World of Warships – Weekend Warrior

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This weekend I played Battleships for the first time in forever, and unlocked the mighty on Saturday morning. I noticed I had a mission, it seemed fairly simple – win two games. That shouldn’t take long…

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. ha fuso worst ship yea right I dare you jingles to try a stock Colorado

  2. Wow so early to bad its 10:36 in Australia

  3. seems my comments are invisible for the uploader….

  4. To be fair Jingles, your aim is off… Often your are a couple of degrees
    too high or to much to the side.
    That being said, weekends are turning into small nightmares in WoWS, it is
    good (because it means more people are playing), but quit infuriating from
    time to time :P

  5. Saipans dive bomber squadron have 9 planes in it, Jingles. Each HE bomb
    does 5k or so damage no mater what they hit, and since you are a giant
    target, out of 7-9 bombs dropped at you a lot will hit, so yeah…

  6. 15:20: It’s the Saipan, Jingles. It only has one divebomber squadron and
    it’s fighter and torpedo bomber squadrons are only 3 planes each, but it’s
    divebombers are in a freakin’ *8*-plane squadron, 9 with the skill. And the
    planes it uses are the same planes that the *Midway* gets stock, including
    the divebombers with 1000-pound bombs – the ones that regular USN carriers
    only get with IIRC the upgraded divebombers at tier 8.

    So yeah, that was basically a 150%-strenght squadron of tier 10 US
    divebombers. That’s gonna leave a mark even on a battleship if they land a
    good drop.

  7. You where perfectl aligned for the divebomber strive, so not such a big

    And: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS equip premium repair!

  8. Ayano “Akari Mizunashi Furutaka” Sugiura

    would be fun to see the Ise class added
    basically upgraded Fuso with a better turret arrangement
    and a flight deck to boot
    would be a fun tier 6-7 premium

  9. I love Battleships. It just seems like things aren’t going your way at all
    Jingles. The satisfaction you can get from deleting someone from the game
    in a Battleship is something I hope you get to experience more often.

  10. LOL, don’t play world of tanks or world of warships from Friday night to
    Tuesday morning, idiots are us on weekend and jez are they bad. Monday
    think was worst I seen. Only won about 2% of all my games all night.

  11. Droid Control Ship

    Also Jesus Jingles, 88 ships?, How many of those did you have to actually

  12. How do over penetrations work? The phrase “over penetrate” seems to me like
    it derps the living hell out of a ship

  13. Just curious, Jingles: you do have the dispersion reduction equipment,
    right? The Aim…something? I love my Fuso to bits, mainly because it
    actually provides reliable results at -12km. If a broadside cruiser comes
    along and you have all your guns available, providing your aim is good,
    that is a Devastating Strike and a happy grin on your face for the next
    five minutes. The New Mexico can sometimes give comparable results at
    closer range, but the Fuso is peerless.

    Also, it’s worth noting that a properly outfitted Fuso has surprisingly
    excellent AA. ;)

  14. anymore I try to stay away from WoWs on the weekends–I have Atlantic Fleet
    and Hearts of Iron IV to satisfy my military gaming desires in that
    timeframe (and Wargame: Red Dragon, which I’m hilariously bad at).

  15. Anyone else notice that Jingles doesn’t zoom back in to see where his shots
    land? Very rarely did he do that in this video.

  16. Saipan totally balanced – WG

  17. jeez i just can’t get into this slow playing game… i don’t understand the
    strategy involved except get behind an island

    can someone explain how you dodge and hiding mechanics

  18. You guys on the EU server really play your ships like tanks in WOT. So hate
    watching BBs play on the EU server for that reason. Instead of stopping and
    backing up and so forth, angle in on the attack so all your turrets can
    fire, then do a 90 degree turn or a full 180 depending on situation and
    angle, widening the distance, while having all your turrets able to fire.
    Repeat as needed. The Emperor spend a lot of yens to get the ship as fast
    as she can be, use that engine, and rudder, and all those turrets!! And BBs
    complain DDs are over powered, meanwhile they make it easier for them

  19. The reason the Saipan did so much damage to you with one DB strike, is even
    if she’s Tier 7, she has Tier 9 aircraft, with 1,000lb bombs (i think)

  20. Ah, I expected “Weekend Warrior” from Iron Maiden as intro song. Too bad.
    Nevertheless, funny and great video, your highness!

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