World of Warships- Well, Thats A Bit Rude Wargaming

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Today I found out just how harsh WGs inactivity punishment is, enjoy!

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  1. WG don’t care why you dc’d, you are getting punished regardless because you “could” have done it on purpose and they don’t have any way to tell

    • Double CV double sub game – they punish you just in case you refuse to be cannonfodder for their “godchosen” 😀

    • ​@meganoobbg3387 it’s a shame the sub and cvs don’t notice you leave, me and 2 mates played a game called dead by daylight,

      4v1 game, we were up against a toxic enemy so 3 of us dc’d ruined that person’s game 😂

    • It’s because they can’t undo the penalty at all. About a week ago when all the servers were crashing were happening and people who were all in matches to be pink for being AKF because you know. We had complete control about being connected to the servers when the servers went down. WG refused to undo the penalty because cording to Boggzy on their own Discord. “Unfortunately that’s the reality of an online game.” I was more dumb founded by the level of ignorance/stupidity and chose to walk away from that than try and argue with stupid at that moment. They have the worst AFK system out there.

    • Then why do you even reconnect after being thrown out. I can understand you get penalised for leaving and not coming back.

    • Do it for the team

  2. I lost all credits and exp for a battle where I was using the auto route to get from one side of the map to the other in a british BB but they still said “I was not active in the game had 4kills 100000 dmg and 14 planes”

  3. Zero rewards happened to me too – Asymetrical battles my modem did a restart as the game sent me into the teams page. Took 5 minutes to get back into the game. Managed a win with 4 kills and nearly 200k damage, and still it wasn’t enough for the automated punisher. Inactivity – pink for 3 games – first offense in many months.

  4. WG’s position is no matter what it’s your fault.

  5. I always find funny how torp protection seems to work much better against shells then against torps.

    • adding on how funny it is to see a Halland raging over not even dealing half a Shikishima’s healthpool by hitting the main torpedo belt with all 10 torpedoes

  6. @marcinkwapisz7752

    I had the same. I was disconnected form the game, returned, eventually I was the best in my team and got penalized.

  7. This weekend my ISP kept randomly disconnecting me from the game, to the point that I couldn’t get through a single game without being disconnected at least once. Fortunately, I was able to get back on quickly enough to avoid the inactivity penalty, but it made playing the game a real PITA. Ended up doing a lot of coop matches, simply because I knew any other mode was just going to not just piss me off, but everyone else.

  8. Yeah, I seriously question WG’s inactive during match code. If your ISP kicks out near the start of a match and you make it back, no matter what you loose out of those resources and pink for three matches. It is like no WG employee has ever had to deal with xFinity or Cox cable…

  9. This happens to me after every update, to no fault of my own they should impose penalties like this for inappropriate behavior in chat.

  10. One of your followers asked during the game “What is a good win %age?”. If you play solo I’d say 55%. If you play in a clan and use 3 person divs I’d say 60%. If you play in a 2 person div, then I’d say 20% because of how the matchmaker sabotages 2 person divs.

  11. We really should send that EXACT wording to WG for when their servers crashed.
    I got this same BS when their client crashed (not my PC or the game) and was able to restart the client and finish the battle.

  12. Never knew they did this! This happened to me but I wasn’t punished.

  13. Hey Sealord, Can you make a tierlist video of Submarines as you did for BBs and CRs

  14. If you were a player with a WR of <45% WG would probably have comped you with a Yamato for a disconnect.

  15. This happens on a random basis. The other thing that can happens is get a penalty for leaving the game early. Your ship turns pink and you have to play 3 games in coop.

  16. It means you got reported by your teammates. Some joker broke the undersea cable between Australia and Asia which lagged me out of a few Asynchronous battles and I was reported a whole bunch. In other news, I one shot a tier7 Dutch cruiser with the Hyuga at the beginning of a match last night. Pretty funny.

  17. Reminds me in grade school as a kid, when the teacher did not know which kid was in the wrong he/she would punish us all in hopes one would squeal.

  18. I was in a battle that had just started, and the server dropped DCing the whole lobby, and it gave me a 10-game penalty.

  19. Love your channel! WG continually fks things up…. cvs and subs now in brawls, halving credits in operations, toxic randoms with cvs and subs. Sadly, one of my pleasures is watching ANY ship screwing up subs or cvs. Makes my day.

  20. There was some rule of inactivity punishment, that you had to be either 7min afk of third of match duration, idk.
    If I get sometimes DC, its mostly either my provider down or WG server kick. But sometimes game crash adds to those 2 “disconnected inactivity” reasons.

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