World of Warships- WG Censoring The Community ?!

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Hey guys! we have a most unexpected follow up to the Steam Review bombing video, with some most….sus information. Enjoy!

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  1. The developer can leave Belarus, but Belarus won’t leave the developer. Autocrats are going to be autocrats.

  2. The Reddit mods on WoWs are very suspicious. This was not the first time they shadow ban or removed posts about controversial subjects and got call out.

  3. So, after the general strike and crusade against gaijin on war thunder, it’s the turn of wargaming on world of warships. 2023 is the year of protests.

  4. Censoring the community? Nah, it was a total organic move to shut down the forums with a warning time of 2 whole days because Discord is “better” despite the forums working just fine for YEARS. And their Discord seems to be rather positive about any changes and what have you. Everybody loves what WG is doing…

    It’s clear that WG wants to control the narrative for the game and the players won’t have it. So they’re moving to platforms where WG doesn’t have an easy way to get rid of more than genuine criticism.

    • I hate Discord’s format. It tries to sell itself as something new, but looks 25+ years old. I hate everything about it.

    • @paul kennedy Lol. I actually joked about it looking like something from 1996. Still, there are things that Discord does well and those are text+voice chat/messaging. Just…forums, can’t be done.

  5. Its very odd seeing how big companys act like toddlers when people call them out

  6. Wait, the dev’s said that they’d only run 2-3 events? Aren’t these the same devs that said for years that “Submarines will absolutely not be put into the main game, they are in the Halloween event only . . .”

    • Just like they said they were only going to stick to historical accuracy? or how Yamato’s guns would stand alone, with no other gun equaling or exceeding them? Oh right….

    • might not be the same devs. You know, they could have been fired or left

  7. All this whilst I was considering applying for the post of community manager working in Prague! Position was posted yesterday so it seems like it’s hard to keep them!

  8. So I’ll ask again, how does closing the WG WoWs Forums help the game? Sealord seemed to think it wasn’t that big of a deal at the time, but in light of no more Forums, people being shadowbanned on the subReddit (i.e. not WG – a different company), and the mysteriously deleted/reinstated posts, plus the numerous disappearing threads on the WG Discord, it would seem that the avenues to speak publicly and freely are being aggressively and quite effectively curbed. His point about the subReddit is valid and, I believe, true given the generally negative vibe which the place displays towards WG as a whole. But to sum up, there are now fewer avenues for discourse, none of which are owned and operated by WG, shadowbans exist, censorship clearly exists on the Discord environment, and to top it all off none of these channels allows as quality an experience as did the old Forums. Yeah, Sealord, all is peachy… no problems with this picture at all, is there?

    • Yea, that video about shutting down the forums aged like fine milk.

    • @mihaitha Yep! To be fair, he rolled back on it in his next video as he had received some criticism. That’s not enough, however. When any company tires to throttle open debate, you know there is a problem. I don’t see why anyone would do anything other than lampoon WG for its choices – especially a US citizen from the country of ‘free speech’ who posts firearm content on his channel. We all know what WG wants which is total control of any and all online criticism, and that’s just the same as any other corporation. So why does Sealord come out with these wishy-washy non-condemnations of a predatory, loot box company.

      Disappointed, Sealord!

    • there is pros and cons. Overall though, it turns a page on the legacy of wargaming.

  9. Ah Wargaming, constantly on the “Don’t you guys have phones?”-level of community interaction.

  10. Love when companies feel entitled to MY money.

  11. Redit has been in the pockets of several companies for quite sometime, no one should delude themselves on that. WG also has a hard on for certain people when they go negative and go an extra mile against them. Also WG has censored their forums and now Discord without question. So put two and two together.

  12. CrapMalls AU formerly AnalogMalls

    Spending $100 Is expensive for a whole good complex game. WG are asking that for one ship. They get what they deserve

  13. Yes and the censorship is even more strong on discord. Even got a ban for talking about post being deleted.

  14. I say everyone join in on the review bomb, with the number one reason being to much MTX. They would still make a killing selling ships between $5 and $20, giving more credits per battle, and dropping extra costs to move commanders or remove mods, etc. Reduce the money farming events and replace them with new maps, modes and ships directly to the tech trees.

  15. WG has earned these negative comments. They shut down the forum and tried to tell the players that Discord will be the new forum. No it is a chat room. The actual events that are going on are hollow in that nothing except a higher price. WG banal efforts to control the player base while offering vapid campaigns for new ships and rewardes. WG created this mess and then need to clean up their act.

    • yep. frequently, when something was working strangely, or I wanted to learn about a new ship or feature, I would do a google search and find the info I needed on the forums. No longer. Well, it’s been months since I bought anything beyond a premium account, and that will continue for the foreseeable future. I absolutely despise all the new gimmicks

    • Once I was on their forum with a question, but the admins are a bunch of bullies, I never went back again.

  16. Good background game but you could have pushed your engine boost at around 03:20 and got into the cap a lot quicker. 😉

  17. With the tier 7 bonus package available at the end of the battle pass, would you consider making a video about the best ships to use it on?

  18. All of this is giving me deja vu of the War Thunder revolt, playing out similarly too lol hopefully WG realizes digging in their heels and burying their heads in the sand isn’t conducive to positivity around the game regardless what the issue is, they have to communicate not isolate to be able to fix issues the community has. Ya know, handle it like a mature adult. I doubt they will but one can hope, not much of that left these days though.

  19. Midnight Rose: Gaming, Driving, and Living

    I honestly believe that the community review bombin WoWs and speaking out about all the crap that they do (And don’t do) Is huge. Im glad because. after playing WoWs for 6 years now, the sheer amount of things they’ve “fixed” or “improved” is just irritating. The community voiced so much hatred about submarines being added. Originally, i was kinda excited, but then they released them in a broken state. Then the community gets angry and instead of fixing it, they make subs nearly impossible to play. Subs are literally All or Nothing now. You either do great and hardly get detected, or sink before you can do a single thing. They also made the camo system worthless. I loved the camos and always felt a sense of pride when i took a ship out with a rare camo because i knew how hard that was to get. I had saved some super rare camos hoping to pull them out when they were forgotten about, but now they are all available to buy. They even brought back some of the old commemorative flags that were seen as Rare and Time limited. Ruined the point of spending the time years ago to get them since they are now just there for everyone. Only flag i still have that i haven’t seen released again is “the Burning Man” Flag, The Black Rock Flag. I had it when it still had a man on it even (They removed the man pretty quick.) It was my first flag and soon they will probably rerelease it for all the new players too. Kinda sucks. The community has been ignored in so many situations and blatantly undermined whenever possible. Hope this review bombin helps WG to realize not to ignore us, and not to cheapskate us. It is a free to play game, but that doesn’t mean that we should be treated like insects and taken advantage of with unfair paywalls.

  20. WG was VERY heavy in censoring the WoWP community. Several of us trying to tell them how to fix the game, before it turned into the wasteland it is, were banned.

    That also meant all of our helpful info dissappeared, some of which had been pinned or in faqs.

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