World of Warships- Wargaming’s Spaghetti Code At It’s Finest

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Hey guys! Today we have some clips from the past livestream! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. The engine doesn’t help but have to agree. When you look at all the artillery bugs that exist and doesn’t get fixed, plus the fact that new ones appear out of nowhere (secondary bug possibly introduced with sub hydro) the coding and lack of QA is visible to all.

  2. Sea Lord, if you haven’t already, the movie THE SEAWOLVES was dedicated to Lord Louis Mountbatten; the last Viceroy of India and the last commander of the Calcutta Light Horse. Fairly decent film; starring Gregory Peck, David Niven, Roger Moore, Trevor Howard, and a host of British character actors.

  3. Battle Boats with Captain Spud

    Can’t fix the artillery in the game cause they need to focus on subs and cv .. I used to play this game all the time but I’ve slowed way down it’s sad

  4. Not Slava, but SLM was the key to win.
    Nice compilation.

  5. Aye that lag bad enough + the new recently introduced improved practically flat broadside bounce.

  6. The Real RRDemon

    Not sure if I’m the only one, but lately my camera has been locking one aspect mid game as I watch my boat chug away. I can still control the ship… but I cannot fire or follow it with the camera (literally locks to the exact spot it froze at)

    • kingofcastlechaos

      That is a key press combo. Google “free camera view in WoWs” and there is an article about it in the WoWs wiki under controls. Good luck.

  7. 2 biggest examples of spaghetti are the map border and the railgun fix. To “fix” border-humping they slow the speed of your ship and to “fix” the railgun exploit they put a delay into gun elevation. WG is a fn joke.

  8. “working as intended”

  9. What stream was this from? Was there one on Friday, or was this from a week ago?

  10. im curious is wows cheaper when you have like the argentina location? so I mean the currency there is weak so is the game there also cheaper when you get a premium ship or are the prices all the same?

  11. Im too wet behind the ears in World of warships, to know whats what with how this game is supposed to be, only 200hrs, highest im at is V. But i find this game better in ships than warthunder. (Controls)…co-op i mostly play havent tried pvp..otherwise nice videos🙏

  12. graf spee would have gone well as T10 french new cruiser line, like a cruiser version of the republique XD

  13. it is wierd that with suche a spaghetti code the dev aren t italian, or that the italian ship are so bad… or maybe they are jsut made out of noodle?

  14. Has anyone noticed when playing CV? Sometimes AA keeps shooting your planes after its been destroyed!?

  15. Had a convoy match the other night like your 1st match Reds had 2 DDs we had BB’s & Cruisers both a light and heavy

  16. This happened to me yesterday. My team had the BB (me) and they yolo emilio just bum rushed and killed me.

  17. I think WG rest the MM programming this past week. I tried a few T7 games and its back to uptiers to T9 again.

  18. Ah yes Brawl Matchmaking, at the lower skill echelons where I’m at you don’t want any DDs since they instant monke and die. Idk how it is at the higher echelons but at the lower end we only want BBs and Battlecruisers.

  19. You think that matchmaking is designed to match ship types, but it is not. It is to pre-determine which team will win, and after that is ensured with the matchmaking, then, and only then, make sure ship types match between teams. So if there just isn’t enough good/bad players to ensure the predetermined people will win and ALSO match ship types, then the ship types takes a backseat. You super-unicum people, should sometimes play the account of someone who learned on the account and so has a low win rate, you’ll find that you win the same number of times as the account, not your skill level. Try it. This is why if you learned on the account, and you are WAY better than your winrate, you should just delete your account and start over.

  20. Graf Spee was self-scuttled in ‘River Plate’, an estuary in Uruguay. It is not viable to salvage such a massive mass of rusted crap. The Captain, Lutendorf (if memory serves) shot himself, rather unnecessary, but I guess it passed for ‘honor; in his mind. I live near Melbourne Australia. Some of our parks have random military monuments in them. Near my mum’s place there is a park that has two range finders from IJN WWII ships. They should be in a proper military museum, but kids climb on em and i’m pretty sure no one knows or cares wtf they are. Obviously as a WOWS player I noticed. I think if people wanna look at some nice shallow sunken ships the place to go is Leyte gulf in Philippines where people can dive on a whole fleet of drowned IJN ships. The water is shallow and they are all accessible.

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