World of Warships- What A Completely Fair And Balanced Mechanic

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Hey guys, today we have some highlights from last night’s stream, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


  1. Yes, fighters are useless. I always take spotter, because you can at least have a better look over an Island

    • Use “Free Look” mode by using the RIGHT SIDE Ctrl + SHIFT + BACKSPACE at the same time. Arrow keys move the camera. Exit the mode the same way you got into it.

    • I’ve seen theory crafting that if CVs come back to clan battles, that fighter builds will make a comeback in German CVs

    • @PreceptorGrant Oh that, yeah iv noticed that. Basically if you see them even remotely coming in your general direction, just pop the fighters and see what happens.

      I think it takes them about 10-15 seconds to get up and circling. Now if only catapult fighters have “Enhanced Reactions” built in, THEY WOULD POUNCE on planes like no bodies buisness.

    • ​@Jay Werner Annellation…ffs

    • Bring back the RTS catapult fighters. They literally kept me from being a CV’s favorite ship.

  2. 1:40 This is why Isoruko is not the strongest special captain – getting Kraken is not so common when you are on the losing side.

  3. gotta love the super saiyan bit lol.

  4. Hey SEA Lord, since the godzilla vs kong event is back in the game. Would you be able to make a video on it to see whether if they have corrected their mistakes ie, Voiceover lines and currently is it worth getting it ? Thank you

    • Hubert Cumberdale

      To me, not having them in the match is the deal breaker. Especially since camos are useless now. Imagine if you had a game where they were both on opposite teams and they started to fight on an island or something. Maybe make them killable? Idk it’s just a lot of money for nothin. Crits for free

    • @Hubert Cumberdale The final word is up to Sealord, but in his full stream last night he did talk about and still calls it one of the worst wastes of money WG has ever offered even in current form.

  5. Steven Wiederholt

    3:14 Glad to see I’m not the Only one who does that. 🙂

    • just imagine playing on a low fov… if a french baguette… sorry dd gets very close to you, you literally have to lead further than your screen’s size. God forbid if they are turning…

  6. Elizabeth McFarland

    Yoshino mad evil ship prove me wrong

  7. Elizabeth McFarland

    Also watched one of your videos about using yoshino as a torpedo destroyer🤨🤨it worked I sunk 2 battleships I say fair trade

  8. Master OfTheDeathwing

    ive been trying to get through ranked lately, and all i have achieved is a deep and unbridled rage against shimakaze players and DDs in general.
    Like bro. if you are going to hide behind a rock, for the entire game, whilst the rest of our team are being a punching bag for the enemy team, because their DD is actually doing his job, then stop playing your shimakaze/ DD and give up the slot to someone who is willing to do the job.

    • Thats the usual type of shima player.
      There’s also the guys that always launch 15 torpedoes (narrow spread obviously) at a single target 15 km away and wonder why they never hit anyone.
      Don’t forget the suicidal shima players that rush face-first into caps and get devstruck by a radar cruiser either…

      It’s annoying.

  9. Its amazing that everying has a pretty short reload time…radr, hydro, reload boost etc etc….but spotting plane still has a stupid long reload time and you virtually never get to use all the charges

  10. Godzilla is 80 just for the skin you get no ship

  11. Conde is a such BS ship, it outguns most tier 10BB’s by spamming HE at them and its troll armor amkes it more survivable but the thing dances like a light cruiser

    • Majestic Hotwings

      The zero to max speed on that thing is absolutely cracked, and it works in reverse too, just as quick to stop as it is to start. Wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it had they given it British cruiser handling where you have slowly bleed speed.

  12. I mean im not sure you can blame a “game mechanic” after you sailed deliberately into spotting range and far over extended .

  13. what are your thoughts about the upcoming expert loader rework ?

  14. Yes, I had that video jittering too on Wednesday.

  15. Can’t believe he whipped out that pathetic replacement for the khab. That ship is the weakest tier 10 DD and the most pathetic tech line swap they’ve ever done.

  16. This is a great game

  17. How is it that Paolo can be in smoke (doing 50 knots) and can see out but nobody can see in? Paolo should be blind when in smoke!

  18. Fair my ass 🤣🤣 there’s nothing fair about world of warships.. lying devs…cheating A.I. and cheating players…

  19. Yeh fighters, designed to shoot down attack aircraft are too slow to catch planes weighed down with ordnance:(

  20. imagine using fighters… those are just a meme

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