World of Warships Weekly Kill Highlights #WoWReplays

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We saw some amazing kills this week from a variety of ships. An Arizona ending life in style with a ram, a Yorck taking on 3 DD’s and a BB, and more! Enjoy!

WoWs is a free to play game! If you haven’t already signed up for an account please use the link below to play and support this channel at the same time.

Want to send me a ? Upload them to /Upload/

**Intro Music**
-Extreme Music – Combat Ready (Epic Hybrid Rock Action)
-Switch Trailer Music – Retrograde (Aggressive Electronic Rock)

System Specs:
Intel I7-6700K @ 4.1Ghz
512Gb SSD Dedicated to Games
2 x nVidia GTX 960 in SLI Configuration
BENQ RL2460H Gaming Monitor

Want to talk to me offline? Send me an email at Justin@. Give me at least 24 hours to respond as you can imagine I get a lot of email.


  1. Hey Jammin,
    Just upload the quickest battle I have ever been in. 6:42. Yup, that how
    long it took.Where we that good or they that bad? Our team communicated and
    kicked butt! Better look before new release…

  2. what happened to the white trash music this week? did the van halen
    cassette break???? lol!!!

  3. So many double strikes! arrrhhhhh I want too

  4. nice highlight real

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