World of Warships- Wargaming’s Redemption?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at some of the steps WG has taken to follow through with their promises and the recent announcement that all drop rates from loot boxes and containers will be published. Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

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  1. Dutch proverb —> one swallow doesn’t make summer.
    It means good for signs but the outcome is still unclear, so wait and see

  2. Antonio Saavedra A.

    Redemption, no. More like trying to sorta redeem their last errors and probably the pressure from China over video games (something not quite sure about that but is a prevalent rumor). Still, WG had committed terrible sins and won’t forgive that easily.

    • Antonio Saavedra A.

      @Cactusjuggler Huh yes. USS Puerto Rico, Santa Loot boxes, USS Missouri, HMS Yukon, LWM, lack of acceptance they screw it, throw under the bus their employees, the CC program, the fiasco after the Yukon, no current apologies for their mistakes, current loot boxes. Isn’t enough?

    • Hahaha!

  3. I appreciate the steps that WG took, the one thing that I want to see (and that will be a turning point for me) is for them to properly address Littlewhitemouse and ex-CCs.

    Carefully optimistic approach for now.

    • @Emily Hofland what a time to be alive

    • @Emily Hofland Read my name please

    • @Emily Hofland 1: America is a consumerist country not a capitalist one, that changed about two decades ago. 2: American law dictates that verbal contracts are binding thus Wargaming actually has violated the rights of the CC’s repeatedly via said binding verbal contracts if you want to use the “this is America” argument. 3: Temp workers are paid either as contracted or subcontracted labor. 4: Telling anyone they will understand when they grow up when you make such facile and pathetically incorrect arguments is absolutely hilarious.

    • @Duane Gaskins well… Apparently you don’t get it…
      Try to enforce those laws…
      Grow up.

    • @Emily Hofland you does not seem to understand the situation at all.
      CCs were supposed to be community representatives, testers, content creators and game supporters. They were not paid in cash, instead they received in-game items.
      For years WG gradually listenend to them less and less, to the point that they just ignored them altogether.

      LWM was creating content for the benefit of community, served as non-paid QA and were APPROACHED by WG to cooperate with them FOR FREE.

      She spent quite a lot of time and effort for the WG and community, only to get consecutively insulted and disrespected by WG.

      CC exodus was sparked by that incident – fueled by other factors as well (aggresive monetisation, gambling and so on).

      So WG addressing gambling is a good step, but changing their approach to community as a whole – and community contributors as representatives – is crucial in order to rebuild the trust towards them as a company.

  4. Krzysztof Narloch

    “The range at which homing is switched off is 2.1 km for battleships, 1.2 km for aircraft carriers, 720 m for cruisers (360 in case of double sonar ping effect), and 240 m for destroyers and submarines (120 in case of double sonar ping effect). ” Yes BBs are save… Now look at the double ping homing ranges versus Cruisers (they take citadel damage) and DDs….. If they have R on cooldown they are basically dead.

    • @Ryder Hurst-Stenback I think especially cruisers are affected by homing torps since they have almost no armor (most of them), no torpedo protection and much less HP than BBs too

    • @Ryder Hurst-Stenback were you under affect of double ping or single?

    • Ryder Hurst-Stenback

      @Krzysztof Narloch Both, But I also run rudder mod on my Friesland for memes. Most I took was two when I got caught in a turn. Subs are an annoyance but just like CV’s with time we can counter play most of them *cough* FDR *cough*. Most

    • Ryder Hurst-Stenback

      @Mrs_Ragdoll Yeah I think they should definitely tweak the torps a little bit. Something like ignore half torp protection, instead of all torp protection. Cit is a bit too much on those torps

    • I agree. Even if dds dodge the torps they can by accident drift into the torps as the rudder straightens out. That homing distance is Way to close.

  5. So international coverage online is required for WG to make changes we have asked for years. Sad and temporary

  6. No, not enough. But at least this is a step in the correct direction.
    They can remove Subs and CVs (to a separate game-mode) and then I’d consider going back to the game.

  7. Not enough. When they announce that they gonna priorize 4 to 8% of their playerbase with subs, just like they do for CVs, they do not listen to the playerbase. Sure i don’t deny it’s a step in the right direction. But they could give us a lot if the game is less pleasant to play day after day, it won’t solve anything.

  8. WarGaming has been making positive steps towards repairing their PR. It will take a sustained effort over an extended period of time before I would call the culture WG had, fixed. TLDR; Two months do not make up for four years of bad behavior.

  9. david and martine albon

    Although for the last few wowsb have added a feature that guarantees the ship after a certain number of boxes

  10. I feel like the CC disaster really opened their eyes, hope they continue down this path

  11. TheGuardianofAzarath

    “Is this redemption for WG?”

    It’s a start.

    They just need to keep doing what they’ve been doing over the past couple of days and not fuck up again. but as Jingles has said, actions speak louder than words. They’ve made promises before that they didn’t keep.

  12. IMO redemption is kinda a bad word here, It sort of implies absolution.
    I love what wargaming has been up to recently, The Kaba /GK removals make a lot of sense, and they aren’t getting truely removed, just becoming coal ships like moskva. I would prefer the lighthouse auctions to have some small changes, like not being a blind auction (I HATE blind auctions) but they refund all dubs if you didn’t win so its mostly fine. Subs still need fine tuning but that’s precicely why they are in randoms now so great job there, and halloween this year is way better than last year.
    But they aren’t redeemed.
    I will continue to be very pleased but as I said above, redemption implies absolution. If wargaming makes a few mistakes, yeah thats fine, singular people make mistakes, labyrinthine corperations? expect them. But if they royaly screw up, then their “rating” goes down commensurately

    but hey, just my 2 cents. Optimistic and satified.

    Also please don’t make subs a separate game mode, i’ve said this with cvs and I’ll say it with subs, It will be a bad move all around. Non sub/cv players will not play that game mode (with exceptions of course, I understand that the internet broadcasts certain voices loudest) which will lead to long que times and boring/small games for sub and cv players, driving them away from the mode, now we have less sub/cv mains, (a bad thing) and they will feel disappointed and abandoned by the community (I already do) creating a negative outcome for game health. The stated implementation of subs and cvs in randoms is already quite polished, and this allows for a small but content playerbase, who get to enjoy the ships they love, when they like.

  13. I was in a Myoko class cruisers and despites the fact that I was running in the opposite direction from the sub, there was no way for me to dodge the homing torps that were able to turn way faster than my ship. I would suggest removing the information from where the ping comes from but make the homing feature only allows the torps to deviate slightly, not as much as ships can turn.

  14. I’m afraid Wargaming’s greed has just left me exhausted these past few years. I don’t play games to get worn down so even though I keep in touch with the community, I just can’t bring myself to keep playing the game. I regret putting as much money as I have into this game over the years.

  15. Sealord is correct that WG has made great strides, but we definitely need to take enough time to see if this is just a passing fancy on their part or a lasting change. I also want to see them mend fences with the CCs they alienated with all of the gambling BS and their failure to even listen to the advice sent their way by CCs. I’d like to see all of those CCs resume their previous positions.

  16. You’re so excited about all the testing being done with subs and how wargaming is taking feedback seriously, except for the fact that subs are being introduced regardless of the fact that very few people actually want them. So yea, they’ll take feedback, and if it happens to be what WG wants, they’ll listen. If not, it’s ignored.

    • They where coming regardless the moment they started talking about underwater worlds. At least thats my thought on the matter. Plus everything comes to randoms….except new game modes.

  17. Severn_Jove's crazy gaming!

    A sub kicked my butt in random battles… I just can say WOW. That was so surprising to see torps from nowhere. That said I thought it was awesome…. I learned I gotta give the subs the credit and attention they deserve. Man I have not even played one yet.

  18. Trust me wowsb is even worse, they literally have no coupons and the prices are outrageous for a mobile game

  19. I wouldn’t call a few good moves a “redemption”, however, I would say this counts as a good beginning of a WG redemption arc.

  20. For the monetization part it’s good news, finally transparency on the lots. Very good also the refund of the Moskva’s camo.
    The Kaba / GK replacements is also good news, we are winning two new ships while keeping the old ones, pretty cool.
    For the game and the meta (the most important of course) and the introduction of new content, WG puts the subs in a random battle when a majority don’t want them or in a dedicated mode, new Russian CVs, new German BB line …
    What has been coming back for a long time is adding new maps, new operations or at least the re-activation of old, balanced MM ; we had some interesting new modes but they don’t stay & are unbalanced, too bad.

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