World of Warships – Well That Escalated Quickly

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Just exactly how many kills is it possible to get in a tier 7 Ranked Battle? Yes.

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  1. MyopicAutisticMetal

    I get the feeling this may be the Flamu game from yesterday, yeah I am even more certain this is Flamu, yes I watched this when he posted it, hilarious with your commentary!

  2. The second I finished watching Flamu’s video on this I knew Jingles would be picking it apart.

  3. People hate him because he speaks the truth and when it comes to world of warships, he is usually right.

    • Kha'Zix The Voidreaver

      Just out of curiosity, how would you try to fix a game you love but cant stand to play quietly while being robbed in broad daylight? The second you sit quiet and accept the bullshit, the same second you admit wargaming has won. I dont even know who flammu is, yet i can know he deeply cares for the game if he still plays it when he hates to play it.

    • andreas pedersen

      He is, and my views are more or less the same. Many seems to forget that he really loves the game and why he became from early on, together with Jingles, one of their most prominent CCs. He is salty as hell, honest… but fair to his viewers. And quite entertaining joining his streams. Sidenote: recommend checking out the beginning of free the brains 41 Twitch compilation where Flamu says something very essential which might make you understand why he still plays WOWS

    • He’s the QB of wows.

    • CesarinPillin Gaming

      @Michael Tanner hes an speaker, he took the job to FIND the issues and SHARE.
      He’s also a unicum and says many educative stuff and analysis of the game.

  4. I remember watching this live. Loved it

  5. Call out to the MVP for Flammu’s high scores here: The entire enemy team.

    • I knew I’d seen it already

    • I saw that on Flamus YT channel , and yes that is great acivement , but to be honest Bronze(brown) ligue is now full of shit players , ranked end in week , and anyone that have skills/time is allready in Gold ligue , so yes flamu done some seal clubbing , I would rather like too see that in Gold ligue 5 of 5 .

    • @Asterion Yeah, players down there aren’t too impressive… Nelson can also carry very easily in bronze.

    • “How many enemies did you kill?”

  6. Old man the atago, the oldest premium in the game, is also a takao class cruiser

  7. fun to watch, talented player

  8. Was watching this thinking it seemed familiar, actually thought it was the Gnome Overlord posting a battle he’d already posted before again… but then realised who it was, thought i must have missed Jingles saying who it was until we got to the end. Bloody hilarious game though!

  9. MrStrikecentral

    Are you sure this isn’t a Game of Throws? That team couldn’t have fed Flammu any better if they were his mother!

    • for that they had o be in the lead i think which they never where even close to.

    • Jingles uses that normally for when a team pisses a sure victory away and snatches defeat from the claws of victory.
      It certainly looks like at some point the enemy team didn’t care anymore. Having 1/7th of your team dead in the water and losing your only destroyer that early can have that effect.

  10. Thanks Jingles! For laughing me to sleep! Made my day.

  11. You forgot that there are 3 Takao-Class Heavy Cruisers in the game, you also have the Atago.

  12. Thomas Kositzki

    I bet this has happened less than a 1000 times in the history of WoWs.
    The stars need to align just perfectly. ^^

  13. “It’s not the first of the Takao class cruisers introduced into the game but the other two – ” – Ehm, Jingles, Atago is a thing that exists.

    • Not to mention the other Takao-class cruisers in the game actually have all 10 of the guns the class is supposed to have.

    • @Wolfeson28 Maya is a historical refit, with one 203mm turret removed for additional secondaries and AA. Look up her service history.

    • @fnglert Interesting, I never knew any of the class had been altered that way. Thanks.

  14. great game, thank for showing as I also missed it on his live stream.

  15. When he said “Lemme past” I knew it was Flamu, as he was surprised that someone listened to him in chat instead of making him ask “Is this guy even human?”

  16. Saw this one on Flamu’s feed yesterday. He was having such a good time with this match.

  17. Players who go AFK are the bane of my life when I’m playing Warships, as I’ve before I’m a console peasant but I do love the game.

    The enemy team definitely deserve a shout out for being so very obliging as to throwing their ships away. I’ve potatoed from time to time but a whole team of spuds, that’s impressive.

  18. “The enemy team definately helped” Yes sir they did, wander if they were Flamu’s buddies?

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