World of Warships Weekly – 09/08

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  1. Didnt even know THE mr. Conway was streaming (you too Chrysanthos haha). Finally made my Youtube stream debute! hahaha (You’ll never guess who I was)

  2. Alejandro The Gamer XDXDXDX 534

    Tier 10 crusier Brenus??

  3. The video is FUN starting with that awesome music video… Ref: Sharks vs Eagles… In nature, I do not see Eagles in the middle of the ocean fighting or defending… whatever… so Sharks except for anyone who is in the Captain’s seat of the Indianapolis (any capt who is using Indianapolis should be hung from the yard arms…) I would however defect to Eagles for a Date with Dasha. Is this possible? /grin — Semper fidelis, /ALE

  4. (CONSOLE CONSOLE)! NOOOO! ????? OK I guess I stay playing in my ? aset PC ??????

  5. What is this camouflage for Jean Bart? Please give her an alternative simplistic look like the Missouri.


  7. You should do time stamp highlights

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