World of Warships- Well This Is MOST Surprising……Things Might Not Be As They Seem: Update 12.8

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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Update Intro
1:22 8th Anniversary
7:32 Airship Escort In Randoms
10:23 Dockyard
10:56 Spanish Cruisers Full Release
11:17 Battlepass
12:14 Quality Of Life Change
12:40 Secondary Changes (Russian server only originialy)


  1. I think the biggest issues is not knowing when so you ready up in a light cruiser not a brawler and you get it as the game mode.

    • Encouraging close combat ships and game mode, that favours them, but shit out of luck for light cruisers, punished. So I think their population might shrink, cause little to no one will be willing to risk it.

    • Yup 12.8 I will grind Spanish cruisers , I will strap blue bonuses I have 152 of those , but still I will be pissed of if I get Airship Escort , I have haed that mode so I did not played , and that dumb shit require brawling bb or dd , I do have G.K, Schieffen , Pommren , but I dont want to play those ships in random ! , I use those in brawl , WG have fucked up whole random game mode , 12.8 players that will take right bb will see their wr go up , and other will fall and not because of skills , but because mode reword playing brawling BB , that sucks … that is best time to quit game for me , Starfield just came out , BG3 is great , CP2077 & RDR2 are out there , I wait few weeks , get all anniversary rewords and try to sell my accout .

    • @Adam Marcinkowski all fair, but I would not brag about selling the account anywhere. Walls have ears. 😉

    • There’s always some dude filling every comment sections with malding for current state of the game with broken english / typography

  2. I wish they had left Airship Escort as a separate game mode. That way we could choose when to play it like in the past. Now it will be up to RNG when you get to play it.

  3. I enjoyed airship escort.
    Thanks for the videos Sea Lord

  4. The problem with the theory that having Airship Escort in Randoms will encourage people to use close-range ships is that the majority of game modes favour the static, passive sniping meta, especially Standard Battle. Having a 1 in 4 chance (Standard, Domination, Arms Race, Airship Escort) of getting a close-range mode means your more likely to get a sniping game so I don’t think it will shift the meta. What will actually happen is the exact same thing as Arms Race. When Arms Race was new, everyone loved it, it was a total breath of fresh air. And when it replaced Epicentre in Randoms everyone, including SLM, were excited.
    But because it just fell into the crappy meta of Randoms, the shine has gone and I bet we will have the exact same conversation in 6 months about Airship Escort; it was great as a separate game mode, but boring in Randoms.
    I’m much more keen on SLM’s idea of having a separate rotating mode. Leave Standard and Domination as Randoms game mode, and put Arms Race, Epicentre, Airship Escort and maybe even Asymmetric into a different Battle Type and either have them randomly selected or set as a “Mode of the Week” I think it’ll make the game feel a lot more varied without actually adding any variety over the current set-up.

  5. Personally I would have prefered the convoy gamemode to airship escort, but I’m all for more varied gameplay and adapting my playstyle to different gamemodes and happy that it’s here.

    • Or maybe it would have been better if both had been placed in Operations. Then you would have a choice to pick any operation or select convoy or airship.

  6. I cannot say for certain based on one update, but there is a detail in smoke update that’s interesting.

    Previously on russian devblog, update for detection increase for secondaries does not mentioned about smoke firing penalty at all. The EU devblog do, and they wouldn’t increasing secondary detection in smoke. This is a big change that a lot of people “suggested” to add, as some ships / builds that requires smoke + secondaries doesn’t get nerfed too hard

    My point is that there’s an actual changes between PTS and live servers. Maybe by doing two “different” PTS they wouldn’t be pressured to implement the exact changes for live servers and instead having options to pick-and-choose and refine changes that has been made in between both PTS servers?
    And honestly, I would take balancing updates for ships rather than one “allegedly” broken ship

  7. I like the airship mode. Although it would be nice to select it so I can make sure I have the right ship for the battle.

  8. For a moment there I had a heart attack at the secondary spotting change. Cant have my Napoli harmed man, as an Italian we already have few good ships, don’t take Napoli from us

  9. I think the big thing that was missed was that in 12.8 Brawls, the div size is the same as the total number of ships. This means that you can have fun with your clan mates or friends in a not too serious mode. Many times, with the divs capped at 3 players, you might have to exclude some players from your clan or friends. Now for certain brawl “seasons” you can have divs of 5 or 7 players. You can get a div together with everyone having a few alcoholic beverages and not care if you win or lose, so long as you are having a good time rather than having a div of 3 players and adding 1 or 2 randoms to the mix who wonder why the div players are playing with a “devil may care” attitude.

  10. Happy to have airship available, even if it is random. They need to bring back convoy escort too.

  11. I’m totally against air ship escort being pushed into random battles, and I really enjoyed playing that as a separate game mode. My reasoning is that it’s going to force people into CQB that have no idea how to do it correctly plus random pug teams are going to have to work together or lose. For anyone who plays random battles we know how that’s going to work, or not work.

  12. Look, the issue with Airship Escort in randoms is that it’s not really going to change the meta. It’s only 1 game mode that isn’t gonna happen very often, and you either gonna load up in a close quarters brawling ship and get thrown into the usual long range campy pain, or you’re gonna pick a meta ship and then be in AE where your ships doesn’t work. We need to be able to choose which ships we take for a given game mode…

  13. It’s good that escort is coming to random battle. That way u can’t just play long range kiting ships all the time

  14. Airship rescue is really fun. It should be its own mode, it’s so specialized. 1/4 chance will not be enough to drag me back to high tier randoms. Haven’t played high tier randoms in months and I am still very happy to not do so.

  15. Good anniversary event, I personally really like it.
    Good that airship escort is being added to randoms, I’ll always accept a new game mode or map.
    Looks like this update is gonna be one of the better ones of this year!

  16. I think the problem with airships coming to randoms is people not knowing it’s coming. With airships I’ll take out the GK and have fun, I generally don’t play GK in randoms if that makes any sense.

  17. A Delorean with a Hellcat engine sounds amazing! It’d be a pain to get it to fit, but it’d be super cool, and probably drive how you’d want a Delorean to drive.

  18. I think it would have been better if the two types of airships and fleet escorts were implemented as a separate category from the random battles.

  19. airship escort in randoms is very nice. Wows is very much about adapting if you play a sniper ship and get into an AE game you have to find a way to make it work. Same as we german BB mains need to 😄 not to mention horrible MM during low player times

  20. One thing I’ve noticed is that when you equip your ship for anti-aircraft, the round will be World of Submarines…should you opt for ASW, it’ll be World of Aircraft Carriers.

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