World of Warships- We’re FINALLY Getting West Virginia ’44!! Hybrid DD Halford & Jäger???

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Hey guys! Today we go over a DevBlog detailing the West Virginia ’44 along with a couple of….interesting DDs

Overmatch Wiki:
Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Video Intro
1:45 WV ’44
10:11 Halford
12:03 Jager


  1. Freedan48 Blackstar

    Sounds like the Virginia 1944, is continuation of the unofficial American secondary line. I’ll want to add to that premium line lol.

  2. I know this is about the W.V. but they really need to add the BB62 New Jersey. That ship is the most decorated and deserves a place in the line.

    • Lots of ships still need to be added: USS New Jersey, USS South Dakota, HMS Rodney…if WG will just focus on historical ships alone it would fill up many tech trees and even Premium without any problem.

    • But how to make her different then Iowa and Missouri? That is the issue

    • @When Diplomacy Fails released the same time as Red October

  3. I think it would be awesome if the West Virginia 44 was brought in via the Dockyard, with mission phases being post-12/7/1941 salvage and rebuild instead of keel up construction.

  4. Ummm West Virginia 44 looks great! I agree it’s sad it’s so slow.

  5. So many t6 and 7 games have had 3 subs recently. However, I have had more games without cvs, and games without either were more common. It may have been just me, but I was okay with it, I just used destroyers.

  6. For some reason I never seemed to have an issue fighting t6 subs. When they get above t8 I feel like they get broken. T6 seems fairly balanced though but dont get me wrong they make me play differently.

  7. Now we need the Kitakami back

  8. Trains with Shane

    If WV44’s secondaries are anywhere near as good as Agincourt secondaries then it’s going to be a very fun ship (if you can get in close with it)

  9. The Dolls' Servant

    While having amazing radar suite, her mounts with RPCs installed which her sisters would never get, horizontal and underwater protection stepped up greatly plus a brand new AA suite on top, all making her statistically the most capable super dreadnought of her time irl.
    Since WG handles history with dispassion, WV’s whole rebuild made her pretty unsuitable for the brawling role or running battle lines, a sniper with improved deck armor and AA is much more fitting with her speed and maneuverability, living up to her scoring a hit on the first salvo at Surigao from 22.8k yards(20.8 km).
    The thicker torpedo bulges are great contingency against air-dropped torps but against ship-launched, it will hold at best.
    worth to note that WV never got the Mk 8 SH shells since handling equipment wouldn’t be able to lift them, yet it’s an understandable twist if she’s gonna see tier 9.
    Don’t expect my beloved to do amazing with everything going on here, but I have hope that she’ll be at least a good near-accurate battleship to grab.

  10. West Virginia 44 is definitely coming out around 4th of July. It only makes sense to maximize on sale.

  11. Would love to see the USS Washington, Johnston, North Dakota (complete with electrical issues) and the Kirishima. Due to my lack of skill, the lower tier slowness is an issue for me so I play higher tiers just for the better maneuverability. Wish we had the excellent T4-T8 play styles at T10 instead of the pathetic high tier gameplay which is hang back, sacrifice your teammates and farm what you can later in the game……wins or losses don’t seem to be of concern at the higher tiers. All about personal achievment.

  12. The WV 41 is my most played ship so I’ll probably pick up the ’44 no matter what…. but the allure of the ’41 is the 406mm guns at T6 which punch though anything in that tier.

  13. It was the release of the original West Virginia 41 that got me started playing this game. I actually started on December 7th 2018. As a native of the mountain state, I was lucky enough to have had one of the three inch AA guns In the park a couple blocks from my house. I spent many a happy hour as a child playing on that gun.

  14. You are right that she should have very accurate main guns. The real one scored a hit with her opening salvo on Yamishiro at 26,000 yards.

  15. Dolores Abernathy

    Thank you Mountbatten for not having ads!

  16. You know what oils be an interesting add would be the Lexington and or Saratoga in their original battle cruise design

    • Constellation(which is already in the game) is literally one of the original lexingtons in their BC version, although in a modernized version

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