World of Warships- Well, Naturally This HAD To Happen

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Hello guys, today we have a replay featuring everyone’s favorite T8 Techline German Battleship Bismarck! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. I think that first Damagecon was on 2 fires actually

  2. He had two fires on him before hitting Repair Party

  3. In real life there’s something called “swarm intelligence”.
    But when players form a division in WoWs, the intelligence-part flips into the opposite…

    • Divisions multiplies the stupidity of the players exponentially.

    • i mean, sometimes people just wanna have stupid fun in a f2p game with their friends, one of those things ya just have to live with some matches. ship composition of the division can really tell you alot there

  4. Not even 1:20 in and I’m already shaking my head in despair. How the fuso did that T-61 hit that island?

  5. Fun video. here is my “actually Jingles” bit. Admitedly this was a live reaction so it’s understandable, but the obsesive compulsive neurons in me have to point out that twice in the battle you criticised him for damaged controling singles fires but both times they were double fires he put out. There, I said it. I feel better now but know I am an arsehole for doing it! : ) Enjoyed the video! : )

  6. That W.Virginia with full HP at the end is what distilled hatred looks like in WoWs.

  7. The Voices Told Me To Again

    Its always so tragic when youre having a great game but your whole team is terrible. I did an operations yesterday, naval station newport, in the Baltimore. Had over 260k damage and more than doubled the xp of the 2nd best player. What a bad loss that was. Always happens when i use my blue eco boosts too. Always.

  8. With her anemic damage reduction… I refer to the NC as a torp magnet.

  9. Icarus torps aren’t exactly scary unless they changed something since the last time I played.

  10. Can u make a video of a starting guide to players to get to a decent tier

  11. He *did* DCP a double fire; he slapped it almost instantly on the double fire so it was only there for a split second.

  12. Hey ya’ll, it’s me, Trqitor, the replay sender. I actually didn’t think this would get featured on the channel, but to my surprise, it’s out.
    Some things to clarify about the video:
    -Was running a low point commander because I don’t have much experience with German ships nor their commanders, so I had a 13 point commander without Emergency Repair Specialist on Bismarck.
    -My erratic camera movement results from large amounts of caffeine
    -And I want to say that I did kind of throw this game as well; I feel as if I followed through my usage of hydro down in the C cap and pushed towards D, I could’ve won this game for the team.

    Thanks for the kind words down below, and thanks to Sea Lord for featuring this!

    • kingofcastlechaos

      The team that lost that match does not deserve your comment about sharing in their throw of the game. They were pathetic in the end. Warspite just sitting there made me want to puke.

    • Game of throws . They need to reward players with a container called game of throw when you loose but killed half the enemy team !

  13. Full health WV did absolutely nothing to secure the win late game. This is the kind of match that makes players perma-quit.

  14. kingofcastlechaos

    I applaud your optimism that those total morons are going to somehow figure out how to save the game in the last minutes. Full spectrum of skill on display here.

  15. I have never understood why some people play this game or why WGing refuses to level cap them in PvP modes.

  16. The Bismarck is such a beautiful ship, Well played trq.

  17. At 3:40 it was 2 fires, he had it light up with a little 2 in the flame, love the video as always Sea Lord!

  18. Short ASW plane range is WarGaming’s new way of Balancing Powerful/Popular Premium ships.

  19. And this is why if you spawn middle, you always go middle – because if your enemy does the same, then you need someone to plug the hole.

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