World of Warships- West Virginia 1944 Release Date & Let’s Help The Victims of Ida

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Hey guys, today we have some good news about the long awaited West Virginia 1944. Also I will be hosting a charity stream next week to benefit the victims of hurricane Ida. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:00 Channel Intro
0:15 Heling The Victims of Ida
6:00 West Virginia 1944 Release Date
12:40 My West Virginia 1944 Pitch


  1. Dont worry too much about showing new premiums it would be just as good to see your revisiting series of older premiums you have or even normal techline ships

  2. WOWS Blitz has West Virginia 1944, better AA, better secondaries and at the same Tier with Colorado, can’t to see it in PC.

    • How sad do you want Colorado to be 😅

    • By making it more power crept you say? Well the Colorado is power crept by the Sinop’s 9, 16in guns and more tankly but WV1944 Power Crepting Colorado more….. Yeah Game Over for the worst and power crept tier 7 bb.

    • @BEN THE TIGER131 well, they need to balance Sinop, I bever said that was ok. But N+1 is bigger than N regardless of which planet you are from.

  3. “Death Glacier” love it.

    Considering that WeeVee and California had nigh-identical appearances (kinda), a full-stealth WeeVee would get like 9.7km concealment. That would be terrifying, just vibing along as a CV or something in the back of the map and then you get spotted, you don’t know by what, then you get shot by eight hyper-accurate 406s from 8 kilometers away because a fucking battleship snuck up on you at a measly 20 knots and still caught you by surprise.

    • Your situation was sympathetic until you mentioned a CV player. Then turned into an “injured? Good!” meme.

    • @Steve Haney this tier 8 stealth glacier shall be the end of CVs reign of terror

    • @Steve Haney also I didn’t know what else was gonna hide in the back of map since most other battleships at least kinda move up

    • WG should just make a ship (like a DD with DW torps or something) specifically for the purpose of deleting CVs off of the map. It would save much face with the community.

  4. Will do my best to tune in from across the pond. Good on you mate.

  5. As to how long it takes to make a model for West Virginia 44, there’s already a post Pearl Harbor California in the game (also sunk at Pearl Harbor and given same level of refit as W. Virginia). Colorado class is just an up gunned California (replace 12/14″ with 8/16″).

  6. Good to hear you and you loved ones are ok.

  7. I say release the Maryland instead so we can have all three of the USA big 7, plus since she was the first to be full able to return fire at Pearl Harbor give her quick priority sector on her aa like a cruiser just my opinion, and she has more battlestars than the USS West Virginia

  8. Glad you’re okay, and can’t wait for the charity livestream!

  9. Ok wait but what if they made it a mini dockyard where it didn’t have as many phases, but it was refloating, repair and refurbishment. That would be pretty dope. Then they could make only one phase payable since it’s shorter, they could make money, and we’d get a dope dockyard.

    • @taserrr yep, the 2 weeks stuffs only works for lootboxes. Oh wait…

    • @Christian Hill Yes so generally speaking if they follow a regular development plan your idea would be able to be implemented around 1 year from now. That’s why I said you didn’t understand how game dev works.

    • @taserrr ok but I do get it. They said they were gonna do it in 2023, so assuming they go through with this timeline like SLM mentioned, I was saying they could do this. I’m still not sure where you think I’m going wrong. One of my good friends is a game dev and I know it takes time to program, model and test the bee addition.

    • @Christian Hill Oh I thought you meant right now. It’s not just that it takes dev time etc. it’s that there’s a backlog of thing they’re working on and planning of working on.

    • @taserrr ahh ok. Glad the miss understanding has been cleared up.

  10. Massachusetts at tier 7, is probably better, as in, it’s more variety for the techtree. Florida and California are long range fighters, and we already a brawler at tier 8 that has more guns and is faster. WV44 Would only have it’s historical aspect going for her.
    It could also work as a prototype for a american brawler tech line, if current candidates are not suitable.

  11. Thank God you’re alright! I hope everything will return to normal for you and your community! 😄
    Looking forwards to the charity livestream!

  12. I want W Virginia 1944 to have that consumable from the halloween event basically it was a radar that reduced dispersion to zero. An it would be historically accurate given the first salvo fired hit

  13. Instead of doing premium ships, could you do ship model kits or books or something like that? At least as an option.

  14. So the West Virginia 44 being a tier 8 Texas? I can see that, with GOD TIER AA, plus def AA. I don’t think it needs to be secondary ship, like 4 127s isn’t much however it probably should have that superior heal (personally id take a super heal in the sense she literally came back from the dead, IE being SUNK) and Damage Control parties (given she sunk and got refloated, not to mention the US had GRATE damage control training)

  15. Reinhardt Rossouw

    The track shifted – very happy to hear that. Was someone with a Sharpie involved in changing the track? 😜

  16. Hey Sea Lord, does TSIOF still make (or think about making) battle recreations? I would like to see the Battle of the River Plate.

  17. Ive had the Wee Vee at WoWs Blitz for a long time and is a really solid T7 ship, highly accurate and powerful guns, really hefty health pool, murderous AA and really accurate secondaries, and nearly God tier Torp protection. Turns really good too if specd right, downside is the turret angles and slow speed.

  18. Mario Andrés Rengifo Gonzalez

    Have they confirmed the tier? It can also be a T7… the problem with W. Virginia 44 is that it will be very hard to balance at T7 or T8. If it was a T7 you can give it great AA and secondaries, but then you will have to give it bad accuracy and longer main battery reload time.

  19. Imagine taking longer than a year to design ONE ship. Amazing company

  20. “we riot” – Sea Lord Mountbatten

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