World of Warships- Wargaming’s Latest Scam?

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Hello guys, today we go over the very odd and money hungry Sunlight Event that went up in the Armory over the weekend, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. When I first saw the Sunlit fair before knowing any details, my heart dropped a little. I literally the night before bought Kuznetsov for coal, and here he was as a prize. Then I read the rules and saw the monetization needed to get anything out of those bundles…yea, not taking part in it.

    • @LTC_Tiger Right, that makes sense. He didn’t. I got a bundle of 60k free xp as my first.

    • If you pull him in the first bundle you can spend 6k dubs to get 7.5k dubs back for the duplicate. But honestly aside from that and the RP, nothing else in this ‘event’ has any interest for me and my first bundles was one of the 1x tokens, 2x SC’s (I can get 75+ during the anniversary sooo… yeah) and 75k coal (800k+ of it right now).

      I’m also as mystified as SLM on the timing of this since most players will have blown their budget on either Santa boxes for actual ships and eco boosters or on the half off year of premium time.

  2. Santa containers either went good enough that they saw there was more money to be made or the Santa containers are a little light in the payback and they are looking for more money to compensate.

  3. Wait… people really buy those packages?
    The moment I saw the package, I know it is a scam already.
    Unless kutnezov is appeared at 1st draw, I won’t bother take it

  4. Kuznetsov dropped first for me. Did some reading on Reddit. Being flush with coal, I picked him up with that, then spent the 6K dubs to get 4 packs of tokens, and, since you can only have one Kuznetsov, they refunded 7500 doubloons. So I netted Kuznetsov and an extra 1500 doubloons. Total net spend? 175K coal. Totally worth it.

  5. Not a scam, but normalization of obfuscated deals designed to take as much of your money as possible. And still leave you without the ship you wanted.

  6. Wargaming being scummy? What a shock ….

  7. Okay so let me clear this up.
    You pay once to use your hard earned money into WG’s fake currency.
    Than you exchange this fake WG currency for a CHANCE at obtaining another type of fake currency.
    Than you gamble this NEW type of fake currency for a CHANCE at something you want that you can get for free grinding the game?

    And this is not a scam why exactly? Mind you, if things are overly convoluted, filled with RNG systems you could still consider it a scam, as it’s so overly convoluted and confusing to make sure some people don’t actually understand what they’re buying. That’s where the scam part comes in.
    If they were honest about it, you wouldn’t need 2 currencies, the latter one which will be gained randomly, in a lootbox type of way where you can receive little or many of them at once by giving you 900+ bundles mostly filled with crap. And after all this confusing mess, you get to spend your randomly gained fake currency on a gambling machine where you can get stuff from you can use in game?
    Yeah, that is certainly a scam.

  8. As an anti-drug use campaign once said… ‘Just say no.’ With over 530 days PREMIUM and over 500 ships (quite a few I have been underwhelmed by) WeeGee wont be seeing very much, if anything, out of my wallet.

  9. i didn’t realised something outragous like this existed in the armory, too focused on the dockyard missions.

  10. The fact that this is actually illegal in some countries does say a lot.

  11. Had research bureau points drop in the first bundle for me. As I am not resetting any lines and got dubs from the Santa containers, it was worth it for me. I almost never spend any money on these specific events, but at least I got lucky on the first roll for this specific time.

  12. They banned birthday rewards for black Friday so you could not get ships at reasonable prices.

  13. This reeks of WGing not liking the amount of money received from this years Santa sales. So, what do they do? They launch the contingency plan I.E. Sunlight Event as a way to make up for the other sales and or the years bottom line totals.

  14. KaiserWilhelmShatner

    900 some packages in this event.
    WG need that money. They discovered really fast that Prague is a lot more expensive than Minsk.
    They would have been better off moving the whole operation to Austin.

  15. WG has no idea of the damage they are doing to themselves. I usually will give a company some benefit of the doubt, but WG has shown that they are getting their marching orders from a real scumbag. I usually save all year and then spend about 1k every Christmas event and I spent just $50 this time.
    They are most definitely “peeing in their chili” as the saying goes, and they really need to clean house at the top.

  16. Santa Containers are soooo generous, have got loads of ships (again) from the Mega containers and just had a duplicate, of a Black Ship I got in a Black Friday Container, from the the free “New Year Miracles” Small Santa Container. Only trouble is it’s a CV and I don’t do CV’s, I’m hopeless at them, so I’ll never get 4000 Base XP for the 2,500 doubs. Ah well.

  17. If you want to feed the algorithm overlords, then look at your most popular videos. “How to Grind Fast” and “What Battleship Line Is For You?” were the videos that made me fall in love with your channel. I am not a fan of WG but when a portion of the newest videos have those clickybaity titles, then your prime audience are only going to be the ones that S*** on WG.

    With all that being said, keep up the great work. You have taught me a lot about the game!!!!

  18. I got 5k research points for 250 dubs so I think it was a good deal but I’m definitely not spending any more money. Those events are only worth it if the first prize is good.

  19. I quit spending any money on this game a while back!

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