World of Warships: Warspite wins an epic comeback! 5v5 Ranked Sprint

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The 3rd season of Ranked sprint is under way and we had this magical come back victory while paying the Warspite! Thanks to the enemy Destroyer for hanging around just long enough for us. This was our 2nd big comeback in a row!


  1. I watched this one live… crazy good… 2 in a row… that guy played in your last battle didn’t he…? Man, throw to the max… GG though…??

  2. Had one good myself! 2400xp… when RNG is on Your siden the WS is pretty powerful.

  3. I’ve been playing nothing but Warspite and she in incredibly powerful in 5v5 ranked

  4. He wanted that coveted Mejash hull on his wall…

  5. Just as funny to watch here as it was live! And the one before this one was rough too…

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