World of Warships- Well This Happened, AGAIN!!

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Hello guys, today we have Shadowstep back AGAIN this time in a match where the team just can’t seem to do the most simple thing, win. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. His positioning was great + a little luck but yeah, wish my team Alaska or radar cruisers could positioning like him, decently safe but still able to provide support for his team.

  2. Sea Lord, What are the best tier VIII ships for 1 v 1 brawls?

  3. always nice to win when you put you good economy flags on. looked like his 160% credit boost

  4. nice match

  5. HOW can you call this a hairs breadth? His team has the lead after 10 minutes in and never lose it. It was back and forth the prior 5 minutes. So well played to Shadow but overall a rather boring match.

  6. How about some bad games showing what should not be done?

  7. Definitely keep doing the live replays, enjoy watching them

  8. Bah, that’s not nearly worthy of a game of throws.

  9. havent played a single battle cruiser since they gave fires battleship duration.

  10. Shadowstep is built out of skill and his engines run on pure stubbornness and the blood of his enemies.

  11. Will Halsey ever be available to pick up as commander?

    • Isn’t Halsey the one you get for completing the campaign?

    • If you’re asking if he’ll be available in the Armory as a unique commander by paying coal then the answer is a firm “no”. The reason is he is still available through completing the “the Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often!” campaign which is mostly PvP only. It’s a tough one so you’ll need to be very good at PvP and dedicated to putting in quite a bit of time. By time, I mean months. Casual players don’t have a prayer of getting him.

  12. Skillful play.

  13. I PROTEST THIS! It’s disappointing/not fair for “us” when you play the same player twice. Personally I’ve sent you a “9th place of all time” for AA on the N/A server video as well as a 13th place of all time for score video, both using Oland and you choose an already shown player? Disappointed and I’ll bet that I’m not the only one. This wasn’t very good either! disappointed!!!!! Hell I had a higher score than this video “in my Oland” WTF dude! Reiterating: I’m not the only one that feels dissed here. Guaranteed! You effed up here! Click my icon here and see what you missed!

  14. Matt Geary - Transplanted!

    games like this are so rare. too many stomp matches these days. AP consistency is so maddening too – this is why people spam HE.

  15. Guess you did not get mine or ignored it.

  16. What was so special about this map? His beginning positioning put him very vulnerable to anyone paying attention in mid: luckily most of the enemy team lemminged too hard to A to reach him, but the yoshino could have been farming him from mid…but didn’t.
    The end: the moskva pushed in (why?) and didn’t know how to shoot…
    Having brain dead opponents is fun, but the real concerning bit was how lackluster the Alaska AP is against a nearly broadside, stationary battleship opponent (“Improved PEN ANGLES” – right).
    Iowa should have killed shadowstep.

    • My positioning was based on how their team positioned most of that game all the players at A couldnt hit me, I got really lucky with the iowa which is true… and yes their team threw hard I think i had a dispersion glitch on the amagi I should of relocked after the first shot…

    • @SHADOWSTEP You’re a good player, but yeah the enemy team played poorly.

  17. Love these replay videos and your commentary on them!

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