World of Warships – We finally tried BOURGOGNE in CBs

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YOU ppl have asked me many times “Flambass why don’t you try Bourgogne in clan battles?”
Well here it is peepz, for your eyes only and by your request.
Now, while I found it extremely relaxing to play BB in CB, I don’t think this would be the best choice but it was a lot of fun.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Religion of Peace… HAHAHAH

  2. LOL. Accurate description of our swedish neighbors.

  3. if we play CBs we dont speak so much ??

  4. Well yhis is a first for me….Flam plays BB in CB…OMG lol

  5. lol this is why I can’t do anything like this. I can’t take orders. When someone tells me to do something I am always inclined to do the opposite. <3

  6. From Neutral to Neutered – welcome to the New Europe.

  7. Instant thumb down, told u that freaking Bon Jovi will ends up as a heavy cruiser for nabs in beta test, but Flambino was saying its so ‘Fun’ to play
    Now we will have meta Stalingrads to radar and stop pushes and between them Bon Jovi farming He ……………. wallet as f@k

  8. This is pure skill:
    You park your clearly underpowered ( only 380s on T10 dont forget guys ) in the middle of the map and choose targets …
    With your brutal “slow” turret traverse, reload and speed of FR slug, its the most challenging type of competetive gameplay ever !!! :)))
    PS: Of course, no sarcasm involved 😛
    Greetings from Schneider @Flambass ! And Marry Christmas bro ! 😉

    • +Kristof Kolumbus yes
      It was
      Now it’s not anymore

    • +Kristof Kolumbus you wouldn’t really write that like this, especially from a scientific point of view it would be 380 seconds

    • +Kuhluh if I would in some sence mean “seconds” It would be a space between the number and the “s”. And most of you guys knows, what I ment, Sounds already like torturing me – especialy on Christmas. You really need it ?????? And especialy you Kuhluh – you knows me and my knowladge !

    • +Kristof Kolumbus that’s why I say that
      and btw, a lot of people just don’t do a space between numbers and units

    • +Kuhluh You are really tryharding to fuckup my Christmass bro !

  9. step aside Conqueror

  10. GenerationVideoGamer

    Their DD… makes me sad.

    • Just as you make me sad what should have he done there? He couldn’t exit because of the hydro and if he did he would have died also so he made the choice to wait but got flanked..

  11. This is the passive high end meta whare you wait for mistakes to punish.
    I wish there was a we secondary meta where everyone just brawled and closed distance asap.

    • Yeah because ‘brawling’ is so skillfull and suits every ship the same……

    • Marvin Westmaas skill has no relevance in fun. Try playing Bismarck now, it’s cancer, because the sigma is so bad.

    • +George Shawki The sigma is crap because it would be horrendously overpowered with decent Sigma tho… but hey these disussions never end with the statisically proven worse player admitting it’s their own fault, instead they keep blaming the game mechanics. So, enjoy your Christmas <3

  12. 4:00 When it’s not the Bourgogne, but actually The Invisible Boatmobile captained by Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

  13. Commander Nightingale

    Wow, what’s with all the angry little children in the comments? I enjoyed that throughly…

  14. What type of DD is this? 😛

  15. Nationalist political toxicity is not what I want to hear when I listen to your streams or here on YouTube.

  16. 12:19 area, “God I wish I had guns”, I know right.

  17. Is it just me or is the dispersion for the Bourgogne a little less than desired?

  18. Merry Christmas, Flambass, and to all the ‘Flambassites'(aka, followers of Flambass).

  19. Muppet at play…..

  20. Why the heck are those enemies insta repairing single fires, is this randoms?

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