World of Warships- West Virginia Second Impressions

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Today I bring you guys my second impressions video for Tier VI American West Virginia 1941!
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  1. at Guantanamo when they are doing a bit of Water-Boarding……..

    that Horn noise plays in the background……..

  2. Why does the horn sound like a dr. Seuss instrument

  3. Evangeline Anovilis

    Two slightly overlooked negatives on WV: She actually doesn’t get the usual USN speed conservation in a turn. USN BBs typically retain more of their (pretty lackluster) speed at these tiers, which makes them a bit more maneuverable than they should be. WV however bleeds most of the speed as soon as she turns. Might at times throw off torps even more, but in the replay with the plane torps, a NM or Colorado might actually have been fast enough to dodge those. Other is that the ship will not get the USN improved repair party with patch 0.7.12, which obviously adds to the survivability of all non-premium USN BBs.

    Now, I still agree though, the 16 inch guns at T6 are worth it and they are great. The WV is one of those ships I could see doing really well at T6, also in any variation of T6 Ranked, where she basically can freely rip into all the other T6 BBs. Compared to Warspite, it needs to be said that Warspite has more accurate guns, but actually lackluster pen (felt more when uptiered) and 15 inch guns can run into trouble. If you recall your triple Warspite division vs Prinz Eugen, Warspite cannot overmatch Hipper/Eugen/Baltimore, while WV would have no issues whatsoever (apart from the strip of belt armour at the waterline).

    Compared to Mutsu, which I bought just before WV, it is a very USN vs IJN thing, comparable to the early days of the game. Mutsu has the speed and a lot of hp. It doesn’t have the armour. Mutsu does an amazing 26.5 knots and has 58k hp, but the ship has the Nagato’s deck and barbette plating (25 mm everywhere) and has a weaker belt. Angled, it still holds up, but broadside, you eat a lot of damage. Worse though, Mutsu’s citadel deck in the centre area is 25 mm. This means, any 15 inch or higher gun will overmatch that deck and easily citpen the Mutsu. WV doesn’t have that issue. Weaponry-wise, Mutsu has worse pen, though that is not an IJN thing (the line with the highest penetration of any 16 inch gun on the Izumo and the highest overall penetration at range on the Yamato), but a Mutsu thing (formerly also an Ashitaka thing and still a bit of a Myogi thing, but at T4, noone cares). Mutsu fires Type 88 shells, which are outdated AP shells that have crap performance, while most IJN BBs fire Type 91 AP, which is WWII ammunition. Mutsu’s penetration thus is much lower than on the Nagato, though, it isn’t really much different from Warspite. As top tier ship, Mutsu’s AP is perfectly serviceable and only vs T8, you see it struggle. This will not be an issue with WV, as it’s basically Colorado guns with 0.1 less sigma and a bit less range, but all the penetration. WV will have little issue hurting any BB in T5-7 and against T8 it still has serviceable guns (just not a very good platform). Against cruisers though, WV and Mutsu are basically the same, just that Mutsu gets 20 something km range right out of the box and needs no ARP 1 (which it doesn’t get), but can take Aiming Systems Mod 1 (AA range mod on a ship with barely any AA is wasted and the secondaries are short-ranged and at max sec build get like 5.8-6 km. Within that range they are ok though, because it’s a lot of guns). Mutsu also gets torpedoes, which are 2 single launchers per side, which do little damage, have 7 km range, have atrocious angles and basically are less worthwhile than Kii’s. They are reloaded in 21 seconds though. WV vs Mutsu basically comes down to whether you want a BB that is maybe a bit slow, but reliable or whether you want a ship that has flexibility, but has armour that could suddenly collapse if shot at by big guns. One last thing about Mutsu: It does get the standard IJN 41 cm HE shell with 6.5k HE alpha. I’m not saying shoot HE in it, but in an age of guaranteed AP overpen on DDs, if you find yourself DD hunting in your BB, IJN BBs are way better equipped for it than USN, as 6.5k per shell is just 400 less than Nelson’s 6.9k. Fire chance is lackluster (but who cares).

    If you have the money, feel free to buy a Mutsu if she ever goes on sale again. It’s a good ship.

  4. Side note, the Bayern also has 15 inch guns for glorious overmatch

  5. The Mutsu can overmatch too

  6. Hey Mountbatten, do you use only one Captain on each Ship, instead of grinding one after another? So you could use high point captains for more survival on your premiums.

    This Clip showed that repairing two fires is usually better, combined with some survival skills 😉

    Keep up your great work. Pepe

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      Depends on the line, I have a captain that goes back and forth between Scharn and Gneis and another one that bounces around between Musashi, Izumo and Mikasa. And then another one for the Vanguard, Hood, Nelson, DoY and KGV. But most of the American BBs have their own 10+ point captains

    • LOL, Mikasa! I thought that ship is only for noob players. Regarding captains, I try to create 19 point captains that will produce tons of free captain skills. The US BB line is ideal for that purpose as I have the Arkansas beta, the Texas, the Arizona, the Massachusetts Black, the Alabama and the Missouri. I play all those ships with the Colorado captain as this is the only tier that does not have a US BB premium ship. This allows me to have tons of free captain skill XP that I can apply to other ship lines or nations. My Colorado in a sense is used as a premium ship by producing its share of free Captain skill XP. Following that logic, I think I will pass on the West Virginia. I finished grinding the Colorado long time ago but I still did not jump on the NC because it means that I would have to stop playing the Colorado and train it for the NC. Why buying the NC when I already have the Alabama and Massachusetts? Maybe to get the Montana one day.

    • +VuHien2011 the NC is a great BB and much fun to play while having very consistent, accurate guns (higher sigma than Alabama and the Big Mami). One of the best BB in the whole game und extreme stealthy (about 500m less as Alabama). Try her, you won’t regret it.

    • well, that means that I need to stop playing the Colorado with which I have 70% win rate on it until I have a decent captain. In the meantime, I already have the Yamato, the Vanguard, the Arizona and the Cesare for accurate BBs,

  7. i buying it for the horn !

  8. Damned! that is a long horn sound!

  9. I should probly wait for the new German tier6 BB!

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