World of warships – Weekend Teams

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This rly makes me wonder, just how far can it go, just how bad can be?


  1. Love the latest adaptation of Purple Rain, by Flambass 😀

  2. Oh man, nice, nice, nice!!!

  3. When I commented I had not watched the end.

    I laughed so much when Z capped C. LOLOLOL “Now hes dead” they say. LOLOLOL

  4. Stayed for the singing. XD

  5. Shit like this (an entire team of clueless, headless chickens) is what’s driven me away from playing the game.

  6. Great Performance keep it going.:)

  7. all i can say is well done to you and that Benson! <3

  8. what is it that flamu says potatoes gonna potato

  9. Weekend teams are cancer

  10. That Bismarck. ..
    pink ….Survival expert. ….last in line. ……..

    Sometimes i want to shoot my self. ….. for being a human

  11. “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some are dragged, kicking and screaming to victory by Flambass”
    I also appreciate you screaming your battlecry into the sky after that minotaur kill hahah made the whole video 😀

  12. This one had me in tears I was laughing so much….lol

  13. Welcone to the meta wargaming intended

  14. This boys n girls is the perfect example of why advancements in medical science is not all good. We stopped nature and evolution from doing it’s thing :p

  15. PAPIEREN!!! Imagine the horror of Flambass charging you, madness in the eyes and ready to bash in your head with a keyboard. This alone should be reason enough not to potate…

  16. ALL WoWs replays need elevator Music for the first 2 minutes….

  17. the best thing was the german Bismarck Pinktard was also making racist commentary in chat.

  18. Speshul!!!!!!

  19. Great carry there

  20. it’s only game, why you heff to be mad? 😛

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