World of Warships – Warspite Shards Kraken

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on Shards moves out to support the team as they capture multiple points. The enemy team decides a A strat, I defend with a couple battleships in the rear. As they approach the mouth of a exit, I unfortunately ignore the obvious punish for harder targets. The game becomes a little too close for comfort, I try my best to take targets out. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Warspite Replay


  1. but i doesnt think they’re smart?


    I subscribed
    commented. x3

  3. I saw an Admiral Graf Spee last night news on her Notser?

  4. Warspite is probably my favorite mid tier (5-7) battleship. T6 has some
    great BBs in it. I love New Mexico, and Bayern is quite fun too. My other
    favorite mid tier BBs are Scharnhorst and Nagato. I can’t wait to try
    Gneisenau. For lower tier BBs (3-5), I love Wyoming. Texas is also great,
    and Konig is quite fun too. In high tiers (8-10), I’ve only player Amagi,
    Tirpitz, NorCar, and Iowa. All 4 of those ships are quite good, but holy
    hell I love Iowa.

  5. Nice map. Maybe Wargaming should experiment with night battles. where one
    only see the navigation lights and gun flashes to shoot. That will be fun!

  6. Hey Notser, your voice kinda sound like Slicks play in some way

  7. Great video

  8. Since I started to watch your content I have come from average to unicum in
    DDs. Thanks!

  9. great vid Notser, but in the future could you let everyone know when you’re
    using speed and secondary range boost flags or any others as well. I know
    the standard speed of the Warspite is only 23.5 knots, so it’s a little
    misleading when for those who aren’t already familiar with a ship when you
    state your commander’s skills but not what signal flags you’re flying.

  10. great video as always. do you think WOWS will ever come to the consoles?

  11. Ah, the soft, squishy side of Notser. Glad you posted that up, sir.

  12. i think it was pretty crappy of you not to help your teammate. in the DD
    video, you said you were working on being a better teammate >=|

  13. Hey, Notser, I’m sure you can’t speak about this but what would you think
    IF german DDs, or some future DD line, had fly-by-wire torpedos? I feel
    that would help make new lines unique, however I feel it’d be hard to

  14. Was just in a game yesterday and there was a V-25 playing, tier 3 match.
    looked like it was raining shells on BBs

  15. lol teabag

  16. hey notser. i know this is a dumb question but how do you buy a
    captian… i have a samson and i cant figure out were you go to get one

  17. from your newest bestest fan lol, you are a good player with great
    perception and with the great ability to forsee and place yourself in the
    enemys shoes to think like they do and find their best route so you can
    meet them there with a hail of rounds, this video, however, is the first to
    make me clench my stomach and shout when you didn’t help your teammate and
    kept pursuing the BBs in the islands. It’s as simple as tunnel vision and
    that’s clearly what it was. The thing is, though, everyone has encountered
    this before, firing away at their target nonstop always zoomed in. You,
    however, kept zooming out between shots and seeing your surroundings so
    it’s not really tunnel vision now is it? It’s bloodthirsty greed!!!!!!!
    Learn from this and be a better skipper next time 😉
    Love this vid, really do, 0varide

  18. 4:52 – me yelling at the screen: “PUSH THE DAMN TRIGGER!!!”

  19. Δημήτρης Βακουφτσής

    hey notser!!! Please can you tell me or anyone else if i will get my
    arpegio ships, which are 4, now or by the end of the missions???

  20. Notser, just a question but do you know if the EU servers earn less credits
    in their games as the NA servers? I have with similar damage never same
    credits as you as example? OR does it also matter as example how many
    kills,plane kills, and so on and not only pure damage?

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