World of Warships – WE MOVED!

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Why are you still here? Just to suffer? Every night, you can feel Developer Diaries… and Map Tactics… even Bad Advice. The Naval Legends You’ve lost… the Dasha Updates You’ve lost… won’t stop hurting… It’s like they’re all still there, but on a different Global Channel. You feel it, too, don’t you?


  1. What??

  2. The fluffy bear gaming

    Though why do the russians get more sea smackdowns?look at the english one’s episode number carefuly.

  3. abdessamad querrouche

    Man world of tank is the best

  4. Nonilyn Moleño

    WG add human animation in every game!

    Wee need a server for 18+ costumers that want detailed fights.

  5. Okay, that description cracked me up and gave me a good chuckle. It was that description! That’s what we were still here for!

  6. so…. where is this new chanel?
    oh, my bad, was already subed to the other one.

  7. We better still have Dasha!

  8. therandomnessisreal

    The description is nice

  9. Oleg is a wide boi. Almost as wide as Kylo Ren.

  10. i was happy for a moment thinking a global world of warships share all regions

  11. It would have been really smart, and the natural thing to do, to post a link to that channel or maybe at least just once actually spelling out its name.
    You guys really need an editor to spot these things.

  12. Mom says it’s my turn on the xbox

  13. He looks like Nicolas the 2nd

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