we would see how many players like to play against them and find them usefull to the game.
      To see how good is the introduction of cans, just have a look to the usual boat that counter them, but in this game just cannot.
      Cans got nothing to do in naval battles, they are not made for engaging this way.

  7. They have a problem that other Free to Play games have. Player Retention. How long is it gonna take before it becomes critical? Its already there. They keep trying to attract new players of the younger generation instead of keeping current players happy. You have to find a compromise in both areas. They refuse to do that. Why? Who really knows? None of us players sit in on the meetings they have. I can point out two specifics that are really smashing them right now. First, they are hiring WAAAAAAY too many kids to manage the game. Losing experienced personnel is never a good sign for the health of the game. I dont think anyone will disagree with that. Second, they have no balance in the game right now. They really need to adopt the Maximum Priority and Fill with Minus One philosophy. Example, Matchmaking should be prioritizing searches by a Tier level, let’s say Tier 9. Search for players in Tier 9 and after 1 minute if not enough are found, fill the lobby with Tier 8’s. I really dont see any reason why Tier 8 should be playing with their 10, and tier 9 playing with Superships. Balanced and close games create that “carrot on a stick”, and that is really missing right now.

  8. I played this game last around 5-6 years ago. Used to be a regular World of Tanks player. I was able to get T10 German battleship fairly quickly. I was surprised how easy the grind is in this game compared to WOT and how you are always profitable with regards to credits. I have started playing again now on Xbox, have put in about 6-7 hours and I’m already at t3 US battleship, T4 Jpn destroyer and T4 US cruiser. Much better economy management compared to WOT.

  9. I’ve been playing since Beta and still log on almost every day. In the beginning I did spend dollars getting a few key ships but I haven’t purchased anything in about the last 4 years. *If* you play regularly, you can get lots of doubloons, premium time, credits, and decent ships pretty much for free. I currently have about 100 premium/freemiums and maybe purchased 10. I don’t really think any ships have been super outclassed (cept the BLYS)…it’s not like WOT where you just can’t compete in most older tanks anymore. Subs are annoying but the only thing I’d really tweak is giving DDs a reliable way to detect them. I do kind of think they push out new ships way too often, and imagine ultimately they might start to add higher tiers with more modern ships once they run out of ideas for WW2 era.

  10. The Shikishimas shell velocity seems really good.

  11. I’ve played this game the minute the open beta started. Every year I bought my year of premium time and would spend money on 3-4 premium ships to support the game. I stopped buying premium time and ships after the Admiral Makarov Santa Crate debacle. I have been free to play since, and honestly I’ve cut my play down from 2-4 hours daily to 2-4 hours weekly. I despise the CV rework, I think subs are cool but they should not be in randoms/ranked/clan battles as subs were never suited to fleet actions, and the cash grab with flags now and making the mountains of camos that I worked so hard to get basically worthless. IF I play now, it’s usually just T5 in randoms, all tiers in coop, or missions. Even though my clan is active, I hardly ever make clan battles. The game has become un-fun.


  12. Since the redo on rewards i have noticed a significant decline im xo you get for a game whether it be randoms or coop etc. One of the games i recently played with a kongo where I citideled 1 ship 5 times in 1 shot, sunk it and 3 others with no flags bonus thimgs got me 147 xp. Thats pretty harsh when I destroyed 4 of the 7 or 8 ships there. It seems much harder to get whats needed to buy another ship, credits are plenty but the research costs seem very ellusive and hard to gain

  13. Great video shedding light on the problems! But don’t forget the positives!
    I will say I’ve been playing since Beta and I started with always having Premium time to support the game. My family buys me a lot of Mega Christmas containers every year as well. So I can say that I have supported the game since I joined. There are things about it that I don’t like, CV rework with the AA nerf. Subs. That being said. I still love the game. I play around 16 hours a week and I have 460 ships in port, along with 845 days of Premium. In that collection are 29 CV’s and 5 Submarines. I hate them, but I have to learne from them. My point being is that the game is ultimately, Fun. It has problems, but what game does not? Are they pushing content to hard? Probably. The utimate answer in my opinion is have fun as you can and only support the game with what you think that fun is worth to you. See you out there Lads and Lasses!

    • Kinda the same deal for me. I have issue with some stuff. I’m not against submarines and aircraft carriers inherently, but I think there are still some tweaks to be made. Like making AA effective and making destroyers and hydroacoustic users a menace to subs like they should be. In the right circumstances, I actually find facing those types of ships fun. And, like you said, that’s the point. They need to change their direction quick before things get unbearable, but ultimately, the game is still fun to play.

  14. the thing is they don’t care if old players stay. the main reason is the old players are far less likely to buy ships. I think the breaking point has already passed and most players are hanging on for the time being because they miss the older version of the game. Heck I really only play now with clan members and wouldn’t play at all if I weren’t in a clan.

  15. What I hate about subs is if they are around my BB I am spending more time running away and trying to spot the sub than fighting surface ships

  16. I have only been playing since JUN 2022, but as a retired disabled veteran, I am able to play for 8 to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. When I found this game online, I was actually looking for a battleship vs battleship game, especially focused on WWI because that time period did not see a significant influence from submarines or aircraft; there were torpedoes coming from torpedo boats or destroyers, but they did not have a huge influence on actual naval battles (such as Jutland). Unfortunately, WoW focuses more on WWII and have (in the last 6 months or so) shifted to a torpedo-centric game, where the primary weapon used seems to be torpedoes, to the point where I now call it the “World Of Torpedoes”. Submarines and destroyers rule the game, along with torpedo-using light cruisers. For me, as a cannon-using battleship player who only plays Co-op battles, torpedoes are able to end my gameplay in about 2 to 4 minutes, or twice that if I’m doing “well”. When I first started playing, the battles would last 15 or 20 minutes, especially if I was playing Random battles, but I’m thinking they are trying to shorten the battle time so as to more rapidly charge me the “service fee” on the next battle, and take back the credits that I’ve earned. I’ve also noticed that using Tier 9 or 10+ ships seem to cost more in “service fees” than I get in credits, so I actually lose credits by playing them. Submarines are just a distraction in the game; huge battleships should not be employed as sub-chasers, especially not in a maze of little islands! I would greatly prefer paying for a single-player game on CD that only focused on WWI battleship combat, but I am not aware of any.

  17. I can’t help but feel that one sure way to grow the player base would be to put some effort into making the game more fun. Some work on new maps and game modes would go a long way and accomplish more than another bunch of new ships. Airship escort and brawls seem to be very popular, they could easily tailor some game modes to keep veteran players playing. I’ve only been playing for 2 years but I rarely play random battles any more as they aren’t really much fun. Brawls and CB are where it’s at right now IMO.

  18. I used to play WoWs daily, about 4 hours per day, but for me, the biggest reason why I rarely play has been Tier 10 becoming more and more passive. With all the HE spam, superships, submarines, etc. It makes the meta so painfully passive in most games. I normally just combatted that with playing Tier 6, but then Subs ruined tier 6, because it is far too often that I see 4, sometimes 6 subs in a tier 6 match, where they can ping outside of a lot of ship’s depth charge range. Nothing is more frustrating than getting focused by 2 submarines, having to spam your damage control party as counterplay, only to have a CV bomb you and make you burn to death, because you have to either choose between chugging homing torpedoes, or being permanently on fire. That just isn’t fun in the slightest, even playing as a submarine is boring, because the most interesting part submarines for me, was the concept of hunting other submarines, but in the current state of the game, you can only do that once every 2 and a half minutes in 30 second bursts.

  19. I hope wg hears this, I really want wg to succeed with their support of Ukraine and redeplying the hq I know that hurt but they need to get back on track.

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