World of Warships: Weimar – New T7 German Light Cruiser

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Weimar is a German light cruiser. Lightly armored, good HE pen and overall meh. Uptiers poorly, is fine as top tier.
The ship was given to me by Wargaming.

0:00 Weimar Match
16:01 End Screen
16:59 Captain Skills & Upgrades
18:34 Weimar Armor
19:38 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 7 German light cruiser Weimar.


  1. Haven’t been this excited in a while for a premium, especially for the cost.
    Love my Neuve de Julio so this should be up my alley.

    • Does you Neuve de Julio have the turret glitch still like mine.. or have they fixed its last 3 times I played it the turrets didnt animate rotation..

    • @Demose Aries It was fixed for me a patch or two ago. NA server

  2. Remember when this thing had 5s reload in testing lmao

    • @Gundolf300 Weimar had it during testing as well. For only a short amount of time.

    • I kinda rememer, too. Which is why I initially thought “Hey, wasn’t Weimar the one that was said to be quite OP?” But after having watched a few of the current reviews, I’m rather disappointed.

    • @Ajay Prabhu My bad then. Didn’t even know Weimar was that old.

    • Early in testing it had similar or better gun stats than Mainz despite being a tier lower, only natural they had to nerf her. It’s quite funny how somebody apparently thought that was a great idea at the start.

  3. 2:33 lol @ chat. Nice to know some things are universal.

  4. A fine game, I always thought this map favored cruisers? I won’t be getting this, until I know how to get dailies for 50 ships? I like the Exeter on this map. Thanks Aerroon.

  5. Not quite an Oscar-Mayer Weinar, eh?

  6. Short version – It is YORCK with triple 6’inch main guns , speed boost and choice of fighter or spotter plane.
    WG did the same thing with turning Prinz Eugen into Mainz by merely swapping out the 8 inch main guns for 6 inch mains.

    • Артём Шепелев

      Except Yorck is better because she doesn’t rely on spotter plane to have good range, this one does. While Mainz has roughly identical range to Hipper

    • That’s actually a good point! It’s been so long since I last played Yorck.

    • Артём Шепелев

      @Aerroon Yorck is amazing! You should definitely refresh your memory on her

    • @Aerroon Yorck is Great, the AP slaps cruisers at all ranges and the 25mm plating trolls a lot of BBs if you are top tier

  7. I always found how WG does scout planes vs Fighter planes off a bit… often fighters would be launched as Interceptors with less than half tanks of fuel to give them more lift, vs scout planes that often were over laiden with fuel and could fly for hours.. the diference between the two consumables is just so small for warships..

    • Zachary Jackson

      i just find it funny how fighters are even a consumable in this game considering they dont do jack shit lol

    • @Zachary Jackson fighters kill the same amount of bombers as in the fighter squadron, regardless of its tier compared to the tier of the bombers, most people launch the fighters too late, that is why they complain the fighters do not do anything. Fighters take several seconds before being useful.

    • @VuHien2011 Even when you launch them properly you aren’t guaranteed that the planes will do anything. They might latch onto the carrier’s planes but if they recall fast enough it won’t matter that they latched on because there is a long enough window for the planes to become invulnerable and waste your fighter

    • @Joshua Walton It is not guaranteed of course. However, I would not say they are useless. They do not prevent a first strike but they can prevent a second strike.

  8. the ingame chat is so full of love, it’s moving

  9. Can you do a new commentary on Atago. How you feel about her right now

  10. Drama going on in the chat, nice to see how wargaming balanced out low tier games in a very welcoming way.

  11. Hey look that I was the sinop in that match,great video btw

  12. Purple Speckled Apple Eater

    I remember there was a time when players wanted t8, t9, and t10 ships to be isolated from t7 ships while t5, t6, and t7 ships got isolated from t4. All t7 ships if they’re going to be thrown against t9 and t10 ships need to be competitive against higher tiers. Give them the HE penetration they need.

  13. I really like the Weimar, had a couple of good games so far, I use the spotting aircraft mod and the captain skill eye in the sky or something like that as well, I have 6 scouter planes now that last for 30 sec. but you can use them again after 1 minute and 50. It’s a ship for more experienced players, but it can be quite fun 😉

  14. Strong or not, german ships look so beautiful in this game.

  15. Great review Aerroon, Weimar looks interesting. Well played!

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