World of Warships – WG, MM, BIAS, RED BUTTON, STALINGRAD…it’s a myth?

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I had a terrible day, absolutely terrible….almost only defeats no matter which ship I pick and how I play and on top of that I met a full division on WG-EU. One of them was even in new WiP Stalingrad.
The only thing I had going for me was that I was in a russian ship as well xDDD (I’d prefer being in some other DD trust me).
How is this match gonna go I wonder…..oh….did I forgot to mention that I had no detonation flags mounted?
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. First!

    I have no life 🙁

  2. Don’t complain. Implementing an rng chance of Insta death, is a rewarding and fun experience that levels the playing field for all skill levels./s

  3. They should fix MM to 1 tier difference. Grinding ships on especcially tier 8 is like stepping into a pile of shyte. 8 of the 10 battles you are low tier and you are facing Tier 10 ships with 19 point commanders, unique modules, etc. And lets not start about Salem and the upcoming Stalingrad. Its just not fun being a Tier 8 in a Tier 10 battle. No matter how good you are, its hard to carry. However the ships on Tier 8 are fun and well balanced, its the MM to should look in to. Make it 1 tier difference or do we still not have enough players with high tier ships? Sorry for the rand, great videos.

    • When I get into a tier ten in my tier 8. I just. Look at it as a way to may more xp if I hit t10 ships

    • Re-Class Battleship

      +/-1 MM works only if you have a rough parity of players between tiers, so every tier is populated by roughly 10% of the player population. Otherwise tiers with disproportionately high populations will have undeniable advantages, ie, enjoying things like being basically assured of being top tier and stuff like that. And from these highly-populated tiers it will ripple outward. Now, I don’t have the numbers, but I’d bet good money that in +/-1 setting, most T7s will always be up against T8. Which means that T6 gets to bully T5 all the time as the T7s are busy elsewhere. Hell, when they went to a partial +/-1 for tiers 2-4, it turned to a total shitshow for T5 and T6, who now were uptiered 2/3rds of the time. T8 was indirectly impacted as the T7s were now very busy sealclubbing T5s.

      Of course, it doesn’t help that WG is basically ramming down T10 as the competitive tier down our collective throats. Meaning people want to get there and participate (also because WG seem to enjoy brute force encouragement of participating in clans).

      Finally, MM isn’t so much a science as an arcane art where you have to please eldritch beings of fickle whims and ill tempers to get something of a workable match-up. You’re not working with sensible numbers, they’ll be distorted in various directions and trying to balance that is at best an exercise in futility.

      A fix for MM troubles like getting uptiered a lot would be eliminating +/- MM altogether, but that runs into the problem of “Why ever stop playing that Giulio Cesare/Zuiho/Kamikaze Division?”

    • Wargayming are stupid pile of shyte… so they will never do that. Just like in WoT, I play less and less. All they did was “fukking radars everywhere”. Did you noticed that on mid-high tiers (7-10) there are games with 2 or even 1 DD per team nowadays? Before radar meta usually there were a lot of Gearings, Shimas and Z-52s, now they are gone.

    • I totaly agree too.. and its so funy (just kiding) when u join a match less then 10 secs and then… 8 ppl T10, and 4 T8s… but why they say its hard to change if there are so many constant players…. and IF it at same point there isnt put 10 players or 9 or even 8 against eachother but in same tier or 1 of diference… dont force same poor guys to play out tier…. BALANCE its not having the same number of unlucky guys per match!!!!… but all of the players have the same chances and opportunitys…

    • T10s should have t10 only matches es priority and eventualy t9

  4. Who is Crysantos? Kappa

  5. ave it. lol . 2nd best coment of the year from one of your subs….i was a man trapped in a womens body…then i was born….lolol

  6. “Matchmaking is not rigged”
    its all random and balans

    esp weekend Matchmaking

  7. the new groz is really good. as a chance would have it, had a similar game in my groz yesterday, with slightly more dramatic finale (losing by 300 points 40s before the end of the battle when we managed to sink the last enemy) and a bit more luck with the torps. Really like it after the changes.
    Talking about soviet DDs, another life changing buff in the last patch is the addition of khaba turrets as an upgrade to tashkent. Man that boat is a beast now, no more being unable to constantly daka daka while wiggling that ass due to turrets being unable to keep up…

  8. Flambass, which ship do you think is the most suitable for a solo selfish egoistic screw-my-teammates playstyle?

  9. Imo several things mm needs to improve quality of games…

    1: enough with +/-2 mm at peak times. The server pop is high enough to accommodate +/-1 and its not rocket science to have the mm relax at quiet times to keep those que times WG are so scared of down.

    2: they really do need to have the mm consider radar consumables on ships. The random “well spawned team as we have all the radars” should never have been a thing.

    3: personally I also think the mm should be taking how each ship has been performing into consideration to increase the chance of top tier games for weaker ships and decrease the odds on ships that are over performing. Why should ships that struggle in their own tier have the same odds of top tier placement as ships that are down right op? To be clear, I’m talking about how the ship has been performing. Not individual player stats. You have RNG to level the playing field when it comes to player skill. No need to punish people who are actually good at the game even more.

  10. Oh look Stalingrad got balanced 😉

  11. I love down voting every video. Keep them coming.

  12. A division of WG EU killed so fast!People that dont know how to play their own developed game is …lets say……irritating!

  13. Love those teammates: “WAAH Flambass why don’t you yolo into that coordinated platoon with a radar? How dare you sit back and take advantage of opportunities instead of throwing away your ship in vain? WAAH”

    On a separate note, I don’t really know this DD. It seems to have a ton of tools at its disposal. What does it not do well?

  14. Amusing to see the two mouthy gits – the two AXIOM clowns that survived – came 4 and 6 further down the score table than you.

  15. Flambass can u help me understand, why some DDs have Health Booster? I am talking about you ‘U’ button consumable

  16. So how is it in comparison to the other DDs for Rnd and competitive with its new heal&range?

  17. Nice game! The red button was clearly stuck!

  18. Flambass, I have to thank you for toning down the obnoxious youtuber screaming you used to do a lot. You’re just about as fun to watch as Flamu now. Kudos.

  19. What’s that flame jet on the Republique?

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