World of Warships – Warspite – Still Royalty

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Been a while since I’ve played Warspite, but she’s still an awesome ship to play.


  1. warspite is waifu

  2. Adrian, MI…. I have no clue BUT the city to the North, Jackson, Michigan – Grand River Brewing Co. has plenty of Good Eats and for the drive it is worth it. Also if you are driving from Adrian to Columbus it is a MUST STOP in Toledo, OH. (you have to go through Toledo to get to Columbus) Stop in at the FAMOUS (Thanks to “Klinger” on MASH) Tony Packo’s, It is a real place to go.
    BTW, I just followed you on Twitter.. @drewarndts Holz Mechaniker – Drew If you get lost.

  3. I always smile when I get in a match against a 3-1-1 ryujo

  4. The false West Virginia will never eclipse Warspite!

  5. Amazing how well the Grand Old Lady has stood the test of time in this game. Seems no matter how the meta changes, she still soldiers on unbowed. And that original painfully slow turret traverse, that required learning the skill of “rudder aiming”, had an unexpected side benefit – when they introduced the RN BB line, and I looked at the turret traverse of the lower tier RN BB’s, I laughed out loud – it was the Warspite’s original turret traverse – I already knew full well how to play those ships! While my clanmates were carping to the high heavens about trying to get guns on target, I was merrily sailing along, kicking my rudder back and forth, and blasting everything in sight. It was just like old times.

  6. Dinosorusmechkiller

    Warspite in Azur Lane is my Shipfu, No ship is better than Warspite!

  7. Nice Slow-motion shot of the final salvo w
    Would love to see that used in future vids whenever there’s a dev strike salvo like that

  8. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Warspite and Yamato has a lot of parallelism Both are old overmatching ladies that give a run for their money to even most of the new ships

    • I can’t agree with that, though I see where you’re coming from.
      There are a bunch of ships at T6 which can overmatch things like the Warspite. At T10, what have you got that can equal the Yamato and her overmatch capabilities? Other than the Musashi at T9, nothing.

  9. I’m doing a battle of Jutland event if anyone wants to join bring some warspites XD

  10. Fought in nearly every naval theatre of war in both world wars, survived anti ship missile, bombs, torps, shells, kitchen sinks and even fought against be taken to be scrapped. The most badass ship of all time.

  11. Chicago has a ton of awesome steak places, as well as pizza. Giordanos pizza is a favorite!

    Not sure about fort wayne, but Indianapolis (2hrs south) is well worth going to (and, I happen to live there). Dayton is an easy drive from Indy as well

  12. Hey man, if you’re going to be in Erie, stop at the Maritime museum! I sailed on the Brig Niagara years ago, and she’s home-ported at the Erie maritime museum. She’s currently in winter mode(so I don’t think you’ll be allowed aboard), but you’ll be able to see the ship in her winter mode, and the museum itself is quite good.

    Sorry, I don’t know much about the local food. I don’t remember Erie’s restaurant scene being super exciting though.

  13. Food in Chicago? Lou Malnati’s. Chicago style pizza, but thin, buttery crust and a whole lot of good inside.

  14. I don’t live in the Chicago area, myself, but from the one time I did spend enough time down there to eat, I was waiting on a train to head back up to Minnesota, and my buddy and I stopped at this place called Giordano’s that serves the greatest pizza ever, I swear. If you love Chicago deep-dish, you’ll love this place. The sizes on the menus aren’t lying – a small pizza is definitely thick enough that it will fill 1-2 people, not like most places where “1-2 people” might as well mean “if you only eat salad regularly.” Very filling, very good, cannot recommend it enough!

  15. I just got this ship as part of the recent event, and hear nothing but good things about her. I cannot make this ship work lol. I don’t know, just have an abysmal win rate with this for some reason. I played BB in ranked last two seasons and did well, purple WR and everything, so I’m not just fundamentally terrible (admittedly, not a BB main). Not sure why I don’t get along with this ship. I know I hate the dispersion mixed with few guns, but that’s mid-tier BBs… I have made others work.

  16. Well done – appreciate returning to an old hand to see how she has weathered the eternal game of nerfs’n’buffs. Giulio Cesare is no surprise – if nothing else, the speed of this battle cruiser-ish battleship helps her handle up-tiers, and the reload speed alleviates the anemic guns. But hats off to your man THP in the Gallant. That is not an easy destroyer to play.

  17. Chicago – Lou Malnati’s Pizza, Portillo’s Italian beef, and chocolate cake!

  18. nice vid, atill luv my Warspite!

  19. As for eating, you’re on your own. However, the museum of Industry in Chicago is worth visiting as you can tour the only Type IX U-boat left in the world. Also, Dayton Ohio has the US Air force museum, which is massive…and free.

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