World of Warships- Well…..This Is Gonna Be A Sh*tshow, RIP Forums

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Hey guys! Today we talk about execution of the forums by WeeGee, enjoy!


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  1. I think they are doing it because it will safe them some money by not paying for servers to actually host the forum.

    • The servers don’t cost much, but they might save some money by taking some moderators off payroll.

    • No buddy , just go to WG forum under any their anoucment , there is a loot of tumb down and negative comments , and in past 2 years activity there have fall a loot , I remember when under article is option “discuss on forum” , now is max like 10 posts , 20 top in march , but last year some 100 , two year ago 200-300 simply people with passion give up on game and move , now there are more and more mindless drones that swallow any BS wg publish , look on it smile and swalow some more … I so sad because of that I feel that game will die in next 2-3 year , I just hope that WG will sell it before and some sain company will take over …

    • Doesn’t make sense if they’re keeping the WoT and WoWp forums. If it’s about cost then closing down WoWp forums would make more sense as there aren’t much WoWp players compared to WoWs.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      @Milliardo5might be testing the shift to Discord with WoWs since the playerbase is smaller than WoT, but far more alive than WoWp. Wouldn’t surprise me if this goes well (we’ll see about that) that we see the same move with WoT.

    • @Milliardo5 if it would be about money then its a wonder that they have WoWp still running at all…

  2. I wish they would at least let us view forums posts that were already posted. I’ve found a lot of useful advice on there.

  3. Signs of a healthy game that cares about its community, I am sure.

    • Forums aren’t popular. He’s right, they look and feel old when using them. Look, you came to this different service to complain instead of the forums. Don’t get why people care so much about something that is rarely used.

    • Community includes the players and you think all of the players are innocent, hell no, a lot of them are toxic and trolls, who bad mouth you in game chat in port and on the forums, a lot of them got new players threads locked when the player was asking a question because those people couldn’t help themselves but to argue and go offtopic, they are already in discord doing the same thing, just yesterday, trolling and being toxic isn’t feedback, it’s just that, trolling.

  4. I’m not a fan of this move, but the biggest issue is them saying “BTW we are closing the forums to new post in 3 days, and closing them completely in a few months”
    If I was making this (IMO poor decision) I’d have said “We will be closing the forums to new posts at the end of this year, but after that, we will be maintaining them as an archive”

    • Usually the lead time to closing a forum is one month. Dunno why WG just gave ALL players just 3 days. That’s too soon. Something’s up that they made that this soon. Also WG isn’t closing the WoT and WoWp forums, so this WoWs closure is suspicious…

    • Clearly they knew there would be vocal opposition to this, and wanted to limit the anti-WG posts to 3 days and not have to deal with it for 3 or more months.

    • They knew weeks or months ago that this was coming.

  5. As for everyone worried about LWM’s reviews, she has a Patreon account. I am sure she will be notifying everyone about the reviews. AND while you are there you can drop her a $ or two in appreciation for all her hard work – that so many of you rely upon and enjoy.

  6. Discord is a compliment to regular game forums. It’s a tool that players can use to set up squads/voice chats/whatever to play in game. It’s a place to post links to discussions on main forums so players can see it. I can keep going: it’s not a place to have a regular game forum

    • 100%, Im so sick of people/companies replacing Forums with Discord, as an easy example for other people, imagine them closing Reddit and putting it on Discord, does that make any sense at all? Nope ! Same idea as any other Forum anywhere else for anything.

  7. So when pigeon war left we lost the only ability we had to let them know what we really thought. They don’t listen. And now they’re removing our ability to communicate with each other. Nice try, but we will find another host

    • no dont worry about it. WarGaming said that its gonna be better on discord so it mist be true right? they wouldnt lie to us right?

  8. I don’t think Discord is a good replacement for forums, mainly because it’s build up more like a chat channel (even if you have different threads) than a forum. It’s easier to search up older posts in a forum.

  9. It’s not a sh*tshow, it’s a shipshow.

  10. only problem with google searches is you often get a lot of posts from before the captain rework which makes it kind of difficult.

  11. I’m 63 years ago. I don’t read any of that stuff. I just enjoy the game. I’m a military veteran who is drawn to these types of games.

    • Yep, I’m 75 like the game, it’s good for killing time.

    • If true that’s great. Wish my older relatives could find joy in video games too, but alas they will not even try any out.

    • Usually if you posted something there you ended up with an azz chewing by some fan boy lifer so I quit using it.

    • @Gyderian There was a time when I was fairly new, maybe a year in the game. I usually only play once or twice a week because I still have 18 months before I retire. Anyway, some young man sent me some nasty messages because I had just had a bad game. I was shocked.

  12. As someone who used the forums extensively, before deleting the game earlier this year, first of all, thanks for making me feel old. also, no, you can’t compensate the forums really as a medium, the WoWS forums, for all they were worth, were basically the place where you could have the most detailed and proper debates on ships and mechanics. If you still remember my game knowledge, Sealord, it’s mostly from having been an active forum member. And it also is the easiest to finding an old forum threat compared to Discord or Reddit.

    What I think really seals the fate of the forums though isn’t that all the young kiddies just use Discord, so all is well, it’s that if you have been on the forums long enough, you just notice how many people left of the old guard and also people who really were invested into the game to the point they feel like making high-quality posts, with LWM likely being one of the best. With Discord, you don’t get that, you get occasional advice and debate, but I will again tell you from my own experience, I friggin hate WoWS debates on Discord, because unlike the forums where I have an audience that at least was interested enough to sign up, I get whatever casual player (nothing wrong with being casual) who sees an ongoing debate and has to join with crap like “I have Thunderer, but it’s kinda bad, because it’s fragile af, the other day some GK outbrawled me” and then it devolves into whatever. There’s a reason why I am not active on WoWS discord communities anymore, except my Clan.

    • think most of the low debate quality on discord comes from the fact that discord starts you off at the newest messages. and if there are already like even just 50 messages or so no one will ever read all that and just chime in to whatever they can see without scrolling up. which also makes moderating properly harder since important messages can just vanish into the discord chat void in a few minutes

  13. It’s like WG lives in some pocket bizarro universe opposite it’s player-base. Players: CVs suck…WG: more OP p2w CVs! Players: here’s some real South American ships…WG: we’ll just wing it and totally make shit up! Players: We don’t want more passive play…WG: let’s add subs and mines! Players: complain on forums…WG: players can’t complain if there’s no forums!

  14. Does not really matter, since WG really does not listen to the community at large. I am happy to hear that LWM’s reviews will be preserved (assuming she wants them to be!). *** So I had to change pw (WG finally allows special characters in pw… yay) and that blood verification part is a complete PITA; this would be my only complaint about the process. If you are not sure what I mean, consider changing your PW and see how much fun the verification (cacha) is and I’ve been using cacha for a long time.

  15. LWM posted a farewell message on the forum. This move by WOWS is fait accompli meaning it is a done and they will not reverse their decision.

  16. We need a new navel warfare game already

  17. WG: “We want our game to appeal to all ages and skill levels.” Also WG: “We’re shutting down our forum as only older people and veteran players use it.”

    • all skill levels? This game uses shotguns with 12 second time to targets. Its a guessing game with shotguns. It moves slow and plays slower. This appeals ONLY to older players. If WoT was too much snapshooting, WoWs will be the most snore infested garbage heap to ever hold the tag of shooter.

  18. Things change and this is for the newer, younger forums. I don’t think the older players days are ever coming back and it is what it is. That said, if the older players don’t want to keep spending cash to voice their displeasure, that is ok too. We all have to learn new things. How we decide to move forward is each persons decision.

  19. Good to hear that they’re archiving the forum.

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