World of Warships- WG Killing The Game With Mines?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new air dropped mines in Concealed Maneuvers! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. WG cant just focus on making an awesome, immersive surface warship game can they.

    • They removed asymetric battles to add this in. Let that sink in. Asymetric battles is literally the most fun ive had in years in this game.

    • @jebes909090 well honestly, I find it good if they rotate these special modes. mixes up stuff, and once in a while they accidentially introduce another cool mode.

    • They did. Was called the first couple of years the game was out.

    • Which if it’s good they never introduce as a permanent mode for fear of people enjoying it…

  2. the real fun will begin once you used all your ASW to maybe clear 2 mines directly in front of you, only to then get shotgunned into the shadowrealm by a submarine. oh sorry no thats not happening cuz shotgunning isnt real right…. only happens to me like every game theres a submarine…

    • Stefano Crosazzo

      To be fair, if you are inside a minefield and a sub is shotgunning you, that means the sub is inside the minefield as well and he will take a lot of dmg in return

    • @Stefano Crosazzo that… what? How is an enemy sub sopposed to take damage from mines dropped by his own team? Just ran through a friendly mine field in a BB and took no damage. I’ll just very reaspnably assume thar the same thing is true for subs

    • yea its a hiddden SUB Buff, they want subs to be more annyoing.

    • Gato will love to have an oppinion

    • ​@Lt. Koro it is. WG totally 86’d “friendly fire” — in all the various ways it is conceivable to inflict. >Ramming Friendly Ships does NO DMG.

      >Shooting/ Torping Friendly ships does NO DMG.

      >Dropping mines, which have underwater tethers to hit enemy subs, do NO DMG to friendly ships or subs

  3. Great idea, not only do we have to share Damage Con for both putting out fires and floods, and get rid of sub torpedo lock, now we’ll have to also use the only tool we have against subs to slowly clear a path through the mine field. That tool that, for some battleships, drops a single depth charge on a 30 second cooldown. Genius!

    • They want you to run the Slot 4 Airstrike Module and the 2 and 3 points commander skills.

    • As rare as it is when you do get a game without subs or also when they all die the depth charges just kinda sit there being useless and more clutter on the toolbar so I guess that’s one more use for them.

    • War is messy and chaotic, some will die, thank you for your service.

      I think it’s interesting, but there time could of been better spent doing something else. If they wanted to add to CV play maybe look to revamp fighters. A playable fighter squadron vs the stupid circle would be far more useful. Maybe put it on a 1:30 to 2min CD so you can’t just control the skies the entire match then spot.

  4. I still go with the theory that WG are trying to get us to quit so they can gracefully find a reason to shut down the game

  5. I see the mines used as a strategic tactic to deny a choke point on maps.

  6. These mines are not for nuking someone out of the battle, that’s for sure but just imagine having to push and you got blocked with mines. These mines along with CVs and SS are pushing the game toward a really pasive state where people just turns around regardless. Sure you can deal with the mines somewhat with ASW but aerial ASW are not very affective at clearing mines. The mine field contains some dozens of mines and 1 aerial drop can only clear out 4 or 5. Ship based asw is another pain as well since most ships drops depth charges from the rear or the side so they have to already be in the field to clear them, making them vulnerable to everything else. And whilst the mines themselves dont do much damage, many cruiser and dds at tier 7 8 have no heal to recover some hp. This is just another stupid inclusion into an already broken game.

  7. That was something I noticed yesterday when I played. I wouldn’t say they were underwhelming, I would say it’s just different than initially thought. But I think it does the right job.

    For ships, it really slows down a push, so maybe you don’t get absolutely rolled right off the bat, and have a fighting chance?

    For the subs, it eliminates those sneaky bastards from just sailing up the side/middle and just appearing behind your CV or BBs, which is really needed at this point.

    I’m curious to see how this be implemented, but I’m not against it from the game mode currently.

    • I guess you haven’t tried to play the subs yet. They’re not as sneaky as you think. There’s already too many planes in the game, and they want to add more.

    • @xray86delta I also don’t think subs belong in the game…..

  8. Wargaming has been in the process of killing the game for quite a while now. It is a slow process, but a sure and constant one.
    Rest assured: mines will become permanent thing in the game and then WG will move on to the next thing no one asked for.

  9. It’s actually hilarious how WG’s response to the player base’s complaints about passive games and teams is to introduce aerial denial mechanics. This will definitely create dynamic, intense games

    • add the halloween acid to games longer than 10 mins

    • Skarhabek Greyrukh

      yeah, put it behind enemy line LOL…. so no one can go backward.

    • If the matchmaker was skill based, we could all have amazing brawling games at tier IV, when cvs are useless and the rest of the silly mechanics don’t exist yet.

    • oh lets see, and aircraft drops a huge mine field all around your ship and you have to sit still. The ‘tactic’ used to counter this is anti-submarine munitions….to clear mines. Oh yeah, this is sooooo DYNAMIC. About as dynamic as an 80 year old lady watching her story.

    • Skarhabek Greyrukh

      @Mathew Searle skill based matchmaking is currently implemented in game. its proven to be bad experience. skilled player would be fight againts skilled player… until you realize your team mate is noob for balancing the skill.

      skill based match making only punish skilled player by giving them noob team most of the time.

  10. If they seem “balanced” as you say, clearly they will be buffed. We can’t have CV’s that are not OP, now can we? I agree with Flamu…this is just going to add more passive gameplay. You said it yourself – it will deter DDs from capping, and it will make players turn around. Look at high tier DD play recently – you’re always playing against one if not two radar DDs – you can’t play as far forward as you used to. Now they’re adding something to keep you out of the cap for 3 minutes? Sit back and torp from max range, and hope your CV does some spotting on your side…fun and engaging.

  11. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    An issue I have that I forgot to mention in the video is the large cruisers with ship mounted depth charges.

    While light cruisers and DDs are nimble enough to clear these minefields, or small enough that their depth charge blast radius can clear a path. Ships like Hindenburg and GL are likely not. WG should give those ships an option to mount the ASW air strike in place of the ship mounted depth charges, in my opinion at least

    • Yeah all american CAs have have airstrike for some reson but most other cruisers dont have it regardles of them being light or heavy

  12. It would be interesting if they added the minefield option to destroyers or light cruisers, and you had to choose between depth charges and minds

  13. Now my biggest question is if this is nation exclusive or CV exclusive. Because it makes the US line way more powerful. Also makes me wonder what the other nations with CVs will have down the line.

  14. Mines are also very useful for dealing damage to enemy CVs because they’re usually too busy sending planes to the other side of the map

  15. The problem is what is the counter to the mines cvs are already at a huge advantage when it comes to planes and AA not being effective so now you get mines that deal more damage or force more ships into crossfires with the cv not losing anything for that ability

  16. If, perish the thought, realism was of any concern you would have to lay your minefields before the game ever started. The ability to lay mines during play could only be done by DD’s but only when unlocated and undetected.

  17. Adds a dynamic to CVs that was needed more planning involved no more flying round aimlessly looking for a target, provide cover for team mates and in conjunction with your allies deny caps to the enemy with mines.

  18. I encourage players to play this mode, particularly with surface ships. You can’t influence WG’s nonsensical decisions, but by helping them get a good variety of test results you may be able to minimize the damage of those decisions.
    I played the mode on the Public Test Server, but have been COVIDed out of the game for the last several weeks.

  19. I think mines will make the game even more passive. I saw a lot of BB pkauers who were afraid of pushing because the only one sub on a flank. What are they going to do now?

  20. Good to find out that asw works on the mines thanks! I played the Kidd in these games last night with its awesome plane killing ability! Drove into a couple of minefield which I found quite interesting trying to manoeuvre around and avoid getting shot or torpedoed! I think the smoke cvs will become a lot more prevalent in team play!

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