World of Warships – Well That Was Unexpected…

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Sometimes you get those battles where right from the start it looks pretty grim and almost immediately afterwards it looks even worse. And then somehow…

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  1. Ahhh, early morning Jingles! Best way to start a Friday!!

  2. DestinyShallPrevail

    You know you f*cked up your sleep schedule when you’re in west NA and see a jingles vid no older than 5 minutes.

  3. A tier 6 battle, with tier 7 ships……

    Nice one Jingles

  4. Even my gf, who does not speak english, is charmed by your laughter mr. Gnome Overlord Jingles. Please never change 🙏❤️

  5. 21:00 here in Sydney. A high glass of Absolut with lemonade and a bag of Doritos. Jingles pops up. Am i dreaming?

  6. Uhh Jingles he got two flesh wound medals… Never change you old gnome!

  7. Actually Jingles, Tier 5 can NEVER be mid-tier.

  8. after 7yrs of listening to your voice through many adventurers, good and bad, you still got it. Just one old warrior to another. D

  9. One of the best battles I’ve ever seen 😆

  10. Jingles saying “try not to f0k this up” is akin to anyone ever saying “watch this” or “hold my beer”

  11. First note… he did his Kraken all with secondaries only. Should get an archievement just for this. Second, there were far more T5 ships in that match than higher tiers, so live wasn’t too hard for him and he killed mostly T5’s, except the Sims and the two subs, which are not too hard targets. Nethertheless, its nice to see, what the Agincourt is meant to be used like. 🙂

  12. He got two “it’s just a fleshwound” the last one there is “coordinated attack”

  13. Speaking from the Ranked Sprints currently going on this season, I’ve seen the Agincourt do plenty of exactly this kind of thing only without the submarine threat and no CVs to turn it into an endangered species given its incredible lack of anti-air.

    It actually performs so hilariously well in close quarters and I see it so much in nearly every game I play, performing fairly well at that, that I ended up picking one up myself and found out it’s actually fairly liable to destroy over half the enemy HP pool on a regular basis in the hands of a *competent* captain.

    Well played to this man, showing what it’s capable of.

  14. Bottom tier battleship with a double strike from the grave. Very nice indeed

  15. I love these wows videos. Your voice is relaxing to listen to, and the commentary is entertaining. Thank you for the great content!!

  16. I’d argue he was in one of the better tier V’s for his situation due to the number of lightly armoured ships in that match. Secondaries for everyone!!!

  17. 3.30 The greatest “I am not stuck in open water with you. You are all stuck in open water with me !” moment

  18. The only thing that was missing was a Jingles results screen, “at no extra cost!”. Love your videos! 😆

  19. I am an uncomplicated individudal, whenever I see a new Jingles video, regardless of content, I click, I like.

  20. As someone who has played subs in order to learn how to counterplay them, yes, the U-69 has sonar, but every time you ping, you reveal your location to everyone via a white haze that appears on the surface that all can see. You can dumbfire the sonar torpedoes (and T6 subs don’t get the non-sonar torpedoes). In some situations you may not want to ping to avoid revealing your location to the enemy, doubly if you’re close.

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