World of Warships Weekly – 16/08

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Join Lumberjack and MrConway as they sail the high seas!

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  1. “We need to utilize our dev resources for what we think is most important for the game.” Sooooooo….. A T10, copy-paste, fake, Alsace class T10 premium (there weren’t supposed to be T10 premiums) was the best way of using these finite resources?
    Answer: No, it wasn’t. We want you to re-balance ships in a future patch, no fancy new gimmicky premiums, no new lines, nothing else. IJN DDs need a buff on the torpedoes; the “torpedo boats” are actually the worst at torpedoing enemy ships. USN CVs need some help before this rework, specifically the Ranger and Lexi. The conqueror is just plain stupid and needs some sort of nerf.

  2. Please, please, please World of Warships Hierarcy! Add WoW to the apps of Xbox one! You already have World of Tanks on there which I play and enjoy immensely! I love WoW on the PC but I’d love to be able to play it on my large flatscreen TV! Thanks! ?

  3. This was genuinly depressing for me. 3k damage 2nd last… ;-;

  4. I had an awkward situation lately. I was in my Izumo against a bow-in Montana. I fired an AP-salvo on the enemy battleship, and it scored 2 citadel-hits. But how is that possible? Izumo can’t overmatch Montanas nose.

  5. Oh yes the Balansgrad has such big drawbacks.. so sluggish…nicely ignoring the sigma, the ap angles and the readdition of he to the BB sized guns on a “cruiser” which has almost double the hp pool of any other cruiser it will be set against by the matchmaker. And before you come along and say “hurr durr but it’s a BATTLEcruiser”. So why’s the Scharnhorst categorized as a BB and not a cruiser? Anybody involved in testing that thing and giving the verdict it’s not OP or even worse says it needed buffs should be excluded from ever getting it. Lets see how fast they change their mind about it being OP.

    • Francisco DeTonne

      Man, I support Stalingrad being cruiser but the thing is a Tier ELEVEN, not 10
      2.65 sigma (how is this *not* a typo????)
      1 min of DAAF
      950 m/s shell velocity
      L U L

  6. I want Ark Royal

  7. Stalingrad’s sigma is ridiculous

  8. Fix radar already

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