World of Warships- WG Just Seems Determined To Kill This Off

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the upcoming Clan Battles Season and what it means for the future of competitive. Let me know what you think below!



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  1. Moon Cricket Stinks

    One thing you cant deny is how the game gets slightly worse over time, with the company trying more.scummy tactics. Rewards, economy rework, satan containers, etc. Godzilla/kong scam, etc.

  2. I have to say, if you’re running against the same teams over and over, time to start colluding and throw games alternatively so you can get the rewards faster. No signals, maybe do troll teams for extra fun like all in torpboats.

    • Sadly it doesn’t/can’t work like that, when you get into the higher levels you lose points more for losses and wins give you less points to keep climbing, so really if you lose 2-3 games you need to win 5-6 games just to recover the loss in rank. What ended up happening (at least with last season) was said clans would hit the wall and then queue up in the bravo division (each clan gets 2 divisions/teams to climb rank in) and they would go seal clubbing and essentially “gatekeeping” teams from storm.

    • @Stryker K You wouldn’t be climbing further but wouldn’t you at least get the rewards for x number of wins?

    • Yes but most of those guys get the rewards anyways and the rewards are diminishing the higher you go

    • @meneldal  people in typhoon and hurricane can pretty much queue up in any and every ship in the game so it’s not like many of them are lacking in steel

  3. You should make a clan battle video. Might offer a different perspective to those who dont play that mode.

  4. Been playing on and off since just about the beginning but this is the first time I’ve been playing long and consistently enough to grasp the intricate mechanics of the game, join a clan and consider playing clan battles. So, disclaimer: complete newbie in cb and I have no idea what happens in Hurricane league and all.

    Superships have been a menace for me so far and I dread their existence in cb with just 7 ships. That being said it’s one season. “Prophecies” about what will happen from now on are… premature imho.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Endgame players offer less (in terms of hard cash) to WG but… when they go due to waning interest, hopefully the next generation will take their place and the high end leagues will have more clans pitted against one another.

  5. I’ve never played CB’s in ships but if CV’s, Subs and the silly bote Conde are not allowed, plus a limit to 1 super ship, I am not sure I understand the complaints too much tbh. Sounds a lot better than randoms or ranked plus you get extra rewards for playing it. Might sign up for this one 🙂

  6. Never played clan battles, but love that you are playing of the old warspite puttering around when discussing top tier games 😀

    • He’s not discussing top tier games, though. He’s discussing clan battles. Which are sometimes at tier 6.
      Clan battles can be fun if you run with people you know. If your clan doesn’t do CBs, you can play with another group as a “mercenary.”

  7. I’m not (yet?) into clan battles. That said concealed manoeuvres was a nice game mode. No double uptier. The smoke planes are useless so disappeared after a couple of games. The mines a nuisance more than a problem. Just like random battles but more fun to play.

    • Majestic Hotwings

      Im still waiting for Asymmetrical battles to return, that was awesome. Random battle rewards for fighting bots (tho lets be real that’s gonna get changed in future returns theres no way thats sustainable)

  8. Since last week I have played some games, after a break of a year and a half.
    clan battle that kept me in the game for years, I probably would have stopped playing much earlier if it did not exist.
    strange that WG makes so little effort to keep players playing

  9. Honestly, I would like if this next season was a tier 7 or 8 season. Lots of cool ships at these tiers and we only get tier 10s over and over.

    • problem with the lower tiers is the amount of straight busted premiums that populate the lower tiers. it was literally the theme with last season was that over %60 of ships clans had deemed viable were all premiums its even worse with t7 because then you would have to bring radar cruisers which are all premiums, to counter all the fiji’s, flints and chumpeons running around just sitting in smoke and farming entire teams while haida’s run around the map.

    • And, to follow off of strykerk992’s comment, if you go down to T6 (no radar)… no one will play it until the end (they’ve tried that too).

  10. Patrick Platbrood

    There are probably more than one reason why the percentage of the players playing clan battles is shrinking but for sure I know one. The Eliteness that the groups playing clans are making of it. I have been in a group where you had almost to show your CV to be part of the team and on that night, instead of pure pleasure, it was picking up the ones that made good the fight before and keeping other on reserves and things like that… Now I’m in a clan that has no clan battle, it is sad but at least no pressure neither. They need to revisit the system of clans to kill that very bad side of WOWs behaviours.

  11. I honestly would welcome CV to clan battles by now (no Malta, fdr or nakhimov tho) and see how it re-shapes & changes the meta.

  12. Last clan battle season was the worst the restrictions really hurt my clan and made the entire thing unfun. My clan is in the lower leagues but we just want to have fun and the restrictions are making that difficult. I’d say if wargaming wants to add restrictions to clan battles they might want to conceder adding them as you progress into higher leagues and let the little guys have their fun.

  13. Logistical Nightmare

    One major sign that the game does not have a viable population is that random battles in the middle of the day and evening are starting to be started short players 8v8 10v10 are becoming somewhat common.

  14. Truthfully what is killing Clan Battles is life. Getting 7 members of the same clan together 4 nights a week at the same time is hard. The more competitive players will be on everynight but most of the rest just don’t have the time. During covid it was easier but now it is harder. I’ve played CB in a past clan but it was hard getting 4 players and then finding 3 mercs. My current clan it is hard to get 4 players.

  15. As a new player – finding a clan that has the wherewithal to field a team is a super high bar – if they are participating already you’re pretty much locked out against those experienced competitor pool members – so I wonder how much of the general player base wants to but can’t participate in the activity – given the incentives that are clearly apparent – taken against the poor position for being locked out – the hard-working elite that can field a team breeds an environment where you see the same teams over and over again. I respect the time and effort that their experience represents. Hopefully this critical space gets some love and protection at the core of the gameplay because yah….KoS and other high tier competitions really sets the bar for why I got a copy of the game installed.

    • Obviously, I can’t speak for all clans and definitely can’t weigh in on high level clans, but my clan attempts to to run as many CB groups as possible (usually 4) with all of our willing players for many of the reasons you highlight. We found that many individuals were being locked out of CBs due to lack of experience and good random stats. After all, how can a below average player get meaningful experience if clans chose to lock them out of the serious team mode.

  16. When you said that the most dedicated part of the player base are the ones who know the game from the inside out and are able to call wargaming out on stuff most can’t.
    No wonder they’re probably trying to get rid of such a playerbase.
    It get’s rid of the opposition they’ll face when making decisions.

  17. Would be interesting if they would restrict all ships to tech tree ships only in a CB or do something like all BB CB and battles like that . The Clan I ‘m in we do go into CB when we can get enough members on at same time

  18. Been around since open beta and I do not think the game is dying. It is really just becoming a LOT less fun to play. My clan has shrunk from 35 players down to 8 in large part due to this. The long time players are drifting away into more engaging games and the new players coming in don’t stick around all that long after the novelty of the game wears off.

  19. The PirateMongoose

    I quit a couple years ago, and it was already like that. Even in the lower ranks of Clan battles, we’d keep running into the same teams. And I kept running into the same people in randoms even during prime time while I was grinding cruisers

  20. My clan used to be a regular KOTS participant. We’ve since stopped playing competitively entirely. The entire clan’s just given up. And it’s because of how determined WG seems to be to force poorly balanced content down our throats.

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