World of Warships- West Virginia First Impressions

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Today I bring you guys my first impressions video for the new Tier VI American Battleship West Virginia!

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  1. Personally, I think WG should change Colorado to Maryland and let her take massive refit and make WV 1944 as T7 premium.

    If WG wanna make her T8 ship, I’m afraid they’ll add some EXTREME gimmicks to make her somewhat ‘ usable’ as Tier 8.

  2. John Demver had one of the best voices I have ever heard. What a talent.
    That said the South Park roast was classic!

    Am I the only one that thinks the red prem camo is ugly?

  3. This ship is a pale, insulting shadow of what she deserves to be in-game.

  4. Evangeline Anovilis

    When I first heard of West Virginia, I wasn’t too hyped, cause, well, I’m not American, I didn’t really like the New York or the Texas, so, well, 21 knot ships, 25 mm plating everywhere, eh… But then I grinded the line (working to get NC, Iowa and Montana, which seem good) and I found that while NY and NM were quite frustrating (they just seemed like boring ships without many clear strengths and a lot of weaknesses. Did ok in them, but I kind of always wished it was another BB instead) , Colorado was great, because the guns were really satisfying to use. Finished the Colorado a few days ago and see there, West Virginia ’41 came out. Now I’m wondering whether to buy it or not. From your impressions video, it seems to be doing quite well, which is nice to see, because you really pay a lot to get barely nerfed Colorado guns at T6. I actually bought Mutsu and that thing loses a lot of its pen compared to Nagato (among other things), but does ok too.

    If you compare the ship to Warspite, what do you think of it? If you got Mutsu, also in comparison to that.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Well comparing to Warspite, I’m finding that the pens on WV are much better and consistent, likely due to the larger shell size. The guns also feel a bit more accurate too. I’m also finding that the ship itself is a bit more tanky than Warspite, but doesn’t have the Warspite or the Colorado heal. However it is under powered in the AA department, which will become rather obvious once the CV rework launches.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      +Sea Lord Mountbatten tbf, neither of the other two have a good AA. And yeah, stat-wise, the Warspite overmatches, but Warspite and QE have pretty lackluster pen on Mutsu levels (with QE adding short fuze on top). I’m just worried that due to highest pen on the tier, they might overpen a lot.

  5. eh, i’ll wait for a 1944 version. In the mean time, Warspite is my T6 BB of choice.

  6. how does it compare to the Mutsu?

  7. Hi, where is the horn sound?

  8. Good review as always! Not sure if this ship is worth is as it may not be able to cope with the CV’s changes coming with so little anti aircraft defense.

  9. june 1984 the wife(at the time)drags me to see a JD concert.

  10. Lord Flash Heart Gaming TV

    Why are you reviewing a tier 6 vs a tier 7 ship ? Ofcourse the WV isnt the same armour lay out as the Colarado. Can you please do a proper review against other tier 6 ? like Arizona ? or New Mexico ? Why would you review a secondary build review on the capt ??? cmon dude

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