World of Warships – West Virginia 1944 Proposal

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The 1944 West Virginia is one of those tough ships to place, she just doesn’t really fit anywhere and in most cases feels like a no win ship. Either she’s underpowered or she’s P2W. But maybe this could be a solution…


  1. im really curious about this if colorado gets a hull upgrade to WV 1944 would it be possible to somewhat balance a south Dakota BB at tier 7 or 8

    • My guess is that SouthDakota (20s) will show up as a T7 premium named Indiana. Indiana is the only member of that class whose name hasn’t been taken by a subsequent class.

    • Holy crap please no. Lyon is already at 1.5 sigma. Even then its more a meme than anything else. It would pretty much have to be at tier 7 with horrid accuracy or tier 8 with meh accuracy and really bad speed. Neither one seems like itd be much fun to play.

    • Skyf24 well if you really want to make Colorado obsolete just bring the NC 14 inch at tier 7 or the SD 1920at tier 7 lol

    • Colorado is obsolete as is. Her only saving grace is having 16s at tier 7, which isn’t enough to make up for her awful speed.

    • Skyf24 it wasn’t always that way nagato only goes 25 knots but tier 7 is slowly getting full of ww2 era BB and Lyon even tho I think it’s a ww1 era design which goes pretty fast but could not actually go that fast but that’s more of WG fault …

  2. Jewish thinking. Same ship, pay twice. Ha tfu WG. Your idea is better! 🙂

  3. should WG accept this proposal, it will be a good business decision, lets hope WG hit the right spot on their does of vodka to accept this.

  4. what if they gave the 44 the Massachusetts treatment?

  5. Christopher Roberts

    Idea, forget 41 WV, buff colorado with a improved main guns and make WV 44 with good AA and secondarys.

    • Yeah, agree. Bring back 2.0 sigma to Colorado with a +1,5km range buff to main guns. In the other hand, make West Virginia 44 focus on AA and secondary guns, like Massachusets. WV 44 will have less range (max 17km), less sigma 1.8 or 1.7, slower reload at 32s, and a normal heal but with faster cooldown.

    • Except for the super heal. thats a bit too strong i think, particularly if you decide to really invest in it, in which case you can get the cooldown to 36 seconds. At that point it can pretty much just sit bow in and tank half a team until it uses all 5 of its charges

    • Considering it will be a 21 knot battleship that should be played agresively, then there has to be something to support that. You won’t be pushing to get in secondary range if the enemy team melts you in the process. Maybe a faster DCP.

    • Crimson Scarlet except WeeVee was the USN’s gunnery champion if IIRC, so ideally she should have the better gun accuracy

    • Then WG is gonna have a really hard time balancing WV while trying to respect historical accuracy

  6. I would prefer the Maryland’s 45 hull as Colorado’s C hull as that keeps the look of Colorado.

  7. I feel this idea is gonna confuse a lot of… less invested players, if you know what I mean. Why not just make WV a normal free XP ship like Nelson, but make her cheaper than the Nelson, say 200k free XP? Yes, it’s still gonna be straight up better than the Colorado, but let’s be honest about these free XP ships, most of them already are straight up better than their tech tree counterparts, and in the case of the WV, that straight upgrade would mostly be in the AA department, not so much in gunpower and definitely not in speed. And if it’s just too much of an upgrade, they can balance it out by not giving the WV the improved heal that Colorado has access to or even giving WV the pre-buff Colorado HP.

    • Draco Firestarter

      Hi well i see a problem in free XP ships from a profit perscpective i for instance got the Missouri, Musashi and Nelson for free since if you have enough patience you can grind enough free XF in time now dont get me wrong i got each ship like six months later than people that payed for the free XP but the point is i got them for free so a only free XP ship does not guarante profit for WG if people have enough patience to grind the free Xp. So from profit stance free xp ships are aimed on people that have no patience and want everything right now even tho if they put a litle work and patience they could get it for free.

    • Well, that holds true for many other premium ships as well. Salem, Flint, Black are all ships that you straight up can’t pay to get. And many premiums have been offered for free as well as sold for those who didn’t have time to complete the missions to get them (Aigle, Indianapolis, DoY, Graf Spee, and currently Warspite, Gallant, and Cossack, which won’t be exactly free, but will definitely be a bargain for those who commit to get all the tokens they can get for free). Free XP ships are generally in the same situation, except they often cost way more than normal premiums if a person pays to convert 100% of the free XP necessary (for example, it costs 30k doubloons to convert 750k free XP, or just below 22k doubloons if the conversion is 1 for 35, rather than 1 for 25. Regardless, that’s over twice the price of a tier 8 premium, and in terms of complexity, a tier 9 isn’t much harder to develop than a tier 8, but for every person that pays 100% of the price, it’s a bigger profit than if 2 persons payed for a tier 8 ship).

      In Nelson’s case, it costs more to convert 375k free XP (under a normal conversion rate) than to buy any tier 8 battleship. Free XP ships work because they are rewarding for those who get them for free, and expensive for those who don’t. And WG even pushes players to buy these ships from time to time by giving those improved free XP conversion rates, which for all intents and purposes is like giving a 40% discount on all free XP ships, but only for payers. In WV’s case, well her free XP price, as of my recommendation, is well in line with the cost of a normal tier 7 premium ship, and the main reason to still make her a free XP ship is to avoid P2W accusations, as she’d be undeniably better than the Colorado, but would also be obtainable for free.

    • Draco Firestarter

      Yes but all free XP ships can be obtained for free so only if you have no patience you will pay for them and about Flint and Black where relly hard to get trust me i know since i got them but i also got Graf Spee, Emden, Shinonome and Duke of Yorck all for free by compleating missions and campains witch also wasnt that easy but if you have the patience you could get them. Now somehow i have a feeling that WG is loosing players at an alarming rate and profit is going down so i beleve that the ships that players want the most will propably be buy only i also didnt play for over six months but i still enyoy youtube videos about the game. The game has become boring and stale for me but i will propably return if they introduce something new in PVP gamplay like submarines but that is a long way except the halloween event. That is why i think WV wont be a free xp ship but a combo of a 41 model for real money with the option to unlock 44 model hull for free XP is a good profit option for WG.

    • Draco Firestarter

      Ohh and about P2W well remember Nikolai and Belfast what will propably happen is they will sell the OP ship and than after six months to a year they will say the ship is overperforming and we will not sell it anymore they do this all the time not only in WOWS but in all their games.

  8. Great idea iChase. Win win.

  9. Damn Hood is not doing well atm, 45% WR across the board

  10. Country road take me home.

  11. iChase,
    Firstly I enjoy your content it is very informative and has a good perspective on WoWS keep up the good work. Now to my suggestion: what about having the 1944 West Virginia being part of a US BB split? We could make a second line BB with an AA/secondary focus. Ships I would suggest are Nevada, Tennessee, Indiana, and Wisconsin. I would give these ships secondaries similar to what the Massachusetts has maybe even a short duration DFAA depending on the CV rework. You could make the West Virginia 44 an alternative requirement for the Tennessee since they were all rebuilt after Pearl. It could even be possible to make the Nevada into just a Premium (the 1942 refit in particular) and I’d suggest the Korean War version of the Wisconsin since it would be possible to use helicopters as its scout aircraft. Any thoughts and opinions are welcomed and keep up the good work

    • Hints of that second line are already in the game. The tier 6 would be Pennsylvania, and the tier 8 South Dakota. In a way, Tennessee is already partially there, as she is literally a Colorado with New Mexico’s main armament.

      By Indiana, do you mean the 1920’s South Dakota?

    • +TheUnknownOne The Indiana was one of the South Dakotas that was built I’m not exactly sure were you’d put the 1920s South Dakota though probably better as a premium. An the Tennessees and Colorados we’re basically the same with the main differences being 10 14in guns vs 8 16in. Though the West Virginia and both Tennessee were pretty much a hybrid of their original classes and the newer South Dakotas after Pearl Harbor which is why I’d suggest the Tennessees the only downfall being US BBs still be slow until t8 so maybe give them better accuracy like how the Arizona was originally though not exactly getting cits every salvo..

  12. “West Virginia ’41”? Seriously WG? Just keep it simple and call it the Maryland.

    • No Maryland will be the 2nd premium version of Colorado.  Remember it’s tier 6 and above premiums where the money is and as they still haven’t gone full premium for tier 9’s and 10’s there are only so many ships available as paper ships don’t sell as well as premiums as real ships.

    • She may come as a Massachusetts-style secondary specialist.

  13. Almost heaven…

  14. Chameleon Scheimong

    Although I can see some merit in this proposal, I do think that it creates a little too much confusion for newer players leveling through the line.
    My alternate proposal is to look at Gneisenau and Scharnhorst and do something similar. Since Colorado does need some rather significant buffs, why not just buff it in a different direction than the aspects on which the West Virginia is better? E.g. The Colorado currently has an awful concealment of 16.7km, which goes down to 13.9km spec-ed out. This is a far cry from its predecessor New Mexico and successor North Carolina, which both get 11.8km. The Colorado doesn’t need to match that, but buffing it to something similar would help. Other minor changes, such as a faster rudder shift, tighter turning circle, or an improved torpedo belt would also help. The point is to buff it in a different direction than West Virginia’s strengths, so that they are both decently balanced and adequately divergent simultaneously.

  15. From all these numbers I take one thing: way too many potatoes have no idea how to play different ships… It is just amazing that Hood was dead last on the three servers (and when I played my Colorado once upon a time, I did not think she was bad per se)…

    Too many fanboys buy a name (that could also happen to WV 44) and then have no fucking idea what to do with that ship. Hood is not perfect, but she is far from bad (I do enjoy my). The same can happen to WV 44, beware…

    And I do want a standard 21 knts speed BB at tier 8. That is different to anything else, and if done properly tanky, such a big drawback which just demands more from the player (proper awareness in order not to waste time when setting course, proper anticipation time etc, so more strategic thinking) could allow fro great buffs on other areas such as tankines, accuracy and gun reliability, and AA.

    So yes, for me, hell yeah, WV 44 is a perfect example of different play-style premium if placed at tier 8, but then, it might be “another Hood” which too many potatoes would buy because of the name, and then complain that the ship is terrible… Colorado can remain as it is at tier 7 (with adjustments if need be but no concept changes) as the representative of the era in which this BBs were designed (along with Nagato and Nelson), and WV 44 at tier 8 as representative or where this design managed to get, along with the SD and NC but clearly inferior to Iowa.

  16. I do want the t8 version of West Virginia.

    They can give West Virginia a 55mm upper deck and upper armor belt but keep the nose 32mm so she can be tanky yet Yamasushis will eat her up. Give West Virginia a Boise heal to compensate for very low hp pool (assuming she will get Colorado’s). Mainly to compensate for her horrendous speed, they can give her 3.0 sigma, so though she will be a painful ship for the player to play, she can be just as painful to the enemy. So basically a ship that heavily depends on player’s map awareness and really can’t disengage. Again with low hp and low speed, she really can’t afford to take a torp so instead of giving her hydro, they can give her a 10 sec rudder shift. That also may alleviate some issues when it comes to low hp pool. With all this, she will definetly be a strong ship for those who wants a small, maneuverable BB. It will basically be a super slow dreadnought with good armor, and good guns. But it heavily depends on player’s skill and at the same time, if your flank gets overran, you’ll have to pray to not be killed.

  17. I remember someone proposal something like this about 3 year ago, that WG should let’s player change ship name (to other name of ship that in same class, like Kongo->Hiei) and give them premium treatment for price.
    Back to video, that could be good ideal, but i would said WG probably will make the among of exp needed for research other sister ship will be around 150k-200+ free expe (same as Nelson), and make it to grind fest just like special upgrade.
    Meanwhile, this game will probably slowly turn in to World of US battleships since there are already too many of them (for every tier except tier 3 and 10), i would like to see they give IJN a decent premium that not just reskin or recycle stock hull.

  18. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I am curious about this could work out and I completely agree with you I would call tier 6 the Maryland then either give WV configuration for Colorado and rename her West Virginia and then maybe release the Colorado herself as a free exp ship or something like that If not like that, do WV 44 version a Massachusetts kind of gameplay or maybe having less main gun accuracy for better gun traverse and aa/secondaries Also, if they ever add the WV tier 7 premium 1944, I want a proper 1943 Mutsu And a 1906 Shanhorst And 1920s Endem

  19. There is no doubt that T7 is the natural home for WV44. Also given how Colorado is performing the WV44 hull and buffs should have been introduced as a C hull a long time ago. But WG has ignored these calls for years now so we have to assume that they have their reasons. But if they want to put WV44 at T7 as a premium there is ample precedent for them creating a premium that is flat out better than the tech tree ship.

    But there is another interesting precedent as well. The Massachusetts. Most CCs thought that a brawling focused South Dakota class battleship wasn’t going to work. She didn’t have the armor scheme for it. But as we’ll know it did. She has been not only a successful ship competitively but fun to play and good for the Meta. She has been a tremendous success all around.

    Now credit where credit is due LWM was the first person I saw who suggested what I’m suggesting and that’s a brawling WV44 at T8. We give her the best concealment of any B.B. at T8 and up. Her lack of SH 2700lb 16” AP is balanced by sigma and dispersion buffs that make her the most accurate BB at T8 and up. She gets the same secondary performance as the Maime though with one less turret a side a ROF buff may be needed. Give her agility that is again at the top of the pile and a better torpedo belt than the SD sisters. Her turbo electric drive should be reflected in significantly better acceleration and deceleration. She should be able to crash stop and start backing very quickly. Put her citadel under water, and give her the Nelson super heal perhaps on a shortened reload timer. Don’t forget that she got more deck armor as well which protects her against AP bombs. Needless to say her AA is going to be better but not quite to the same level as the modern US BB’s. Even with the worst AA of any US T8 BB it’s still going to be better than German, Japanese or British AA at T8. Perhaps she gets Hydro or Radar.

    What we have now is a ship set up to tank damage and get in and Brawl. She’ll be slow to the fight and unable to run away but once there she will be a formidable threat. Her main gun accuracy will do homage to WV44s feat of landing first salvo hits at Suriago. She will be fun to play and encourage a play style that like Maime will be good for the game.

    Commercially she will open the door for the USS Tennessee and California to be sold as premiums at T7 in their 44 configurations which were basically the same as WV44 but with 12 14” guns. This gives WG multiple bites at the Apple to monetize the new ship model.

    21 Knots in a T10 battle is certainly going to present challenges. But they are challenges that can be overcome.

  20. I doubt they will do this Free XP idea, as they would then be pressured to come up with something like this for other ships. The best solution I see is to make her a (C) Hull for Colorado.
    While it would take time and money to model this configuration, that initial cost would be offset when the time comes to model Tennessee. The only difference between the final configurations of West Virginia and Tennessee was their main armament. For Tennessee, that armament is already modeled on New Mexico.

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