World of Warships- West Virginia ’44 First Impressions: The Doom Turtle Comes Forth

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Hey guys! Today we have the new American Tier VII Battleship, the West Virginia ’44! Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Ship Intro
3:36 Economy & Camo
4:55 Armor
6:48 Ship Stats
10:36 Ship Consumables
10:53 Commander & Module Build
14:39 Gameplay Review


  1. The Dolls' Servant

    My beloved, They took too long
    edit: aight, seems they tuned down her much improved historical values for armor, especially the greatly enhanced horizontal protection for deck and turret roof tops.
    It’s nice to see that they gave her the experimental quad 20mm thunderbolt mount, pretty neat touch <3

  2. This ship massacres Ops. Genuinely slaughters. It’s obscene, and I love it. Kinda rough armor, but high HP and punchy guns/secondaries means your just a brick wall of murder. Are the heals enhanced? Feels like they cooldown super duper quickly and last a while.

    The aaa on this is insane. +60 plane kills on cherry blossom, it was disgusting. I love it. It’s like a pre rework Texas. Woe betide any cv that fucks around and finds out…. also is nobody gonna mention the British level acceleration? Wild. Watch the part when he smacks into bayern at the beginning of his gameplay

  3. Well done Sea Lord love your Stuff

  4. I was skeptical of this ship at first but after seeing that at tier 7 16in shells overmatch battleships and how fast loading your secondaries are it can be phenomenal. My worry us the uptier with tier 9 ships

    • played 4 games with her yesterday and they were all above 100k to 120ish k damage with 3-4 kills 😀 Top tier of course, I’d say this T7 Massa is absolutely worth it, very fun to play. I thought she’d be arse after following her developpment and stats too. But after seeing the dispersion on the main guns isn’t as bad as expected and how these secondarys can melt stuff in reviews, I wanted to give her a go myself and I’m not disappointed 🙂

  5. Yesterday i got a match with my friend where the enemy team had 2 kearsarges and a halford but our team didnt have any hybrids

  6. I do like the old USN Battleships, especially when Wargambling don’t take it into their empty heads to ruin them with stupid reloads etc, I’d love to see some nice cammo’s like they used to do, not these Carnival Float Crapy things they throw out nowadays. A nice ship Sea Lord and a good review 👍🇬🇧Have a Great 4th July Folks 🇺🇸🍻

  7. USS Sims, Hull number: DD-409

    The vibes i get from this ships are those of California but with bigger and better guns, albeit less of them

  8. Fog Battleship Yamato

    i wanted to get her to moment i saw her in the devblog and i just got her and i can say, she actually plays like how i expected, Slow speed with low range like Colorado, but beefed up secondaries close to Gneisenau if fully spec’ed for secondaries with range of 9.5km max range. she is like Massachust but watered down to T7, Best of all, she’s a ship built in reality!

    i got a good amount of kills with her thanks to her secondaries

  9. Is this the first time we’ve seen 31mm of armor in-game? That’s actually an important threshold, because 457s of course can’t overmatch 32mm of armor, but it _can_ overmatch 31mm of armor. And of course, there are a handful of tier 9 battleships with 457s (Georgia and Sun-Yat Sin are two that come to mind immediately) that the WV ’44 can face.

  10. I like colorful permanent camos if they don’t come with all the bling.

  11. I hope they will add this ship in tier7 premium ship container

  12. I don’t bother with a speed flag on any ship that has a base speed of less than 27 knots. It’s just not worth it to spend a flag for a knot or less.

  13. About the Brisbane, you could get tier 10 cruiser for free, but now you have to pay at least 7k dubloons for tier 7 21knots BB

  14. They need to do a +/- 1 tier spread. I think that would make balancing a lot easier.

  15. As an alternative you might consider taking the 2pt IFHE skill. I was skeptical at first but there is a lot of 26mm and under armor at the mid tiers and this gives you 27mm pen on the secondary guns. I tried it and was surprised how much secondary damage I was getting . Yes you loose on the fires but the base fire chance was only 5% to start with anyway. I’m going to keep playing it with IFHE for awhile and see over time how it works compared with not taking IFHE.

  16. Whoa inflation has even hit ship prices… must be the cost of the steel. 😂 Agree the art dept hit another grand slam and its a historical ship so salute to WG for that. Now when is my next monthly check coming in?

  17. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Quick correction: on the Pros list I included Hydro, that was meant to be SPOTTER

    My mistake!

  18. The 44 is cool, but I’m going to be waiting forever for the New Jersey.

  19. Lukas Baumholtz

    Something tells me that we’ll get West Virginia ’44 in Legends sometime down the road. I wouldn’t mind owning her in my fleet. Going back to what you said about the combination of different era technology blended in with the ship, I tend to agree with you. Tennessee, California and West Virginia look amazing with their post Pearl Harbor refits. I tend to say the same exact thing about the Iowa-class with their modernization in the 1980’s. That blend of old with the new.

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