World of Warships- WG Screwed Up Majorly, BUT It Actually Benefits You!

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Not once, not twice, but three times WG screwed up this week, and here’s how it actually benefits you this time!

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  1. You already know its bad when the company messes up and the community actually benefits from it.

  2. I regret not buying the Lazo B to pay it off with the 2 missions now. But it made the repulse very much worth it.

  3. yeah Repulse chain was worth it for me. Got Alaska B + Sims B and could finish the missions twice 🙂

  4. Worse than the commanders not all resetting, you need to click the reset button separately for each commander for each ship type!

  5. For what they charge, there should be zero screwups. They test these things so they try to get away with it until the player base complains. They are a very dishonest company.

  6. I doubt the temp commander respect was a ‘mistake’, this is in-line with WG trying to game players who do not pay attention. They are counting on players assuming they missed out on the limited time or not review the patch notes, then just pay the respect cost in Dubs.

    • Never assume malice for that which can be adequately explained by incompetence.

    • Ever since Airship Escort went live a few patches ago, you see a lot of people who don’t read the notes. Even last week a player was demanding to know what mode it was. Point out it’s in the patch notes, and they reply the never read them. I did find the reset button on Wednesday, and it worked. But it was mis-marked. But when I pointed it was there in game, at least one guy was fuming because he paid dubs to rest some commanders that day, claiming it wasn’t up.

    • @mknote Typically I would agree, however WarGaming has earned their reputation in recent years. Slimy monetization and gambling to take advantage of players is exactly what they are about.

    • Hi all. Just a note: NA server each individual commander can be reset. Next to ‘Redistribute’ is a gold discount symbol for doubloons. When you open the ‘Redistribute’ function, it’ll show the option to do so for “X” number of Commander points, AND for “0” – (zero) gold doubloons. MUST be done by the 15th of November. Knock yer’selves out.

    • ​@gyrene_asea4133 I didn’t run into any issues. I reset all of my commanders that were assigned to ships. I reset them from port, but I can’t remember if I used the link in tbe dev blog. Damn getting old.

  7. When 12.10 was released and I clicked the original single button, all my commanders were reset. I wasn’t a fan of that as there was no warning this was going to happen. I thought it would just enable the option to reset each individual commander as I saw fit. Took me a few hours to go through them all. Now, I’ve noticed that I can re-spec all of my commanders individually for 0 doubloons. I’ve been having fun experimenting.

    • Same. Horrible communication on that button. Historically, I HAVE reset all my commanders, but the button was NOT labeled or described as resetting all my captains. I have over 550 ships and ~330 captains. Alas, 259 of those are 10-12 pointers so they are easy to update. I’ll only be re-specing the Tier 7+ for the snowflake event coming.

    • Yep. At least on the NA server. Thanks for letting folk know what you found.

  8. Where I can see the “Reset all captains” being a benefit is if you do have a lot of ships you don’t have to necessarily redo all Commander points right away on a ship.

  9. There was a button in one of the news stories that your had the click to “participate” in the reset commanders for free. After that it showed as free when you go to click reset on each one. Least that’s how my buddy and I did it.

  10. Was all set to buy Navarin. Had dubs saved up just waiting for the right ship. Thanks WG.
    Think it’s time to find a game that is less frustrating.

  11. I wondered what happened with the Repulse B the mission when it came up again. I thought I had somehow did not complete that. I did get the Alaska and the Jean Bart since I did not already have them.

  12. nice to know that WG actually makes mistakes for the player’s benefit.

  13. The BB was in armory Friday.
    I have 622 ships and over 300 comanders, most are 14 point or above. It is a huge PITA on resetting them all, but I did the reset all option.

  14. looking forward to your opinions on the new commander skills and what ones (beside secondary cruiser builds) are worth looking at now that we’ve had a chance to try them out.

  15. using the ingame reset for commanders doesn’t reset all the specs for all ship classes the captain might have, the one of the website resets them all.

  16. I did respected commanders. Some of the Cruisers ( Napoli, Schill, Graf Spee and Aegir) became just amazing and fun. I just wondered why Black Friday missions got resetted. I bought 10 containers and got 3 ships (Chaklov B, Jean Bart B and Yoshino B) and made all base XP mission and I saw them resetted today. I am spending these free Dubs on Golden Leeuw’s bonus package.

  17. Please explain the commander reset procedure, specifically where to find the special buttons, and the specific differences between the two buttons. A specific video about it would help many people.

  18. I really could only afford to get one ship. Things have been… tight lately. I wanted the Navarin but I couldn’t find it… so I went and got the Massachusetts B. Unfortunately, Massachusetts left the game long before I started playing, so… no 5k dubs for me. 🙁

    But hey… I got a Massachusetts.

  19. The T9 BF ships also get 25k coal for their 4k base xp mission. Iwami B earned me a cool 5k doubs and 50k coal as a result.

    Except Black B (for some reason there is no coal attached). My mission reset before I could finish it [sad face].

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