World of Warships – Weather

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We discuss weather and what I’d like to see implemented in the future. Talk about visual changes and also gameplay changes to the game. I let everyone know what I’d like to see from the weather system and also include things like night cycles. The game in the background is the Hiryu on Land of Fire. I try my best to support the friendly push toward the enemy base. Hope you enjoy the discussion and have a fantastic day!

Tier VII Japanese Aircraft Carrier Hiryu Replay


  1. I can just hear it now, all the people complaining that long weather
    sessions make the pc they have shit itself. Anything for people to QQ
    about. Personally I would love hunting BBs at knife fighting range at night
    in a DD. really bring out the “Oh shit!” factor when next thing ya know a
    BB is 1k or less away from you

  2. SheepWaveMeByeBye

    If visibility changes break game balance then islands are OP. Islands
    change visibility all the time. Pls nerf islands WG. Delete all maps and
    only let us play Ocean Map from now on.

    not srs.

  3. As long as the Cyclone (why’d they name it Cyclone of all names) doesn’t
    happen often in every map (like say 10% of it happening), I’m cool with
    that. I don’t want to see Cyclones happening every damn game that’d be

  4. Notser : does War Gaming have the Server capacity to handle weather during
    the entire match,, night time where U
    have all the flashes and stuff. that’s a lot of graphics data to add to the
    data packets being sent back and forth from the server. all the big name
    AAA games I remember that had big time weather were installed off of a DVD
    to your computer
    and U played them off-line. I wish games would go back to that but that’s
    only a one time sell with no in game purchases. so I guess DVD / off-line
    games is going the way of the trash can. bummer

  5. BT-7 Made from 5% Stalinium

    I actually like the Weather. I mean, it’s fun to use them as a concealment.
    but the bad thing is that you sail blindly. next thing you know, you said
    to 5 enemy ship in front of you

  6. In WWII the US lost 3 destroyers due to capsizing in bad weather.

  7. It just looks odd when there is a storm and the water is calm.

  8. I would love to see more weather effects,not just rain for a few moments
    then it is gone,but last most of the match. Maybe add rolling waves to the
    game to where your ship rolls up and over the waves,it would add more
    difficulty,and make it more realistic. I agree with you Notser add more
    weather effects,and you would not need as many maps.

  9. The limited visibility isn’t that great by itself. I like that they’re
    brainstorming for such ideas, but it’s current situation isn’t good.
    I think they did something much more enjoyable in Steel Ocean, with their
    Night Battles. In which you get to fire a Starshell flare to spot a
    circular area underneath for a time, being able to keep one flare going at
    any one time per ship. I thought it was great, mixed with the limited
    visibility range, since it also added another facet of player
    skill/intuition to those matches.

  10. night time would be hated but how about an solar eclipse something that is
    there for 5 min or so

  11. As a kiwi Noster its always a good time to discuss the weather. We get
    weather updates 3-4 times in the evening prime time news hour.

  12. Good Info. Night time combat on Ocean. Sweet Keep them coming.

  13. gg!
    re weather you are talking about the video game phenomenon of immersive
    experience which let’s face it depends as heavily on the player (as you
    alluded to) as it does the game. I would submit that WoWS having
    raindrops/snowflakes/ice crystals smeared on your UI screen, combined with
    a howling winds audio overlay, combined with a visual of seas raging your
    ship up and down would, throughout a match, immeasurably add to that
    immersive feeling; also (and as you said this is important) that these
    overlays should in no way (initially) interfere with a player’s already
    hard-earned and hard-learned lessons in aiming/anticipating/wasding
    ekcetra. (After all, WWII aiming mechanisms allowed for tossing and
    pitching and so on.) There should still be some nice weather of course
    because it’s immersive too. Speaking of immersive: some of my favorite WoWS
    YouTubers never say a word in their videos but let the built-in music play
    and that in itself is an immersive experience for example after a big hit
    on your ship and all you can hear for a few seconds is your erm… I mean
    the soundtrack’s… heartbeat ; p
    ps an afterthought: just as a player can now turn down the music perhaps
    they should be able to turn down weather effects? or would that be going
    being immersive to unfair hmm…

  14. MeKanism Lastname

    Notser’s weather channel

  15. lol, notser you can really improve your cv game play, great ideas though

  16. FaithfulScrubHD

    Notser, how do you select multiple squadrons without highlighting the
    actual planes with your mouse. I saw you selecting multiple squadrons in
    the hot bar without moving your mouse.

  17. This is an idea dump. Didn’t really think any of these idea through in
    terms of balance.

    -Winter weather would slow smaller ships down while larger ships move at
    the same speed. (breaking the ice, ya’know)
    -Rainy/windy weather would cause waves and make rudder changes a bit slower.
    -Sunny weather would be normal
    -Night time battles are interesting.
    -Perhaps if only ships that are not DD gain a detection buff (increase
    concealment rating) during night battles
    -Maybe having AA on during night battles negates the detection buff by 50%
    if the AA is firing on aircraft.
    -Spotter planes could be swapped out for Night recon planes (maybe this
    could work if 1 map was always a night battle.)
    -Maybe some parts of a map would be whirlpools where turning in 1 direction
    would be faster while the opposite would be slower.
    -Maybe small to medium waves could move through a map in random intervals ,
    getting hit by 1 would be like getting rammed by a friendly ship but
    without the damage.

  18. two brothers idea – NO – it would encourage base camping, the bane of
    trying to push on either flank

  19. They should add localized weather effects that heavily affect planes
    effectivness it will be cool

  20. Texas!!!!

  21. Gareth Fairclough

    I just had a thought. Regarding the soviet cruisers not liking the vision
    debuffs, how’s about an “awww shit!” buff to them, where reload times are
    reduced or something, by X%? Sort of modelling how a crew might reassign
    people to do other things than they normally would based upon changing

  22. Gareth Fairclough

    What I think would work, is a warning at the start, saying what the weather
    is likely to be. I.e. “Weather should be fine”. That warning will basically
    tell you what the weather is biased towards, with the odd exception. I.e.
    if it says “Weather should be clear” then it will be mostly clear, with the
    odd rain shower. If it says “Weather will be fairly poor” then it will be
    hazy, with some short periods of clear sun between periods of cloud and
    other periods of rain. Or maybe just “CYCLONE INCOMING OMFGWTFBBQ WE ALL
    GONNA DIE!” 😛

    But no really. variety will be good. Just tell the players what the weather
    spread “centre point” will be.

  23. What I would like to see for night battles is a large detection range
    reduction, like 50%. However, a ship could turn on its search lights which
    will restore its ability to see vessels, but it will lose the camo it is
    recieving from the night time.

  24. I want a thunder storm, with high rolling waves where visibility is poor,
    and lines of sight sometimes disappears to high waves

  25. I’m one of those working guys, who can only play occasionally. I’d like to
    see better PVE and +1/-1 on the match maker. I certainly agree with you,
    though. Every game should be a good game.

  26. Brian Lock (神通)

    Ship don’t just sail around lavar…..

  27. I would love to see ice burgs moving in some of these maps. I am not so
    sure about night time. So Notser if how would warships work if it was on
    something like Warthunder? With a module type damage model vs a health pool
    like this has?

  28. USSEnterpriseA1701

    Hey Notser, CaptHarlock222 here. I suggested random weather at random
    intervals when sending feedback for the public test of 0.5.5. I also
    suggested wave action if possible, my thought was that waves would disrupt
    accuracy for guns and torps. I remember the account of one of the pilots
    who torpedoed the Bismark. He mentioned that his rear gunner was hanging
    completely out of the plane spotting the pattern of the waves trying to get
    a drop in the trough so as to not send the torpedo wildly off course. I
    will also admit that I have this fantastic mental image of some of the
    battlecruisers/fast battleships crashing through waves at top speed and it
    looks awesome. 😉 The only thing that bothers me about the bad weather is
    that planes are still flying, but I understand why this is the case. I
    personally don’t play CVs because I don’t enjoy the micro-managing that
    goes with them, but I do understand that sitting in a useless boat during a
    match is no fun. I would be fine with purely superficial weather if need
    be, but I would prefer some quasi-realistic effects/debuffs. I think that a
    random change in strategy every so often adds flavor to the game. As a side
    note I don’t have any personal experience on the ocean, but I do live in
    the heart of Tornado Alley, and I have seen some pretty radical weather and
    it doesn’t take loads of imagination to visualize that kind of weather with
    waves of water rather than the ocean of grass.

  29. Agreed! Every time I get that map there’s someone who swears, “Battleships
    aren’t penalized for the weather more than dds” which is obviously false.
    As a bb player it’s quite annoying. I’d like to be able to opt out of that

  30. Great thoughts, I would really like to have a lot of different wearthers,
    especially during the entire battle, not only at the beginning. But weather
    should be impactful, otherwise it’s boring. Also I would like to see moving
    iceberg on Islands of Ice, at least some.

  31. Like Jonas said below the Hiryu survived first strike by divebombers
    because of a squall. Same thing when the japanese struck back. Enterprise
    was in squall and unspotted. Ships in clouds cant be seen from the air.
    Thats an easy effect to code for just like regular spotting check. The wave
    action in storms would account for a higher roll up and down so if in
    trough then range down and if you are at the top of a 100 ft wave then you
    range should be longer. Ha. And night fights. with search lights?? First
    battle of Savo Island was in the dark. The ijn kicked the us fleets ass.
    The second battle of guadalcanal on november 13 was also at night and was
    awesome fight. Years ago Microprose made a line of ship games that featured
    night fights. Ships were pretty and fire effects were awesome. So I really
    hope that these are added.

  32. I’ve said this before but my only complaint about the weather is there
    isn’t enough of it, the map north is really hard to get and the into
    sequences don’t last long enough.

  33. gj! gg!

  34. I love cyclones

  35. Steve Kanakanui

    it was snowing in one of my battles last night

  36. In Berlin guys! :D

  37. Jonas Drøjdahl

    When I heard gameplay affecting weather was incoming, I expected it to be
    something like moving rain squalls that would be like smoke screens or
    something like that (Hiryu survived the first strike at Midway exactly
    because she ducked into a rain squall). I can see why some might not like
    it as it is an introduction of another RNG matter (OMG that DD just had a
    rain squall all the way to our cap), but it would be visible to all and
    would probably require some tactical decisionmaking and compromises most of
    the time.
    Personally I like the cyclone effect, but it is true that some ships
    benefit or suffer less.

    Regarding the shallow water, there used to be that long before I joined in
    Beta. Apparently it was all too common for people to just run aground in
    other ship classes, so it was removed again. Maybe it was the wrong
    decision, but at least they have tried it and found it to be too disruptive
    to gameplay in a negative way.

  38. Richard Heijden

    To bad weather changes Detection range so much. When hunting ships is dont
    want to be looking for a battleship. Hard enough to find a DD. There is no
    more intel about ships. Waiting for the battle where both team go round the
    map to cap first one wins.

  39. DCS world has dynamic weather and day/night cycles… Landing a plane at
    night in a storm where you cannot see a damn thing and landing totally on
    instruments is hair raising but fun… Of course, a totally different game
    and concept but another example where weather effects, but doesn’t change
    core principles of the game.

    It would be great to see this sort of game play mechanic introduced in the

  40. Damazy Podsiadło

    Piece of advice from me: you are talking about lot of things in this video,
    but not exactly about current weather patterns. I understand this is
    because you aimed to talk for the duration of the video in the background,
    but still – it is 15 minutes long, and not very informative, and this
    pieces of information you did share are among other trivia. Not
    informative, bad Notser. At least its mine feedback for today.

    Still a fan, hope it helps, even if you disagree in some sorts 😉 Take care
    Notser, I watch your videos daily, and they are mine breaks from work
    (working from home currently), keep it up. And I’m writing it cause I
    mainly wright with questions or critic, so here it is: I enjoy your work,
    just not this piece 😉

    PS: any word about German BBs or other new tech lines of ships, anyone?

  41. I think we should have a choice of whether or not you get weather, as not
    everyone has a great PC. I was looking forward to 0.5.5 for fast loading
    times, but the weather system has just made my loading times worse. Every
    single battle, I now start late, whereas before, if I’d already been on a
    map, it would load pretty quickly. Now, it doesn’t matter if I get the same
    map twice in a row, it still loads me in super late

  42. A couple of points: Saying the lack of visibility adversely affects certain
    classes of ship is to also say conversely that full visibility adversely
    affects different classes of ships…

    Also Night battles. Yes: With controllable
    Spotlights/Searchlights. (Example: Second Navel Battle of Guadalcanal)

    Rain putting out fire is complete B.S. This is not a forest fire we’re
    talking about. Most of the fires are internal (i.e. raging inside the
    ship), and fueled by things like oil, fuel, ammunition, etc. Rain should
    not affect fire duration at all.

  43. All good ideas Notser. I especially like “localized weather events” and
    “nightime”. IMO, the frequency of these events should match reality, within
    the confines of it being a game.

  44. You had me right up until your lava idea lol. It doesn’t look like you use
    Aslain’s Notser but an Always On Weather mod has just been added :)

  45. How about a convoy game mode where one team escorts a transport or a supply
    ship fleet to an island and the other team has to destroy that fleet,
    similar to the real convoy escorts that were such a huge factor of the
    game, also I agree with you on the nighttime setting, however instead of
    pitch black sky they have a bunch of stars out (pretty to look at)

  46. Slow moving squalls would be good if they were say 2×2 grid squares.

  47. I agree with you about variety of weather. The moving icebergs is good. If
    they had ice shoals that reached out that would adds lots of variety
    inhibiting ship and torp lanes. Tides would be another option where a map
    may have a higher or lower water level changing the ability to torp or
    shoot over islands. Obviously the level would have to be a dramatic change.
    This could be like weather that happens during the match or at the onset.
    Tides could also be the effect of current that would alter ship speed.There
    could a burmuda triangle effect that would cause flooding damage. Not sure
    how to implement that but it’s an idea…There could also be pancake ice
    flows that would inhibit speed, DDs could be more affected by this causing
    them to skirt around the pan ice to not suffer penalties.
    I think one of the issues WG has to deal with and they made mention of it
    recently is that they do limit some effects due to the player base computer
    abilities. I think russian players typically don’t have very up to date
    systems. I can see this being the biggest impediment to adding details to
    the game aside from WG not staffing enough people.

  48. how about bad weather can’t launch planes hahaha

  49. I would like to see shore batteries that when you capture a point then that
    will activate the shore batteries for a limited time to engage targets near

  50. You just know if weather adversely affects specific ships they will no
    doubt start a “per match” adjustment variable that compensates those ships
    instead of no further devlopment on weather. .. .

  51. 1. Total night time
    2. Add in Guadalcanal/Savo Island
    3. ???
    4. Profit

  52. Notser – I’m on the fence concerning the effects of weather. But, you said
    it yourself – very few game designers touch weather – and your dispute with
    it effecting gameplay is perhaps the primary reason. Just having a squall
    or rainstorm with no ill effects and only a visual change seems like a
    waste of resources in development. My problem with people such as yourself
    coming to such a quick conclusion is that it doesn’t give people time to
    work on changing their playstyle, and simply defaults to the idea of what I
    call “the safe zone” of gaming – minimal impact on changing the game.

  53. Great we have weather. Now if we could make the lag go away. Its gotten
    much worse lately. I am at the point that after a game or two, I go play
    something else.

  54. some great thoughts, which should start a great discussion…well done

  55. Great suggestions Notser. I like em. Fingers crossed. Not sure where I
    stand on cyclone visibility. WG wont give me a cyclone game 🙁
    Also I just majorly got into Overwatch. Wouldn’t mind a few video from you
    on it. You can maybe try it out to see audience overlap or just plain get
    more viewers.

  56. *Notser yhea rain doesn’t help but it would be nice to take out fire!

  57. I want the night battle, I meant complete darkness but ofc the detection is
    same as normal game. I just want to see the AA barrage in the night sky

  58. i still like the idea of having rain put out fires on deck. something like
    having a roving or stationary rain squall where you can sail into and put
    out fires, and maybe hide from CV planes (this did happen quite often in

  59. Notser…just no. wrong on so many levels. What is needed is a map like
    ocean with a giant circle. every 2 minutes the circle shrinks and if your
    ship isnt inside of it you sink. eliminate the cowards in the game.

  60. Storm effects that cause ships to have handling problems (IE: slow them
    down due to wave action, influence shooting because of gale force winds)
    would be interesting. Not sure they’d ever do that. However, as a former
    sub sailor, we were caught in a major Noreaster in the North Atlantic that
    sucked us up from 150′ to where our sail was out of the water. 35 degree
    lists from port to starboard…was…nasty. Wave height was 100′ or more.
    They covered our #1 scope when the crashed down on us. The old man said
    he’d never seen the sea this angry in his 25 years of sea duty. Now if WG
    could do something like that! 🙂 Hehe..players might get sea sick while
    sitting in on the scope aiming. lol

  61. war with hakuryu

  62. fire time reduction when raining and night battles would be amazing, as
    long as they give you info about the incoming rainstorm or something

  63. magicGfinger Grant

    oh please, the Atlanta is the ship i do best in, 13k gun range and 7.1k AA
    is amazing for what you should be playing like an oversize destroyer, if
    they buffed it any further it would be OP, the only reason it has such a
    low win rate as a ship is because people payed $30 for it and cry when they
    dont know how to get there monies worth out of it, I sucked at first as
    well but after a while i never had a game where i made less that 250.000
    credits a match, not counting if i disconnected due to Talk Talk’s shitty

    I recommend watching the “How to Atlanta” video by atsf. its realy funny
    and extremity helpful for how to play this ship.

  64. Ömer Bekcioglu

    waves still calm even on storm, ships are moving like on calm sea…even
    iowas shakin on ocean waves in real, they could increase wind sound effect.
    They should make nightmaps like trident more darker

  65. speaking of going through the center of two brothers, had a game with a
    Yamato pushing by himself. when we couldn’t dissuade him, the team decided
    to push the flank quickly and aggressively. it actually caused the
    opponent’s team to collapse!

    I like your ideas in this video! even for aesthetic reasons, it would be
    great to have weather through out the game.

  66. Ultimate Shifter

    you said they’re going to buff late US Battleships, the NC, Iowa, Montana,
    are they going to buff their main battery accuracy/lower dispersion? I
    wonder why WG didn’t do that in the very beginnning

  67. icy water would be interesting…

  68. By the way. Naval Action has a nice weather system during battles, with
    huge waves :-)

  69. Agree a lot with you Notser. Though I think there should always be a margin
    for ships that require more of a challenge and thus skill. This may make
    them more rare, but personally I love to play ships that are less used and
    require certain skills ;-). The rewared can be so enormously joyful.
    So basically the factor that should always have some room, but simply is
    also very hard to predict, is the players personal style of play, or even
    character. ;-).

  70. Why do Hirju get 2 extra squadrons and 4 Torps/planes vs 3 on Saipan ?
    Better planes in Saipan is not good enuff compensation.

  71. The island does look like a mitten! lol . Ocean is the map I most want to
    see some weather effects on.I am not sure why they picked North over Ocean
    for the cyclone.
    I disagree about changing Two Brothers, I see success and failures on the
    middle push. Players have figured out when is a good time to run the
    channel or not as compared to when the map was new.
    I think It still adds a strategic option to a map that plays great.

  72. Love the night suggestion!

  73. I still wish WG will let us choose what map we want to play

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