World of Warships Weekly with Crysantos & MrConway

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  1. Thanks MrConway it was a memorable battle and I had great fun torping away like crazy… Great fun, great game, great team !

  2. Since you are NOT going to eliminate EPICENTER mode, could you please make the circles in the center of the map in another color then WHITE?
    It gets confused with my own white firing range and other circles on the main screen.

  3. what happened to the Yamamoto collection on the NA? I was going to buy some containers to finish my collection, but it has been removed? can we have it back so I can finish the collection, please?

  4. You guys giving out codes this stream?

  5. Another T-X ship only game mode…..

  6. got the tier V mission in my first free box

  7. That looked so cool the trop battle.

  8. Jezz…guys I hope you change the T10 French BB….
    Like seriously…how can you think that:
    The good speed (incl Speed Booster) and the reload Booster will make up for…
    – horrible, terrible HP Pool..I mean, come on? (or am I missing any super heal or sthing?)
    – 380mm guns…not useful in any other scenario than in flanking/surprising enemies…

    Please put some more thoughts in this ship and don’t you dare to release it like this.

  9. Would it be possible to have an in game fuction that shows what specials expire when? Like a countdown list? I play the game almost every day but I’m on the webpage a handfull of times per year.   * Anniversary tokens expire in 3 Days and 12 hours. * Special mission xxx expire in 5 Days. * etc etc   Yes I lost about 100 tokens that I would have liked to gotten som flags or camos for instead.

  10. 14:32 There’s still a chance for Rear Admiral Jingles in-game!!!

  11. I feel incredibly cheated by the new update causing World of Warships and all other Wargaming games to stop working.

  12. KEN StreetFigter II

    this game is good but have very negativ thing need credits to play and repair tier 9,10 eat all credits

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