World of Warships- Well Its About Damn Time Wargaming, We’re FINALLY Getting New Unique Upgrades

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Hello guys, today we discuss the recent announcements regarding new Unique Upgrades that are finally coming to the game! Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Me when I realised sea lord isn’t actually the cheif of the mediteranian fleet. Great vid. DO THE PERTH PLS!

  2. It was 100 times easier to get 1 of each superflagg for free XP than it is to get a single red FXP booster.
    So honestly I´m not surprised that they´re starting to fill the Research Bureau with more content now.
    I bet new upgrades are really good aswell and not just some “nieche” upgrades for when you want to make your super good gunboat into a meh torpedoboat …

  3. IMO halland is primarily a torpedo boat that has good enough guns to stand against another destroyer in a duel if needed. What I think could happen is it becoming a better gunboat sacrificing torpedoes. And I know halland can be a really decent gunboat if you build into it, but it still doesn’t come to the levels of a full gunboat, whereas building into torpedo, with the faster moving and reloading torps, it has as high a damage output as any other torpedo boat. That’s why I think the unique upgrade would be to make it more of a gunboat. And also, any upgrade towards it being better at torps is gonna be ridiculous. P.s or maybe neither, and something stupid or useless along the lines of AA, ASW

    • Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

      Alternatively it could give it a super heal ir otherwise enhance it. The heal is also rather unique for the Swedish DD’s and it is what allows them to somewhat bully other DD’s and Light Cruisers who can’t heal up the damage taken.

    • Yeah same thought for me. Only thing I could imagine is something similar to unique Shima where you get an even faster reload at the cost of 180 time of the launchers and an increased chance of them being knocked out/destroyed.

    • I could see that. Alternatively, I could see something torpedo focused that gives them higher alpha maybe at the cost of reload or speed. Or both. Might not change torpedo DPM with a higher alpha with slower reload but it does mean that when you can accurately get them on target, the ship is likely screwed.

  4. Unless they change how these are obtained I actually consider this bad news personally. Locking potentially “strict upgrades” like the Yammy’s unique upgrade behind research bureau is so dumb. I remember getting my Yammy when I was new to the game and being super bummed out when I found out I couldn’t get its best upgrade (hadn’t unlocked RB yet back then). Since then I got the upgrade and the Ohio and swore off the research bureau. Now this… Hope they do the decent thing and let us get them through special combat missions but I doubt it, not when they make money off people re-grinding lines…

  5. Awww I was hoping for the schlieffen to get a unique upgrade. Better wait for another 2 years for the next batch of unique upgrades to come out

  6. So glad I have been saving coal 450K+ in the bank – I reckon Brisbane and Tromp will be coming into my life.

  7. So I am calling it right now the Unique upgrade for the Golden Leu is going to change its Airstrike for Depth charge airstrike so they finally get a chance to have ASW

  8. Hi,im looking for advice/direction in game,ive been playing around 4 weeks and play mostly tier 1 black swan and tier 4 Orion as I honestly think the Orion is much better than Iron duke,I’ve tried all ships in IJN up to Kongo,but to be honest I don’t like any of them,my preference is to shoot from max distance as long as I can,and I’m getting much better at killing other ships,but I would like to progress to tier 6 and up

    • IJN Battleships are the best for long range “sniping” game play. Below 7 IJN battleships are meh. Keep at it and I think you’ll enjoy it. Save save save every resourse you get

  9. If any of the new upgrades are any good, they’ll just be nerfed eventually, just like the old ones.

  10. Imagine they turned Nakhimov bombers into AP dive bombers with a stronk bias alpha. 17k max on one bomb but the entire squad drops four lmao

  11. Professional AntiChrist Hater

    The one for Petro will reverse the nerfs she got.

  12. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    I hope the Halland upgrade gives it perhaps a bit more durability and an enhanced heal since trading out smoke for a heal is one of the unique aspects of the Swedish DD’s. Would be more interesting than mucking about with the torpedoes, imo.

    Server: EU

  13. The problem is, you’re asuming these mods will provide straight buffs, whereas we know about 80% of the existing leg mods are pointless, or try and do quirky things that don’t fit the meta. They also tend to put these mods in slot 5, which is historically a problem because you give up concealment and a lot of the time that’s a bad trade, although I’m sure if the Petro mod goes in slot 5 there will be much delight, because that would actually help balance Petro! So I’m expecting some quirky nonsense with maybe 1 or 2 good mods in there. I could imagine Dutch getting something like ‘reduce cooldown of airstrikes at cost of main battery range’ so they can turn a cruiser into just another CV, or Elbing you could imagine ‘increase duration and size of smoke’ but it goes in slot 5. I’m expecting these mods to demonstrate that WG don’t understand how the ships or the meta are played (so exactly like most of the current legmods).

  14. only unique upgrade i took is the republic one, because fun to have a BB with cruiser reload time

  15. Nakhimov Upgrade will be like: Numbers of Planes is doubled. Planes top speed decreased by 1 knot.

  16. Unique upgrades were never an important and central issue among players . What drives the current meta are CVs, Subs and the inflation of torps in the water

  17. I had given up on getting any new leg. mods. It’s great to see quite a few ships get them.

  18. I love that Elbing is getting a new module. if it gets more DPS, then the little cruiser that is a destroyer is going go brrrrr

  19. It’s a joy to hear you try Dutch. Not least because of announcing an upgrade to the Golden Loo.

  20. VERMONT needs at least a 5 second reload buff to 35 dec.

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