World of Warships – Welcome to SPRI….wait WHAT???

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Let’s just say I opened the new ranked SPRINT season in a very SHEPSHUL way okey?
Let’s pretend this was all intentional and meant to happen? Yes? Okey, good 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching “Sprint” xD


  1. I just made rank 1 in fujin first time making rank 1 feels good man

  2. They should just rename it DD Sprint

  3. skeletaur skull night

    Who was on the live?😉

  4. Ranked should be called BB AP sticking at DDs season

  5. It had to be Guilio Cesare if you play BB at ranked.

  6. I enjoyed the Nicholas. Very versatile ship

  7. Great things always come from chat

  8. For the longest time i’ve felt that matchmaking should incorporate player win rates. That or random battles for experienced. In any case, certain players should get handicaps. Or have the option of choosing for a handicap. So as to make the game more fair towards lesser players. The man was right though, your a seal clubber when joining any tier battle.

  9. You forgot to change the gamemode? Well it happens to me, everytime. XD

  10. The Yellow Pages A to K

    You just had your very own Jingles moment. Captain Hans stikes again Papers please:P


    -Captain Flambass

  12. know whats rly bad? To forget to switch back to smoke from Mission-Fighter on my Leander for multiple games xD

  13. The same happened to us – when you invite somebody into the Division it switches from Ranked to Random

  14. Never underestimate the power of Potato guns.

  15. Way to go Jingle…….I mean Flambass!😐

  16. Patrick Joergensen

    15 matches today, only managed to get to rank 8 atm. Took 10 matches to even get a win. And before someone says “we’ll you might be the problem then” – multiple high calibers, captures, defenses and kills beg to differ.

    Every village idiot with an internet connection suddenly went online to play ranked it seems…

  17. I realized what was happening right at the start, the div can’t have 3 slots for ranked lol. I figured he was going to switch it, but he forgot lol.

  18. hehe cool 🙂

  19. Don’t know if anyone else has mentioned it, but a comment about the new medal: I would have been more appreciative to see more high level medals added. I know Solo Warrior exists but that’s next to impossible. Where’s the WoWs version of Poole’s and Kolobanov’s, for instance?

    I’ve watched, in lower tiers anyways, too many decent players get their kraken and then just relax, or farm easy damage. Maybe is there were medals for 7, 8, 9, 10 kills, especially when performed under specific situations…
    I dunno, like a medal for 4 kills, in a DD while blocking a cap. Or a medal for 6 kills while defending or taking a cap. Something to motivate players to PTFO.

  20. 6:12 in….that guy totally WANTED that torpedo….I thought for sure he avoided it, but then he slammed himself straight in to it!!!!

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