World of Warships Weekly – 02/08

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  1. Any idea if there will be a USS Olympia cruiser added to the game?

  2. Its a german ship…. is it a battleship? t9 premium 750k exp? perhaps another h39 class or maybe even a h41 ? (im no pro just did some minor looking into) maybe its german battlecruiser like a Derfflinger?

    • Francisco DeTonne

      Do you have the time stamp for that?
      Or you mean the ship in their wallpaper? That is probably Scharnhorst.

    • a time stamp for what? i mean the one in the background that is talked about as not being the scharnhorst, though at some point in the video i remembered hearing them confirm its german i also could have misheard and am just taking a shot in the dark since the resolution is crap.

  3. Why does it look like Scharnhorst?

  4. Agreed about historical camouflage, I would pay for historical permanent camo

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