World of Warships- Well….This Is Dumb

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Hey guys! Today we take a collection of dumb choices for ships into the current brawls mode. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. Damn. Those teammates you got were some of the most passive bricks I’ve ever seen.

    WG should probably link the definition of the word brawl before you’re allowed to even click on it.

  2. I’ve been playing Tone and it’s been working out pretty well so far lol;
    Having 8.8km concealment makes it where I outspot any ship, and the ship is still fairly tanky even if it isn’t Atago levels of tanky
    The planes don’t come too much into use though so far, mostly because cruiser aa is pretty strong. But it does have some uses especially when I can force a broadside with them.

  3. After few matches, I have abandoned this mode. All my team is just hiding behind islands or sailing to the map border…

  4. I agree, brawling should never have island humpers. People dont consider the strategy of sharing damage over the HP Pool of the team. Thus saving your team mates by offering additional targets/threats

  5. Like how the guy calling you idiots in the beginning was the lowest scorer on the team.

  6. Entertaining watching. I don’t think I saw a single San Diego in these. I enjoyed these and WG only requiring 3 wins per segment is much more enjoyable.

  7. I’m wondering about fire chance for the DIff ships… been having issues where for example in my Zao I have over 200mm guns with a 20% fire chance standard. I can land 100+ shot and I’m lucky if i get 1 maybe 2 fires… I don’t understand if there’s something I’m missing or not considering. but these are pens also I don’t count the richo, or non/pens.

  8. I played a few “brawls” but every team consisted of people that refused to push and just wanted to hide behind islands.

  9. For me, the best ship to play this mode is the Edinburgh with radar, love it!

  10. I have the same problem with Brawl that you do, I play it aggressive and too many want to sit back and get the swag for being on a winning team without having to do anything for it.

  11. Talinin was using the map border bug. Border humping to prevent a lock, unless he lagged out for a bit.

  12. Hillbilly Simmer

    I only have one Tier VIII cruiser, and that is Baltimore. I have success with it because of how hard it hits with AP, but I’ve had the same problem with teammates who have a conceptual struggle with the term “brawl”.

  13. Wichita might be pretty good in this brawl imho. Sub 10 KM detection, radar and its still one the most maneuverable cruisers at the tier. It hits like Baltimore (around 90% since lack of super heavy AP) and it out maneuvers most of the cruisers in the match making, more maneuverable than San Diego, Atlanta and such.

  14. kyle pennypacker

    Believe it or not, the D7P is actually really good in this gamemode, especially if people spot the campers around islands and you just take 10K off their health.

  15. I actually found the Haarlem to be pretty good at brawls

  16. Didn’t even thing about the SD. Had great luck with Balti and Eugen. Also did well with Martel and Mainz, although they were tougher to play. I had pretty good luck with teams. I won my first 6 then lost 3, but 1 was a good game (3 kills 116K dmg). I’d say my directing my team down both flanks, most would listen and we had more good teams then bad and about 70% wins.

  17. I love these cruiser only brawls. I’ve had best luck with Congress and Cleveland (lighthouse build) but Tallinn and any USN CA is good. I guess Atago is ok but it doesn’t have enough DPM for my taste.
    Cherbourg is ok too, but some DPM ships like Cleveland will crap all over it.
    Had quite a few 100k 3 or 4 kill games with Congress and Cleve.

  18. It’s comforting, seeing you to enjoy this mostly camping brawl massacre.

    I think 5 on 5 is simply too much for brawls, but 1 vs 1 was way too challenging for my heart, lol.

    I had most fun in 2 or 3 player team based brawls.

    It seemed to be first days to be worst experience, you count defeat and wins don’t stack up that desired way.

    Cherbourg looked to be favourite ship, but with so many options at T8, there was big variety on teams.
    I sailed mostly Prinz Eugen.

    Credits are fine, but I could get some extra free captain xp (using 21pt captain) and free xp with white or green boosters, which dont hurt to loose if results end worse.

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