World of Warships- Warspiteful

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hello guys! Today I bring you guys some highlights from my first outing in the Tier VI Premium British Warspite, I hope you all enjoy!


  1. Evangeline Anovilis

    Playing the Warspite in the traditional way of the Royal Navy, going all in? I approve.

    Also, Prinz Eugen has 12 torps, 6 per side with 68 second reload (same torps you get on all German cruisers from Königsberg to Hindenburg, except on Roon). It also has 27 mm hull armour and a heal. If it wasn’t trying to get three at once, it could actually have murdered all three of you given it can tank Warspite AP (as can be seen in the clip). It’s better to either aim for superstructure overpens, or to wait till the Eugen tries to turn, if you are in this situation. Though, when getting rushed, it would actually be best to turn away, as the torps at 2 km even a Warspite cannot dodge. Hipper is the same deal, but without repair party, but with better reload and some slight improvements elsewhere (like 40 mm lower bow for example, so even Yamato would bounce off that. But don’t try tank Yamatos in a Hipper).

    As you are playing Roon (in previous video), you should know about the torps though and the armour. Sadly, at T9, Roon has fewer opponents that only have 38 cm caliber, so the repair party is the only reason why tier for tier, it is a tankier ship (beaten by Prinz Eugen though). Roon also gets only one torp launcher (with 4 torps) per side, gets however 15 cm secondaries, because god knows why. Honestly, despite not being a bad ship, I like both Hipper and Hindenburg more than Roon. Hindenburg, I don’t know whether you have it already or not, but it finally gets 30 mm plating amidships, so it is able to tank BBs that aren’t Yamato/Musashi or Republique. Combined with almost 60k hp and good dpm, Hindenburg can pretty much wreck the likes of Montana, Conqueror and Großer Kurfürst, though for the last, it best fights Kurfürst at range, to avoid the secondaries and to abuse Kurfürst’s lacking accuracy, while the 50 mm plating is no issue for German HE.

    If I had to pick a favourite line of ships (not individual ships, just the line overall), I’d say German cruisers. Not my most played, neither my favourite premium, nor my favourite tech line ship are in it, but after Karlsruhe, there is no ship that I found to be bad. Recent Yorck buffs also should make that ship pretty strong. And even if some recent additions to the game (Republique, Worcester, Harugumo) made life harder for Hindenburg, It kind of remains a viable allrounder, imo. Definitively worth it when you reach it.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Yeah I just totally brain farted when we were rushing that Prinz, I was just surprised that he got that first set of torps off. But I should have seen that coming

  2. Warspite and QE are prretty useless.
    Guns are not as accurate as you’d wish for and the plating is so thin that you’ll melt against any HE spam.

  3. SO how about a 3 squad Lyon – 48 gun salute!

  4. yay you did good bro such a great vid

  5. Sea Lord Mountbatten im planning to buy massachusettes. This will be my only premium ship in this game so what captain skills do you recommend for this certain ship?

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