World of warships – WG listens RADAR change INCOMING

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Looks like all our talks about radar have laid fruit.
has decided to nerf radar. Not entirely and not on all ships but it’s a start.
and tier 10 cruiser have option of putting a radar module upgrade which increases radar duration by 40%. With upcoming changes that same module will now only give 20% radar bonus which will decrease radar duration between 5 and 10 seconds-ish on high tier cruisers. That means they will still have super long radars, but not long.


  1. 3:30 right now. Can’t sleep. What do I do? OOH FLAMBASS VID! *click*

  2. Thanks again, Flambass!

    • Yea, thanks for bitching and moaning like a spoilt child, along with your fan boys you and flamu are responsible for this shit, game mechanics always change, you adapt to them, not throw your toys out of the pram when you don’t like them…

    • Haha, salty cunt.

  3. In addition to all the points you have made, the reload should be longer. As it is now, 2 radar ships can/could almost continually radar an area, with 3 ships it’s guaranteed. A 2 minute reload isn’t that long with 2 ships working together and each’s radar last roughly half of the others cool down time. Maybe nerf to 20% action time, but put in a 40% penalty to the CD. So base 40 sec radar with 120s CD would now be 48 sec active with a 168s reload.

    • I agree. When radar was implemented the cooldown was twice as long but they cut it in half (forgot in which patch it was). I’m ok with it being a powerful tool, but imo it’s to easy to just spam it on recharge with a couple of ships. Hardly any tactics involved knowing WHEN to use it. Fixing the module is a step in the right direction but I wouldn’t mind if they slapped a 3 minute cooldown on the premium version so it becomes more skill dependant as opposed to spam away to lock down a cap.

  4. Well Imo, you always a bit biased to DD flambass :3
    but, The radar special module is indeed broken, it should be removed and WG can start balancing properly

    • #DDLivesMatter .. I am a BB main and I agree the radar is tooo long in duration 20-35 seconds is fair enough and it’s a rare thing to see less than 2 radar per team recently .. ( Just my thoughts )
      and yes better ship and MM balancing is well over due .

    • I honestly think the Russian radar with the longer range needs that nerf a lot more then the US cruisers do … because when there is no nice island cover i seldom see a US CA/CL go close enough to where his radar would be of use because “oh my god they see me … they could shoot me … run away scared” …and well they few good players … okay they do change the course of the game. Then again i drive Hindenburg as my main cruiser and my hydro is a lot shorter legged then any radar anyways so for hydro to be of use you either have to get VERRY close or VERRY suicidal and normaly there a DD can just run away from you.


  6. why not make radar true line of sight, rather than the current xray vision rubbish. Then a CA will have to risk itself to use the damn thing. I agree with the t7 CA heals too, would be much more usable for them imo. That USS Minotaur will wreck face with current state of game.

    • oldRighty1 WG’s line has always been “its to keep que times down” Back in CBT and just after launch that argument had merit but not now. Server pop at peak times is more than enough to avoid excessive que times. Imo +-2 is for 2 reasons. It creates just enough frustration to encourage ppl to spend that free xp to avoid stock grinds or even skip a ship entirely while also giving food for higher tiers to encourage people to keep playing even when they reach T10. The last point I can understand. It mixes it up a bit and gives greater variation so we don’t get bored as quick but WG should just tell it as it is and balance their shit better to cope with it.

      Edit: to be fair I just remembered Conway did come straight out on stream and say that +-2 mm does provide more for T10’s and that everyone likes getting the biggest, bestest and knocking around the little guy so at least Conway did come straight out with it instead of the old bs.

    • oldRighty1 play on asia where you wait 2-3 minutes for a game. are you sure you want to make people like me wait another minute for a game?

    • Solac e – I get it. Or early mornings or off hours. I don’t know how hard it would be to program, but it gets 1 minute to do a 1 tier difference, if not enough ships are available expand it to 2 tiers, maybe would work.

    • Impavide. So true. Being able to radar with absolutely no risk is crazy. DDs risk it all to be effective but Radar CAs don’t have to. Bad game design.

    • I don´t think that heals on T8 CAs or even T7 will come. It took WG long enough to first give the Atago (and an eternity later) the Prinz Eugen a heal … and those are both effing premium ships. So if they hand our free heals to most of the “normal” CAs well … they get a marketing shitstrom on their hands as everybody and their mother will want the money back for their Atago/Prinz.

  7. I find it funny that people want bb to do less damage and cruisers having less time to damage dd’s. It seems they want their dd’s to be immune to damage even when they make mistakes. Dd’s are already very powerful when played by people who understand them.

    • “Nerfing something based on an outlier is a silly thing to do.”

      Tiers 9-10 are capable of equipping radar mod, of the 41 ships (not counting carriers), 11 can actually equip radar. That’s 28%. That’s not an outlier.
      Current plan adds 4 more radar ships and if modification of grozovoi goes live, it’s another radar ship. That’s 16 out of 45 ships that have radar. That’s 35.5% Not. An. Outlier.

      “Not the ones who happen to he decent at it”
      That’s the thing. Radar requires even less skill than playing BBs. It’s literally just pushing a button. No one is asking for DM or Moskva to be nerfed, except maybe the “RUSSIAN BIAS1!1!1!1!1” tards. It’s all about a broken consumable. No single consumable is as powerful as radar is.

      The only reason I played DM in ranked, was BECAUSE it has radar and I knew that if I didn’t bring it, I might end up in matches where only the enemy team had radar. Let me tell you: every single match where the enemy did not have radar, was an autowin. That’s not because of a good player, that’s not because DM is “OP” (KAPITALIST BIAS DA), it’s because of the “Y” keybind. A simple button. A simple button preventing my team’s BBs from getting torped. A simple button preventing the enemy team from capping a base. A simple button neutralizing a ship type.

      *Edit: forgot some ships.

    • The duration of radar is the subject of conversation not CA, CL, DD, or BB base stats. Being an above avarage DD player I will say that attempting to survive in a DD while under radar for 40+ seconds is a hurculean task. Not because you are bad, but because most people have brains and when a radar cruiser lights up a dd for 40+ seconds and the people who are paying attention see it they will move their mouse and click until the DD is dead or radar is gone. Then there is also the probability that there was more than one radar cruiser by the one that lit you up so as soon as the previous radar expires you are detected again most likely sitting below 50% HP. Not to mention with all the BBs who tend to sit in the back radar cruisers have gotten a lot more aggressive when it comes to cap circles. They will get in there and cap and possibly never leave shutting down that cap to DDs on your team and giving the enemy a free cap point.

    • Jeff “dd’s are already very powerful when played by people who understand them.”
      Same is true for Carrier Players but the Problem is, these classes should be playable and understandable for everybody and not just privileged for Pro gamer.
      There are already very few games with aircraftcarrier because they’re not that “customer-friendly”/attractive/easy to learn like BB’s or cruisers.
      What iam trying to say is;
      this could also happen to DD’s and and then you only got games with BB’s and cruisers at some point wich would be very boring and counterproductive for the game itself.

    • Jeff As a DD player, I think things are just fine. Sure, super high tier radar lasts too long, but I love my Asashio, so I can’t complain about having a unfair advantage against a particular ship type. I just learn to work around them.

    • Jeff half the game is specifically designed to kill dd. They haven’t been immune to anything for quite a while. Wg put radar in the game with a sledge hammer.

  8. Complain complain . I for one was getting tired of getting 5 DDs in every dam game.though I agree the radar could last to long

  9. Robert Klebofski

    radar and hydro should be line of sight, should have always been line of sight/softcover spotting in smoke/weather effects

    • Ok. Radar is LOS. But we also forget that DDs couldn’t reload toros. Is this a game or a simulation? If DDs have unlimited Terps, why can’t radar be powerful?

      Should it see through islands? No. Hydro is NOT LOS. Its hydro acoustic. It is sound. Islands would interfere with the directional detection.

      Real radar can stay on at all times. As can Hydro. So its nerfed by making it a consumable.

      Radar Should be LOS and limited by detection range.

    • Robert Klebofski

      Simon Jones I do understand your very valid point, lack of team play/tactics is very much an issue. How about a compromise, we will let radar be x ray as it currently is, see through islands, let’s make it so that radars use also spots the user, even if only for 10-15seconds.. You know just to take the edge off of God mode, just enough to make radar user think… I mean how many high tier matches have you been in where the radar ships just hide behind islands, and literally do nothing else all or most the match?

    • Robert Klebofski

      Steven Dwyer I agree ingeneral with you, hydro is short enough ranged not to be an issue, however just like radar it’s use would/could also give it’s users location away. As a dd player (this will piss some off) I don’t think dds should have unlimited supply of torpedoes either. That allows them to stay out of the fight/objectives, forcing others not well suited for taking the objectives into either getting taken out early or causing them to hold farther away. Sound familiar lol. Yes it is just a game I understand that some things are justified as “needed” for gameplay reasons. Thanks for the reply btw

    • Robert Klebofski It makes sense for game balance reasons. If we claim realism for that, then I want allied spotting mechanics removed for the same reason. If you need a DD to tell you where a target is, then you wouldn’t be able to see your fall of shot. And the DD would have more important things to do than trying to tell which shells came from which ally and tell them how to adjust their aim like a spotter aircraft would.

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  10. #ddlivesmatters Thank you very much Flambass – finally at least a glimpse of hope.

  11. Radar is cancer as is in the game. Imagine division 3 radar ships… Radar shouldn’t work through islands.

    • Once got a clan drop match in my mutsuki with 9 of each team being Atlanta’s. Really stimulating game that was ( all the sarcasm)

    • imagine , Flambass, Notser and Flamu using shima or chung-mu in a div. Now tell me radar is a cancer . its players job create variation out of the existing stuff, and make benefit out of it . doesn’t mean a line needs to get nerfed

    • Shanewas Ahmed all of them have to have line of sight to make DMG. That’s what make radar ships cancer, is, like Flambass mentioned, that not only that ship shoot when radar is up… This situation is like it was before when you have CV in team and opponent not… Or smoke meta, or stealth shoot… That was awful and this is! No matter how good you are…

    • i get your point , but i am afraid without utilities light cruiser doesn’t have much to do in game . dd goes out with BB support . and T8-T10 BB has good range. If a a light cruiser has to go out and make a line of sight every time to get a dd! you know how it’ll turn out. Just consider , no matter how well you play whenever a mino shows up everyone shoots at it. it will be the same for US Light cruiser line. I think MM should be like, equal amount of CL and CA in every team. now like one team gets all CL other gets all CA. Thing is radar or not one-one a dd would never ever gets away from a light cruiser in 5 to 7km km range anyway. Oh! and we are talking about “Notser in a light cruiser type of situation” cause a average to below avg. player will not be doing good even if you give them 5 min radar . right!?

    • Shanewas Ahmed Well… Al that consider, it is MM fault… Giving something is cover for bad MM. For example, my most palyed ship is Mogami, and I have about 70% T10 games and end in first 6 places. I know that I have experience and can say that I’m using Mogami good, but I use my skill and not equipment. Like Flambass using Fletcher recently. But radar doesn’t require skill. Smoke too.

  12. The nerf should apply to ships, or moreover to the American line…cause they are the main issue here as they are the only one with ridiculously long radar!
    Not the module…

    • indeed, WG just made it look like they’ve done something,when really they havent

    • The American line deserves to have radar. They’re can’t brawl or snipe, which means they need to island hug to survive. Their radar is essential to their utility. Other nations don’t need crazy long radars, since they have other strong suits already.

  13. Moskva??? That doesnt have long duration radar and the module makes it actually good. Nerfing it more will just hurt moskva. I agree radars are too good but its also up to the players to ajust themselves and play around it.

  14. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    WG should just fix radar and hydro from going through islands… Considering Hydro works via echolocation underwater and Radar does similarly with radio waves.

  15. I played a few games with my DDs last night and it was ugly. There are two problems. One, there is still way too many radar ships with too much range and duration. These ships should have to give up more than 8 seconds of duration, a lot more. Like increase their det range, nurf the reloads or something. I can’t play my DDs anymore and I am like 65% DD player. Yes, we can make some adjustments, but the CAs and BBs are not making adjustments other than sitting in the rear like potatoes watching us get murdered one after another. Its really changed the whole game and its not fun anymore when you grind to acquire a ship and they make these major changes. I literally got radared before the first enemy ship was spotted. The CV sent in his torp planes and since the CAs were in the rear with the gear as usual, I got cross dropped and focus fired by 2 CAs. Enough.

    • My solution to radar problem is i stop playing DD and switch to BB, now i don’t care how many radar ships they bring.

    • I’m paying my Udaloi a lot more now. Forget about early caps and burn the cruisers and battleships to the waterline.

    • Mech Franka T. Lieu

      That does not hep the game health and balance .. if DD is unplayable for most DD player, it just mea the game had a very bad balance issue and right now the Radar is the culprit, so either the Radar got nerfed big or the DD got buffed big

  16. Even if u can survive 40+ secs of radar how effective will you be for the rest of the game with 2k or less hp? Thats also taking into account they will just be overlapped as every tier 8 to 10 game now has 3 or 4 radars its just cancer

  17. With “they listened” you actually mean “they ve observed a truly dramatic shift in DD effectiveness in their data (survivability etc) which is so significant that even after two (!) weeks, they make a first little step to address it”….given their track record when it comes to resilience to make such changes, you can conclude the impact must have been truly major. However, this will not be the cure of the issue at hand. It s more like your doctor being 99% certain you ve got cancer and giving you painkillers to endure the pain and being able to say “oh look, i prescribed something”

  18. The Budgie Admiral

    *Radar nerf incoming!*
    Woo! Line of sight maybe? Pretty please?
    *Worcester Radar module slightly nerfed.*
    … Is that it?

    Like, to me it does not even look like WG acknowledges that radar in general is broken. To me it seems like they feel it is OP only on the Worcester and all other radars are fine.

    • The Budgie Admiral i think its the module as a whole, like for every radar ship

    • The Budgie Admiral

      TheMakushimirian Thanks for correcting me, I thought the nerf was for the legendary module (apply generous air quotes, the name is still horrible) of Worcester only. Then it is in fact a step in the right direction and likely all we will get, but that they nerf the module instead of the consumable still makes me think that in WG’s eyes the mechanic is fine, while it really is not. It lasts too long and is too hard to avoid to be considered fine. And that comes from someone who calls cruisers their favourite class.

    • The Budgie Admiral well dont quote me on it, but i dont hear him mention worcester only so.

  19. I think the problem right now is that the US cruiser line is being reworked, so there’s an artificial increase in radar ships right now. Give it 2-3 months after the light cruiser line is added, and US CA/CL population load will return to normal levels. Yes, radar is a big thing, but it’s currently inflated problem.

  20. 1) make radar/hydro line of sight – then the module/radar probably doesn’t need a nerf in the first place;

    2) simply stop BB AP from doing anything more than overpen on DD then you don’t need to nerf ALL DD armour relative to CA in order to balance BB.

    Come on CC’s why does WG always apply the nerf sledgehammer rather than making intelligent changes in the first place? Have the CC’s called them out on that shit?

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