World of Warships – WE SUMMONED 2 BROTHERS

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After 6 hours of playing WoWS and hoping we would get 2 at least once so we can troll in the middle we finally got it, it took the prayers, my whole chat spam 2 brothers for 10 mins, SPESHUL on the screen and God knows what else.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. VooDoo magic I tell ya 😉

    • Flambass oh don’t let that be heard by your favourite Catholic priest!

    • I heard you guys trying to come up with a name that went along the lines of ‘toxic’ and ‘cancer’ without being those words. A name just came to me randomly, ‘Chemo Therapy’, feel free to use it or any variation you think of, or not.

    • you guys have a great communication, i’ve been playing this game solo since CBT, i’d love to play in a proper division , but unfortunately my friends don’t like this game 🙁 great video Flambass 🙂

  2. When is anything you do not part voodoo magic, Flambass?! LOL!!! Keep it up, man! The Tank Commander

  3. Two Brothers is simply the best map. Period. Edit: That Flippos_Invader at ~6 mins LUL.

  4. I came for mid rush.

    I am not disappointed 🙂

  5. expecting an alaska vid in like another couple hours btw 😛

  6. Do not try this at home. Requires skill levels over 9000.

  7. Yo, my PC died some days ago, and as I can play to WoWs I just watch all your videos, Flambass. Man, I miss playing to this game so much.

  8. This *never* gets old lol

  9. Yesterday my clanmates and I went middle with Worcester, Moskva & Hidenburg. Enemy was so occupied trying to kill us that all our team had time to go around and kill them lol

  10. 11:15, he reported bcoz he claimed for air cover and never get.
    I have seen that a lot of times since 8.0:
    Many players just don’t have understood yet then air cover no longer exists with new cv rework.
    They still think by begging for air support, u can intercept enemy bombers.
    But u can’t !
    The best cv can do now it’s wisely put his fighters upon dd inside cap in early game but that’s all… cv fighters are nearly useless (wich is a none sense, imagining AA is the best asset to counter enemy bombers is the most absurd concept of 8.0. Irl, AA is mostly a nuisance to prevent enemy bombers to do too easy dropping — except on rare CL-AA, but that’s the exception —, not the optimal counter-mesure… like WG doesn’t get that memo it seems, cv are nearly useless about air superiority or air cover, wich is a complete none-sense)

    And it seems many just don’t get it, blame cv for no air support have no sens since 8.0.
    Thx to WG and their aweful broken rework of cv gameplay ?

    • Agreed, the rage isn’t towards friendly CVs but to wargaming’s decision to make cv fighters a goofy consumable which is as useful as sugar in seawater

  11. Flambass + two brothers?

    That’s all you have to say brodda!

  12. I thought we’re having fun with hans but this is OK

  13. When you need it but do not want it Two Brothers will come, but when you want it but no longer need it, Two Brothers will go…..just like Nanny Mcphee

  14. watching this reminds me why i havnt played since update 0.8.0, CV cancer is real and sadly i wont play WoWs again, shame as i loved the game 🙁

  15. Amusing, but reminds we why I stopped playing WoWS after the new aircraft carrier update dropped. The game just didn’t look fun for anyone else.

  16. Went down the channel in a Ranger a few days ago… I suck at CV’s, but managed to get a secondary kill while in the enemy cap 😉

  17. You do know you kinda started the whole “going middle virus” again Flambass. I had 4 games in the last 3 days i which some random joker wrote “let´s do the Flambass”, went middle, died in 30 seconds and left us with 1-3 ships short.

  18. Hey. Since going mid is so easy for you, how about you can only do it stern first. Just back up through the gap honking the horn as you go. See ya next vid.

  19. Every time on EU I get this map, I look for you in line up.

  20. CV play is dumbed down and boring. Watching CV play is boring. Playing in a match with no CV’s is fun. Playing a match with CV’s makes you want to close the game and play War Thunder.

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